Weird will, triggering a ridiculous scam of monogamy

In March 2020, Li Xiaoguang, 38, of Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, met 32-year-old Lin Dongmei at a blind date. The two quickly fell in love and became partners. Soon after the marriage, Lin Dongmei suddenly became seriously ill, tearfully left a will, and quietly left home, looking for a short sight. Li Xiaoguang was anxious and hurriedly called the police, but everything that happened after that was beyond his imagination, and complicated conspiracies and scams gradually surfaced…

Short marriage
Li Xiaoguang, who was born in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province in 1982, went out to work after graduating from junior high school, and then became a truck driver at the recommendation of his uncle. He was in the car all day, tanned, hardworking, and honest. Due to the ordinary family background, no house or car, and busy work, three romances have not been successful.

In a blink of an eye, Li Xiaoguang was 38 years old, and his family was anxious about his marriage. In March 2020, Li Xiaoguang signed up for a blind date, where he met a woman named Lin Dongmei. Lin Dongmei is 32 years old this year, with a slender figure, fair skin and delicate light makeup. She looks quiet and generous. She works as a designer in a clothing company. Li Xiaoguang saw Lin Dongmei at a glance, but considering his education and family conditions, he felt that Lin Dongmei was unlikely to see him.

“I drive a truck and often travel long distances. I haven’t bought a house or a car yet. However, I don’t smoke or drink, but I have a little savings. I can definitely buy a house in the future.” Li Xiaoguang told the truth, with both hands on the pants leg Rubbing nervously. Lin Dongmei smiled slightly: “You are quite honest.” Then, she talked about her own experience. She lives in Linxian, lost her father since childhood, and lives with her mother. Later, because of opposition to the mother’s remarriage, the mother and daughter severed contact. She once had a boyfriend who claimed to be a rich man, but when she was talking about marriage, she found out that she was a liar: “Now, I just want to find a reliable man to get married, and don’t care how much money I have.”

Li Xiaoguang thought that as long as Lin Dongmei was willing to be with him, he would treat her well. After the two opened up and said something, Lin Dongmei approvingly said: “You seem to be quite honest and reliable.”

Li Xiaoguang was very happy after hearing this. After the blind date was over, he tentatively invited Lin Dongmei to dinner. Lin Dongmei generously agreed, and offered to go to the food stall to eat skewers and drink beer. Her frankness suddenly narrowed the distance between the two. They chatted while eating in the food stalls, dreaming about the future, and their feelings quickly heated up.

After half a month, the two settled their marriage. According to the custom of Lin Dongmei’s hometown, the bride price should be at least 200,000 yuan. She laughed and asked Li Xiaoguang: “How about it? Can you afford me?” In order to express love, Li Xiaoguang grabbed Lin Dongmei and passed it to her immediately. 260,000 yuan.

Subsequently, the two chose a stylish self-driving car to get married. During the trip, Li Xiaoguang found that Lin Dongmei was not in a high mood, and occasionally she would stare at the beautiful scenery alone in a daze, and frequently follow the information on her mobile phone, and even make secret calls behind her back. Li Xiaoguang wanted to ask what was going on, but then he thought about it, even if she got married, she should have personal privacy, and she had always been well-behaved and sensible, and did not do anything good. If she questioned her wife and desecrated love, she had to give up.

On April 15, 2020, after finishing the trip, Li Xiaoguang received a long-distance job and needed to travel continuously for a month and a half. “Will it be very hard?” Lin Dongmei looked at Li Xiaoguang distressedly. “It’s okay.” Li Xiaoguang hugged his wife affectionately. In order to buy a house as soon as possible and live a good life, he is willing to fight.

On the morning of June 1, 2020, when Li Xiaoguang was unloading two thousand miles away, he was thinking that he could go home after unloading. Unexpectedly, Lin Dongmei called. She cried loudly on the phone, causing Li Xiaoguang to panic for a while: “Dongmei, don’t cry, what happened?” Lin Dongmei intermittently said the reason. It turned out that she had a fever in the last few days and began to think It was a cold, but it became more and more serious after taking the medicine. I went to the hospital to check that I had blood cancer. Lin Dongmei kept sobbing: “Anyway, it can’t be cured. I don’t want to suffer or hurt you.”

After listening to Li Xiaoguang, he felt a thunderbolt on the blue sky, and the happy sun shone for a while, and in a blink of an eye it was clouded. He didn’t know what to do, but he kept comforting Lin Dongmei: “Now that medicine is advanced, blood cancer is not that terrible. I will go home now and take you to the big hospital for review. Maybe it’s a misdiagnosis! Don’t do stupid things. what!”

After several persuasion, Lin Dongmei’s mood seemed to stabilize.

On June 2, 2020, after two days and one night of long-distance driving, Li Xiaoguang rushed home with a box of bayberry, Lin Dongmei’s favorite food. As soon as I opened the door and found that the house was quiet, Lin Dongmei disappeared. On the table was a cold will written by Lin Dongmei, which read: Xiaoguang, although our time together is very short, being a husband and wife with you is the happiest thing in my life. I am afraid that my illness cannot be cured. I will leave first. Please let me leave this world in dignity. If there is an afterlife, we will still be a couple.

Li Xiaoguang fell into the chair, tears welling up. Even if Lin Dongmei had an incurable disease, he would not let her die alone. He must find her and accompany her through this difficulty.

Li Xiaoguang took out his mobile phone and immediately dialed Lin Dongmei’s number, but it was prompted to shut down. “Couldn’t something happen to Dongmei?” Thinking of this, Li Xiaoguang ran away. He wanted to call the police and ask the police to help find Lin Dongmei, who was unclear.

Exactly the same wife
After receiving the alarm, the police issued a notice to collect clues.

The next day, Li Xiaoguang, who had not slept all night, came to the police station anxiously and asked if he had found Lin Dongmei. At this moment, a strange man broke in. With sharp eyes, Li Xiaoguang realized that the man was holding a picture of Lin Dongmei in his hand. He rushed over and grabbed the man: “Why do you have a picture of Dongmei? Is her disappearance the ghost of you?” “What Dongmei? This is my wife Zhao Fang.” The man pushed away hard. Li Xiaoguang.

Seeing that the two were about to fight, the police hurriedly stopped them and asked the ins and outs of the matter.

The man in front of him is named Zhou Kai, 35 years old, working as a programmer in a software company. He came to understand the situation after seeing the notice posted online, because he discovered that Li Xiaoguang’s wife Lin Dongmei looked exactly like his wife Zhao Fang.

Zhou Kai also took the initiative to introduce his marriage history with Zhao Fang. On April 23, 2020, he met the beautiful and lovely Zhao Fang at the blind date. Zhao Fang worked in an education and training institution after graduating from university. He wanted to change his environment and just quit and was looking for a new job. Zhao Fang was very active in the process of getting along, and the honest and honest Zhou Kai couldn’t stand it at all. One come and two went, and the relationship was quickly established. After 10 days of getting to know each other, Zhou Kai gave Zhao Fang 200,000 yuan in gift money, and the two got married. Zhao Fang seems to have many friends, go out often, and send and receive WeChat frequently.

Li Xiaoguang was stunned. Although he felt that the Zhao Fang described by Zhou Kai and Lin Dongmei were not the same, how could they look exactly the same? I was wondering, and suddenly I heard the police ask: “Does your wife have twin sisters?” Li Xiaoguang shook his head. He had never heard Lin Dongmei say that there were twin sisters. Zhou Kai said excitedly: “My wife has said that she is the only child.”

The police found something strange, so based on the information provided by Li Xiaoguang and Zhou Kai, they tried to inquire the identity information of Lin Dongmei and Zhou Fang in the police’s household registration system. The results showed that no such person was found, which surprised Li Xiaoguang and Zhou Kai.

“Why can’t it be found?” Li Xiaoguang was also excited, “If there is no information about her, how can I get a marriage certificate with her?” “Yes, yeah…” Zhou Kai echoed, looking at the policeman in confusion. . After hearing this, the police asked calmly: “You and your wife both have a marriage certificate, right? Then tell me, how did you register your marriage at that time?”

Li Xiaoguang recalled the scene at the time. He wanted to take Lin Dongmei to the Civil Affairs Bureau to queue up for the certificate, but Lin Dongmei said: “Don’t be so troublesome. I have a very strong friend in the marriage registry. People can get a marriage certificate even if they are not there.” Lin Dongmei took Li Xiaoguang to the photo studio. Although Li Xiaoguang has never heard that people can get a marriage certificate without being present, he is convinced of Lin Dongmei’s words, and on April 2, 2020, Lin Dongmei did get back two brand-new marriage certificates. After receiving the certificate, the two happily traveled and got married.

What Li Xiaoguang did not expect was that Zhou Kai’s method of obtaining the certificate was exactly the same as his own. In order to facilitate the police handling the case, both of them brought their marriage certificates to the police station. After verification, the marriage certificates of Li Xiaoguang and Zhou Kai were false.

Li Xiaoguang suddenly felt that five thunderstorms made things more complicated. Zhou Kai kept saying “how is it possible”. The police asked Zhou Kai to bring Zhao Fang to the police station. Zhou Kai hurriedly said: “I came directly from the unit. I already called Zhao Fang on the way. She also wanted to figure out what was going on, and she was rushing over.” With that, Zhou Kai looked down at the time and added: “She should be here soon.”

While waiting for Zhao Fang to arrive, Li Xiaoguang couldn’t help but try to call Lin Dongmei. He wanted to know the truth too much, but Lin Dongmei’s cell phone was still turned off.

About 20 minutes later, Li Xiaoguang, who was not sleeping, became a little impatient, and asked Zhou Kai loudly, “Why isn’t your wife coming? Didn’t you just say that she is coming soon?” Zhou Kai was also puzzled and took out his mobile phone from his pocket. , Called Zhao Fang, but prompted to shut down. Zhou Kai was anxious like an ant on a hot pot, and continued to dial, but couldn’t get through. He panicked and said to the police: “I can’t reach Zhao Fang.”

Li Xiaoguang was stunned: “Could it be…did she escape?”

After a detailed analysis, the police believed that Lin Dongmei and Zhao Fang escaped after being suspected of defrauding other people’s money through a fake marriage, so they launched an arrest.

On June 10, 2020, the owner of a small hotel in the suburbs provided clues to the police, saying that a newly admitted woman looked like Lin Dongmei and Zhao Fang. The police quickly went to the hotel and successfully captured the suspect. Seeing her, Li Xiaoguang and Zhou Kai called out two different names at the same time: “Dongmei (Fangfang).” She looked at Li Xiaoguang and Zhou Kai again, shook her head gently, and shook two rows of tears. .

Complex scam
She is not Lin Dongmei, nor Zhao Fang, her real name is Wang Lixia. Li Xiaoguang asked her sadly: “Why do you cheat for such a good woman?” At the moment, Wang Lixia was haggard: “This can’t be said clearly in one or two sentences.”

Li Xiaoguang realized that this was a complicated and bizarre scam.

Wang Lixia was born in a rural area of ​​Fuzhou in May 1988. Her father became ill from overwork and was bedridden all the time. She had to drop out of high school and work as a part-timer. At first, she brushed the dishes and worked as a nanny, and then worked as a waiter in a hotel. The lobby manager becomes the pride of parents.

In April 2019, Wang Lixia met Boss Li, a middle-aged man in the work of welcoming her. As they felt good to each other, they soon moved in together in Boss Li’s big house. One day, Boss Li went home with a frown, saying that he had imported a batch of red wine and the goods had arrived at the port, but there was a problem with the capital turnover and there was no money for customs clearance. At that time, Wang Lixia was full of enthusiasm for Boss Li, and she did not hesitate to borrow her friends and relatives, and took out all her savings to collect 200,000 yuan for him. She was also fired from the hotel for delaying work. Boss Li was very moved. He wrote an IOU and threatened to return the money to Wang Lixia twice after the red wine was sold, and held a grand wedding to marry her, so that she could be a full-time wife with peace of mind.

However, Wang Lixia did not wait for the grand wedding, but waited for the fierce landlord. It turned out that Boss Li’s big house was rented, and the landlord forcibly took it back because of the rent. Wang Lixia realized that she might have been cheated. She hurried to the company to find Boss Li, but the front desk told her that there was no such person in the company. Wang Lixia called Boss Li again angrily and asked him to explain. Boss Li then revealed his true colors and admitted that he was a vagrant and the money was taken to pay off his gambling debts. He threatened Wang Lixia: “Don’t call the police. The money was given voluntarily. I also wrote an IOU. This is a civil dispute and the police will not take care of it. Besides, I still have your nude photos on hand. You dare to call the police. , I will post them online.”

Wang Lixia got sick with anger and hated the man. Soon, the creditors came to ask for money one after another, but Wang Lixia was unable to repay the money and hid in Tibet. Once during breakfast, she heard a conversation between two women at the next table. A woman said: “I heard that a man finally found a daughter-in-law, and after giving 170,000 beauties, he died of illness just before he received the certificate before the wedding. This is a waste of money and wealth.” “It’s so miserable! “The other woman showed sympathetic eyes.

The speaker is unintentional, the listener is intentional. In order to repay the debt and retaliate against the man, Wang Lixia decided to swindle her marriage, and then flee to her death. Wang Lixia specifically finds a middle-aged man who has some savings, is eager to get married and has to work overtime or travel frequently. She paid off the debt with the gift money given by Li Xiaoguang, and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

But within a few days, Wang Lixia suddenly received a call from her mother. Her mother cried and said that her father’s condition had deteriorated and he was being rescued. The hospitalization fee would cost more than 10,000 a day, so she could not afford the money and gave up the treatment. Wang Lixia cried and said: “Can’t give up, my father has worked so hard for a lifetime and never enjoyed the blessing, I will find a way to raise money.”

She hasn’t found a job yet, and her relatives and friends can’t borrow any more. In order to let her father continue to receive treatment, Wang Lixia gritted her teeth and chose to continue cheating. At that time, Li Xiaoguang was on a business trip. Wang Lixia changed her name to Zhao Fang, and in the same way, she married Zhou Kai and received 200,000 yuan in gift money, which solved her urgent need.

As her father’s condition stabilized, Wang Lixia was not so anxious to spend money. But at this time, she suddenly felt that it was too easy to “make money” with a fake marriage. So she repeated her old trick again. When Zhou Kai was working overtime, she fell in love with a man who was about to be sent to Africa to participate in a one-year iron ore mining project, and cheated 160,000 yuan as a gift.

Wang Lixia thought that she could get away by cheating to death, but she didn’t expect Li Xiaoguang to have a deep affection for her, even if she was seriously ill, she would call the police to find her. When Zhou Kai asked her to go to the police station, Wang Lixia realized that the matter had been revealed, and hurried away.

After understanding Wang Lixia’s story, Li Xiaoguang had mixed feelings. He originally only wanted to find his missing wife, but he had uncovered one after another intricate scams. He sympathized with Wang Lixia’s misfortune and resented her for deceiving his feelings. In the end, he couldn’t help but ask a lawyer to tell her good news: “Boss Li has been arrested!”

It turned out that Boss Li received a considerable amount of compensation when he demolished his old house. After that, he became obsessed with gambling. Not only did he lose his money, but also he was heavily indebted. In order to pay off his gambling debts, he defrauded many people and was finally reported by others. In 2020 On June 12, 2016, he fell into the French Open. Li Xiaoguang thought that this news might bring a touch of comfort and alertness to Wang Lixia.

On June 28, 2020, the court opened a court and sentenced Wang Lixia to commit fraud, sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 10,000 yuan. Wang Lixia was deeply aware of the crimes committed, and in the court, choked with a sincere apology to Li Xiaoguang and Zhou Kai: “I’m really sorry!”