Power to change the world

Here, I want to share with you my personal understanding of sports.

First of all, sports cannot do without teamwork. Whether it is team sports or individual sports, any action on the field represents the entire team.

To use an analogy, when standing on the free throw line, you stand alone in the circle, facing the basket. It looks a bit lonely, but you know, you have 4 teammates on the court and they are always ready to go for you. Fight for rebounds; you have 7 teammates sitting on the bench, cheering or regretting for you all the time-this is what we call “we are together”.

When we are together, whether it is the joy of victory or the frustration of failure, we will share and bear together, so the sense of responsibility is the most important element of team consciousness.

You are not alone in the battle
Speaking of teamwork, these questions must be mentioned: How do you face your teammates? How to make them very good friends?

I remember that in 2006, when I was participating in a key match of the World Men’s Basketball Championship, I once pushed myself to the corner, completely unable to make myself a step forward.

At this time, a voice sounded behind me: “Don’t foul, I’m behind, I’ll make up for you.”

I don’t need to watch or do any action, but I suddenly feel: I am not fighting alone!

This person is Wang Zhizhi. Dazhi and I have been both opponents and teammates for so many years. The feelings between opponents and teammates are mixed, very complicated, and like wine, especially mellow.

He is usually a taciturn person, but at that moment, in that environment, the words he said made me feel the strength. This is the strength of teammates.

When every team-I mean a team, not a narrow team, but a team that everyone is likely to join, such as a study group or various clubs in the student association-has experienced various hardships and long periods After the running-in process, I get a result, which may be a certificate or a medal.

What is the most impressive thing in this process?

I think it should be every time when you push yourself to the limit, your teammates extend a helping hand and their sweaty faces.

These will be the most valuable materials for filling this medal and this certificate. These are the most precious wealth we have gained after going through the whole process.

Many things in life and work cannot be done by one person. Trust between friends can greatly enhance your abilities. When you put your trust in the hands of the other person, his ability becomes the strength of your trust. You can cooperate, which will make you a stronger person.

Attitude determines fate
It has been mentioned countless times in the books and movies that everyone has read, how a person should stick to his ideals, maintain his fighting spirit, and fight to the end.

But is persistence really that easy? I think if I don’t have experience, it is very difficult to understand and appreciate it only from words or from the mouths of others.

I want to tell you a story from my childhood.

At that time I was about 10 years old and just started playing basketball. My free throw technique was poor at the time.

I was very impressed once when my enlightenment coach made me practice for more than half an hour so that I could make two free throws. The practice lasted until my mother came to pick me up.

Imagine that I only asked to score two goals in half an hour, but I didn’t. What a frustration it would bring me.

My mother and my enlightenment coach stood one by one, accompanied me.

The more I get to the back, the greater the pressure on me, because whether I can score a goal directly determines whether my mother and my coach can end the day’s work.

But in the end, why did I score? Because it suddenly occurred to me that I have spent so long, why should I give up at this time? I must score, I must face it.

Sports competitions are like life. There is no chance to do it again. You don’t have any internship opportunities or rehearsal opportunities. You have to face reality, even if you have already put all your efforts into it.

But we can choose our attitude towards this result. Attitude determines fate.

When you face failure, you might as well think of it this way: Yes, this is a failure, but this failure will be one of the medals we hang on our bodies for future success.

Therefore, in the face of failure, your attitude will not change the outcome, but it will greatly change what will happen in the future. As the masters of the future society, your attitude will determine the development of society.

Power to change the world
Today, sports have been given a broader meaning. The late South African President Nelson Mandela said: “Sports has the power to change the world.”

During the past 20 years in prison, Mr. Mandela insisted on running and even boxing training every day.

These sports have accompanied him through a long life behind bars, and most importantly, let his mind not be imprisoned.

The moment he walked out of the prison, he said: “If you see an angry and vengeful young man coming out of the prison, it means that although my body has come out, my soul is still locked.”

To a certain extent, this is the power that sports brings to him. After retiring from the position of president, Mandela helped South Africa obtain the right to host the 2010 Football World Cup.

He used rugby to unite people of different political parties and different colors. It is because of sports that everyone sits together.

Sports have the power to change the world. This power is not weak. It starts inside our body, but eventually rushes out of the body and marches toward our brains, making us more complete people and people with a world-view. .

I hope that everyone can choose a sport as their lifelong partner, can exercise perseverance, persevere in competition, find the world they yearn for, and make countless friends in the future!