There was a case of disappearance. It has been more than ten years now. No one is alive, no corpse is seen. Qi Fanyu looked through the disappearance file. The missing person was Yang De. He was 23 years old at the time of his disappearance. The case was reported in 1991. The person who reported the case was Yang De’s mother. For so many years, his family has never asked the Public Security Bureau again. There is no picture of Yang De in the file, it says, because there is no picture of him at home.

The record of the case is very detailed. The mother of the informant Yang De said: My son Yang De has not been home for the New Year in three years. I wondered if he was lost, so he came to the Public Security Bureau to report. Obviously, this mother was a little indifferent to this son. The son was missing for three years before the mother came to report the crime. For three years, if it was a homicide, the murderer would have done enough to escape and hide.

The mother of the informant Yang De said: Yang De came out to work, and I sent him out. He gambled, gambling all the things in the house. He steals money from the family and he can find it wherever it is. There are five children in the family. He is the second child. I really can’t stand him gambling. You asked me why I drove him out of the house. He discounted his dad’s legs because his dad also gambled. He didn’t want his dad to gamble, so he saved money. He gambled. Two gambling ghosts at home, how do you live these days?


After a few days of snow, the streets and alleys of Shenyang were white. Qi Fanyu drove slowly down the street in a police car. People in Shenyang like snow. Just talk about snow and Shenyang will become Shengjing. What a literary style!

Qi Fanyu still heard this from Zhong Jingying. It was also a snowy day. At Huaiyuanmen, the snow was not so violent as it was today. The snow fell soft and lingering. As a result, when it snows, Qi Fanyu thinks of Zhong Jingying’s eyes when looking at the flying snow. At Huaiyuanmen that day, they walked side by side on the snowy road. The glazed tiles of the Shenyang Forbidden City were also covered with snowflakes. That scene really changed back to the Shengjing Imperial City. Qi Fanyu looked at Zhong Jingying’s face that day, her eyelashes fell on snow, her big eyes flickered, and the snow on the eyelashes fell and filled up again. Qi Fanyu really has an impulse, he wants to lower his head and kiss the eyelashes. It was 1988. Both of them graduated from high school that year, and neither of them were admitted to college, but they both had their own life directions. Qi Fanyu has signed up to join the army. Zhong Jingying is going to Wu’ai Street to engage in clothing wholesale with her mother. Her mother belongs to the first batch of people who went to sea to do business in Shenyang, also called self-employed. That day, both of them were very happy. Although they did not reach the threshold of a university, they both had the goal of the first step in life.

Snow is so beautiful and elegant, like love in the 1980s. Qi Fanyu and Zhong Jingying originally liked each other but never confessed. Maybe the confusion and boundaries between love and love have not yet been distinguished, it is the sprouting of youth. Yes, it’s too young. A high school student, only eighteen or nine years old. Qi Fanyu is one or two years older than Zhong Jingying. He and Zhong Jingying are closer in the class than the other classmates, and they are always called by the teacher. remind. Zhong Jingying has a good impression of him, and he can still feel this. Although he is a high school student, he is already a young man, and he can still distinguish the subtle feelings for men and women. But he knew in his heart that he was not worthy of Zhong Jingying, not worthy of all aspects. Let’s start with the family. His family lives in a bungalow in Tiexi Industrial Zone, which can also be said to be a slum. Both parents work as workers in a tractor factory. At present, there is a lot of people in the factory. There is no sign or reason. They say they are going to be laid off. Zhong Jingying’s family is superior. If the two of them love each other, it is too early, just like it. This is incredible, high school students, belong to the premature love in the eyes of teachers and parents. But that is the period of youth ignorance and youth rebellion, it is inevitable that there will be emotional sprouting. Qi Fanyu can sum it up so thoroughly, it shows that he is undergoing this kind of sprouting. He likes to be with Zhong Jing. She often brings him all kinds of delicious biscuits, some of which he has never seen before. . More importantly, Qi Fanyu is not studying well. He is destined to fail the university entrance exam. Even if he can enter the university, it is estimated that the family cannot afford it. If his parents are laid off, he will not be able to go to university even more. Because he has foreseen that if there are laid-off workers in the factory, the parents will not escape. They are ordinary workers in the workshop, as if they have never been in this world. He grew up and has never seen anyone give gifts to his family, nor has he seen anyone give gifts to his family.

In the third year of high school, Qi Fanyu had already thought that he wanted to join the army. This was his only way out. Zhong Jingying faintly treats him well, like a mirror in his heart. No way, God gave it to his parents. They are not outstanding, but he picked their parents’ strengths: they are about 1.8 meters tall, high nose bridge, big eyes, deep eye sockets, white teeth, a pair of small tiger teeth, which makes them laugh. Cute smirk. Zhong Jingying is the handsome man who has a crush on Qi Fanyu. He likes a person and his eyes are very important.

The snowing Huaiyuan Gate, 1988. Zhong Jingying is much more beautiful than when she was in high school. She wore a pair of denim flared pants, a pair of red half-high-heeled shoes, a white high-necked wool sweater, and a red woolen coat with a fur collar and a hat. . She also painted light makeup, her eyes were beautiful and mischievous. Qi Fanyu and Zhong Jingying held an umbrella and were close together, Qi Fanyu actually smelled the light fragrance of peach blossoms in spring, which was from Zhong Jingying. Compared with Zhong Jingying, Qi Fanyu was dressed too shabbyly. He was still the fading military coat when he was in high school, but it never affected his tall and handsome.

The ground was covered with pure white snow, looking far away, full of silvery white, so far away. Zhong Jingying looked up at Qi Fanyu from time to time, unable to conceal the affection, she touched Qi Fanyu’s arm and hand intentionally or unintentionally. Zhong Jing was whimsical, and threw the umbrella into the snow. The umbrella turned twice in the air and rolled in the snow. Qi Fanyu just wanted to chase the umbrella, Zhong Jing smiled and held him, don’t pick it up, let it fly with the snow.

Zhong Jingying is just like that, casual, frank and whim. Qi Fanyu felt that the umbrella was not good enough, but it was a pity. He thought of his mother’s umbrella. It had been used for many years. There was a hole in the surface of the umbrella. She found a cloth of the same color to patch it up. The umbrella Zhong Jingying didn’t want was much more beautiful and fresher than mother’s. This is the gap, the material and spiritual gap. Zhong Jingying with her hands behind her back, she said like Qi Fanyu, or she said to the sky, I like snow, and when it snows, Shenyang becomes Shengjing.

These are the most poetic words Qi Fanyu has heard in real life. These words are like snowflakes falling in his heart and melting like spring water. Perhaps no matter how far he goes, he will never forget that poetry. Qi Fanyu and Zhong Jingying walked on this street of Huaiyuanmen, as if they were back in the past. There were only two of them in the whole street. Who would hang out in the wind and snow? Ha, only lovers can have this kind of yaxing, or how to talk about it! They walked to the place where the civil servant dismounted the sedan chair and the military attache dismounted. Zhong Jing lingeringly touched the horse post and said, “You said that the past gege and princes will come out to enjoy the snow when it snows, just like the two of us. Unexpectedly on the street, or pass by.

Qi Fanyu said, you are too fanciful, you can be Grid, but unfortunately, I am not a prince, and my parents are facing laid-off. Qi Fanyu said this deliberately, because he couldn’t give the romance Zhong Jing wanted.

Zhong Jing smiled and said, okay, let’s be realistic. Do you have to join the army? Qi Fanyu said that he must join the army, this is my only way out. Zhong Jingying said relaxedly, “It’s not that serious, right? You can go to Wuai Street with me to engage in clothing wholesale.” In fact, my family really lacks such a reliable person. You can ship to us in Guangzhou. Qi Fanyu said, thank you for your kindness, but I am a man and I must rely on my own hard work to change my destiny. When Qi Fanyu said this, he was not shouting slogans, singing high-profile, thinking carefully, just out of school, speaking with a student accent. Zhong Jingying was happy in his heart, indicating that Qi Fanyu is self-motivated, but she still wants to keep him, and is willing to be accompanied by Qi Fanyu in the future. Zhong Jingying thought for a while and said, Qi Fanyu, don’t you want to be an excellent businessman or entrepreneur? My family is just a daughter like me, and I am not someone who can do a big business. It would be great if you helped us, let’s go to sea for business.

Qi Fanyu also looked up at the sky and said naively that I will be a policeman in the future. After hearing this, Zhong Jingying “pushed” and smiled. She remembered that when she was in elementary school, her ideals were bigger than the sky, one by one, I want to be a scientist, I want to be a space pilot, just say I want to be president. Isn’t it ridiculous to think about it now? Then, Qi Fanyu, an old classmate in front of him, said that he wanted to be a policeman, listening so far away and ethereal. Zhong Jingying still held back his laugh, and said lightly, well, I wish your dream of being a policeman come true.

Qi Fanyu said seriously, really, don’t you believe it, this is my ideal.

Zhong Jingying covered her mouth and smirked. Qi Fanyu waved his hand and didn’t care. Look at you, what’s so funny about it. I didn’t say to be a scientist or a space pilot.

Haha, you also said such an ideal! Zhong Jing smiled and bent over.

Qi Fanyu said, when we were young, didn’t we always yell so loudly!

Qi Fanyu stomped the snow on his feet and said it was too cold, let’s go back. Zhong Jingying opened his arms, circling in the snow and said, wait a moment, I am not cold, how romantic!

Qi Fanyu is really a little anxious. He is leaving for the army tomorrow. He wants to get his hair straight. He told Zhong Jingying that he was going to have a haircut, and asked her to go back first, and he would have a haircut.

Zhong Jingying said, “What’s the rush? When you leave Huaiyuanmen, there are many hairdressers on the street. Let’s go to dinner first, and then go to the haircut.

Qi Fanyu looked at his watch and said, “It’s only three o’clock, what kind of meal should I eat at night?” Go straight to the haircut.

Don’t, you listen to me, even if I do it for you. Zhong Jingying dragged Qi Fanyu away.

When Qi Fanyu came, he left his bicycle outside Huaiyuan Gate. At this moment, the bicycle is working. He was riding a bicycle in the heavy snow, Zhong Jingying sat in the back seat, and she firmly hugged Qi Fanyu’s waist with both hands. Inexplicably, there were poetic ripples in her heart, which was intoxicating. This most beautiful scenery is enclosed in Zhong Jingying’s brain, deeply rooted, no matter where you are, time flies, you can’t forget it.

Already in Zhongjie, you can see the guise of Baofayuan Hotel. This is the hotel that Zhong Jingying called for. Qi Fanyu pedaled the bicycle a few times, the front wheel slipped, and the bicycle fell into the snow with the bicycle, and then a string of laughter flew from the snowdrift.

When he arrived at the hotel entrance, Qi Fanyu hesitated not to enter the hotel. He was suddenly embarrassed because he only had 5 yuan in his pocket. Obviously not enough to invite Zhong Jing to go down the restaurant, and he was ashamed. Zhong Jingying saw his thoughts and pulled him into the hotel, saying, “You don’t have to worry about anything, I said, please.” Qi Fanyu turned his head to look at her and said, I am a man, I should ask. Zhong Jingying said with a smile, he was quite particular, then you owe it. When you have the patience, don’t forget me. Qi Fanyu said sincerely, of course.

Baofayuan is a time-honored brand in Shenyang. It has a small storefront. There are four legendary dishes such as liver tip, kidney kidney, fried meatball, yellow cabbage, which is also fried stupid eggs with green onions. Although they are all home cooking, they have a unique flavor. Qi Fanyu has never eaten before. For a family like him, it’s not bad to have enough to eat. He really didn’t feel like it, he didn’t want to spend Zhong Jingying’s money, and would rather not eat Baofayuan’s famous dishes. But he knew Zhong Jingying’s character too well, self-willed, and her own way. She said that she would invite dinner and not let her invite her, just to refute her face. Besides, he was going to join the army, and he didn’t want to upset her. This was also her heart. Thinking of this, Qi Fanyu felt at ease and ate boldly.

Zhong Jingying ordered all the four famous dishes in the Baofayuan restaurant. Zhong Jingying asked for a bottle of Laolongkou liquor. Qi Fanyu didn’t stop it, because Qi Fanyu had never drunk before. A student who just graduated from high school, what kind of alcohol to drink. Zhong Jingying said, “It’s okay. Anyway, we are not a student anymore. Why are you afraid of drinking some wine?” Besides, there is no table without wine. Qi Fanyu thought, so too, if you don’t drink any wine, you won’t be blind to this table, and I’m sorry that Baofayuan is such a big restaurant! Qi Fanyu simply unscrewed the bottle cap, filling Zhong Jing first, and then filling himself. He looked at the full glass of wine, he could have two or two, he really didn’t know how to drink it. He said, today is really a memorable day. The first time I drank in my life, it was you and me.

Zhong Jingying picked up the glass, then toast to the first drink.

They clinked glasses and took a big sip. Qi Fanyu swallowed hard, paused for a while, and coughed violently again. Zhong Jingying handed him a glass of water, already bursting into tears. Qi Fanyu took the water glass, drank the whole glass of water, and ate some dishes, which was slightly better. There are tears in his eyes too, they are spicy. Qi Fanyu felt that the dishes were really delicious, and when they were eaten in the stomach, they were so warm and the wine was not so spicy anymore. He raised his glass again and said, “It was you who toasted me just now. I toasted you with this glass, Zhong Jingying. Thank you for looking up to me and being kind to me. It was the first time I drank alcohol today and entered this hotel for the first time.” He likes to call her with her surname like this, and like when she was in school, the classmates would call her with her surname.

Zhong Jingying took a sip of wine first, and then said, “You haven’t finished talking just now, I treat you well, what about you?”

Qi Fanyu lowered his head, did not speak, but blushed, perhaps because of drinking.

Ouch, my face is still red, so embarrassed. Zhong Jingying tilted his head to look at him, deliberately teasing him.

What, who doesn’t blush after drinking? Qi Fanyu felt like a mirror in his heart at this moment, he didn’t want to say the latter sentence, maybe it was a promise, he couldn’t predict the future, and he couldn’t give Zhong Jing the future. Even if he is a soldier, he is not a general who leads thousands of troops, but a soldier. They still have a good relationship with their classmates, so keep that youthfulness.

Slightly drunk, but not high. I ate all four dishes and ate a bowl of rice. Qi Fanyu felt that it was like New Year’s, not eating well here. When he thought that his parents were about to be laid off, Qi Fanyu was so sad that it could rain at any time. Zhong Jingying is always the most beautiful girl in the class, and the first girl to wear makeup in the class, as well as wearing high heels. When doing exercises between classes, the teacher on duty checks the fancy clothes. She belongs to the fancy clothes group. The playground was covered with sand. Seeing the inspector came over, she stomped the heel of her high heels into the sand. Qi Fanyu stood on her left, one arm apart. He used his peripheral vision to see sweat on Zhong Jingying’s face, shiny in the sun. My God, her hair is perm. The bangs are curved, and the ends of the two braids are also spirally wound, tied with a lotus-colored bow. Of course, she is unavoidable. Such beauty-loving incidents are endless, but she just loves beauty and can’t help it.

She is still beautiful, with light makeup, and her eyebrows are curved, as if smiling sweetly.


In the morning, I received a phone call from Zhong Jing, saying that she had returned to Shenyang from abroad and asked him to see him at the old place Baofa Garden. Qi Fanyu didn’t rush to meet Zhong Jingying in Baofayuan, but went round the corner and went to Huaiyuanmen. He still missed the snow at Huaiyuanmen. He parked his car outside Huaiyuan Gate and walked to the Forbidden City. The roof was covered with white snow. The scene was the same, but things were nothing but people. He hasn’t been married until now, but he didn’t want to wait for Zhong Jingying, they didn’t privately book for life, and they didn’t have each other. Over the years, Qi Fanyu had no news of her at all, she had disappeared without a trace in his world. Whether he was waiting for her, he himself couldn’t tell. When I received Zhong Jingying’s call, my heart trembled, as if in a dream.

After returning to Shenyang to work as a police officer, Qi Fanyu went to her house to find him, and he has moved. He thought, if Zhong Jingying wanted to find him, it was easy to find him, and he told her that he wanted to become a policeman after he changed his job.

Qi Fanyu walked to the edge of the Shenyang Imperial Palace, and the sky was full of snow. Qi Fanyu seemed to have gone back to the past. That day, he and Zhong Jingying walked to the edge of the Forbidden City and turned back. They first went to Baofayuan and ate those four famous dishes. The taste is endless. Since then, he has never been to Baofa Garden again. Later, he didn’t not afford it, but wanted to keep the taste uniquely deep in his memory and store it. That day, they had a little dispute after they had enough food and drink in Baofayuan. Zhong Jingying said, go to the movies first, and Qi Fanyu said, go get a haircut first. Zhong Jingying even asked the hotel attendant to ask for needles and thread and sew the buttons on the coat that had fallen off. Her red woolen coat is really good-looking, the buttons are also good-looking, the buttons are not too big, it is also red, plastic, with gold dots embedded in it, and a little shiny. Therefore, it was time to be at Huaiyuanmen, fell into the snow, and found it at a glance. Zhong Jingying spread his arms around on the snow, shouting, how romantic! Qi Fanyu saw a red button falling on the snow. It was very conspicuous. What he picked up was the button on Zhong Jingying’s red coat.

Still can’t hold back Zhong Jingying, Qi Fanyu didn’t want to hold back her, he had known Zhong Jingying’s temper a long time ago, and no one could stop what she wanted to do. Qi Fanyu concluded that, in the final analysis, the daughters of rich people are mostly willful. It’s not a matter of principle either. He doesn’t have the same knowledge as her, so let her watch the movie first. Although Qi Fanyu is not romantic, his romance is hidden in the bits and pieces, hidden in ordinary life. In Zhong Jingying’s stubborn stubbornness, he stopped at the right time and let her go. He smiled faintly and helplessly, like that, well, you won. And Zhong Jingying always satisfied the little princess’s vanity in this faint helpless smile, becoming more proud and shy. She would hold her hands behind her back, tangled her fingers on her back, leaned forward, grinned sweetly, and blinked her big furry eyes and said that it was almost the same. The eyebrows are raised, playful like an innocent child.

She likes to carry her hands on her back and lean forward, like a bird spreading its wings to fly. His eyes were narrowed and his mouth was pursed. Maybe it’s her habit of movement, when she is happy, and when she is in pain.

Don’t look at Zhong Jingying and Qi Fanyu being about the same age, but in Qi Fanyu’s eyes, her mind is five or six years younger than him. He knew Zhong Jingying’s expression of doing something wrong. The expression was naive and naive. For example, when she was in school, as long as she stuck her tongue out at Qi Fanyu, he would know that he had done something wrong again, or had been slapped by the teacher. Most of the victims are for him, always asking him questions, and always talking to him if there is nothing to do. Then, perm and wear fashionable clothes.

On that day, they came out of Baofa Park and went to the Hongqi Cinema. Qi Fanyu has no money for the movie tickets Zhong Jingying bought. It was the second floor that Zhong Jingying did not ask for his opinion. After entering the cinema, they stepped on the wooden stairs and walked to the second floor. Hongqi Cinema has two floors in total. The stairs creaked up. There are not many spectators on the second floor, and they are all young people in pairs. It’s very quiet, unlike the first floor, where people are in the dark. Qi Fanyu thought that Zhong Jingying probably knew the environment of Hongqi Cinema very well, which means that she often watches movies. For Qi Fanyu, watching a movie is also a luxury. You need to buy tickets to watch a movie, and his mother will never give him movie tickets. Every morning, just before dawn, my mother gets up, stabs the stove, and makes breakfast. At the same time, we have to make lunch. Two lunch boxes, made of aluminum, have been blackened and bumpy. Mom puts the rice underneath, and stir-fries aside, or puts it on top. Mom and Dad each took a lunch box and went to work. They ate at the factory at noon. The factory in good conditions put the workers’ lunch boxes in the pot, and they could eat hot meals. For factories with limited conditions, just eat it cold. A movie ticket, maybe just a meal, how can it be wasted. He was born in such a family, he also knew frugality, and never asked for extra. When he was a student, all the extravagance came from Zhong Jingying, which gave him an insight into the lives of children from wealthy families. In this way, he worked harder to change his own destiny. He didn’t enter the university, so he decided to join the army. In his heart, it seemed that there was unlimited room for development. Zhong Jingying’s ideal is much simpler. She wants to graduate high school as soon as possible and never be criticized by her teacher again. If it weren’t for her parents to force her to finish high school, she would have stopped studying and was criticized by the teacher all day long. She thought she was right. Qi Fanyu doesn’t have these delicious ones. She has them. She can’t eat them. Why can’t you give them to Qi Fanyu? Also, I just want to be with Qi Fanyu. We are the friendship of classmates, discussing math problems and discussing writing. What’s wrong? Why don’t male students and female students study together? bias. She always wants to break free and let herself go.

There are basically any new movies released at the Hongqi Cinema. They watched “Love in Lushan” that day. The hero and the heroine embraced. Zhong Jingying covered his eyes with his hands and was embarrassed to watch it. Qi Fanyu also moved his eyes away and lowered his eyes. Zhong Jing still touched him, meaning, that shameful period has passed, now you can watch it. Zhong Jingying leaned his head against his shoulder intentionally or unintentionally, and Qi Fanyu straightened his waist without hiding. Because of the darkness of the cinema and the sparseness of the people on the second floor, they had intimate contact for the first time, holding hands and shoulders.

After the movie was over, they walked out of the cinema hand in hand. The bicycle was locked at the entrance of the cinema, but they could no longer ride. Snow has no calf. Qi Fanyu could only push the bicycle, and it was hard to push, and Zhong Jingying had to sit on the back seat. It was already 6 o’clock in the evening and the snow was still falling. The same song is played all over the streets, Shenyang, Shenyang, my hometown, the road is brightly lit… The sweet soprano is floating in this snowy night. The singing and the Hua Deng complement each other, and there is no other singing that can express Qi Fanyu’s heartfelt voice. At this moment, he loves Shenyang that much. Zhong Jingying was sitting in the back seat of the bicycle, lying on the front seat, with his legs still swinging, and humming to the song:

Socialist high-rise buildings,

Towering in ancient Shenyang,

That’s where I live all year round,

Self-reliance to rebuild hometown.

Qi Fanyu pushed the bicycle hard, but he didn’t feel tired at all. While he was rubbing the hairdresser on the street, it is no longer called a barbershop, and it has been changed to a certain hairdresser. Perhaps because of the snow, the hairdressers are closed. In the past, the hairdressers closed very late. Finally, there was a hairdresser with the lights on, called Fengshang Hairdresser. They went far enough to reach Taiyuan Street. Zhong Jingying continued to lie on the car seat, swinging her legs, humming Shenyang… She had forgotten that Qi Fanyu had a haircut, she had forgotten it, Qi Fanyu had a haircut and went to the army, she was already immersed in it. In boundless joy and happiness. Qi Fanyu learned from the bus conductor saying, comrade passengers, the fashion salon is here.

Ah, the hairdresser, oh yes, you need a haircut. Zhong Jingying awakened like a dream and jumped off his bicycle. She looked at Qi Fanyu and asked suspiciously, oh, are you going to join the army?

Yes, I feel excited myself. Qi Fanyu said with confidence.

Zhong Jingying said, I still want you to stay, stay in Shenyang, and do the clothing business with me in Wuai Street. We will not be short of money in the future, and may be better than you as a soldier.

Qi Fanyu said, there is no need to persuade me, as we are so young, I still have to go out.


Qi Fanyu threw the bicycle into the snowdrift. The bicycle leaned in the snow. The snow was so deep that it couldn’t fall. They opened the door and entered the hairdressing shop. There were so many people in the room. Other hairdressing shops are closed, and people who come out for hairdressing are concentrated in fashion hairdressers. After finally getting to Qi Fanyu, a girl washes his hair first, and a boy gets a haircut. Well, this shop is not small, there are only three or four hairdressers, and there are some small workers. At this time, the place where Zhong Jingying was sitting was some distance away from Qi Fanyu. Qi Fanyu vaguely heard a man talking, his voice was nice, magnetic, and he was very young. He said, hey, girl, you can perm your hair, it’s all fashionable and explosive now, your hairstyle is out of date. You look so beautiful. Zhong Jingying’s current hair style is still hot when she was in school, her braids are hot, and her head curtain is slightly hot. This school won’t let it, she just irons conservatively. She has always been keen on perming, and she is most afraid that she will be outdated. Being outdated is a symbol of old-fashioned, how can a beautiful girl like her fall behind the times. The hairdresser took the pictorial and walked up to her and said, look, this is the hairstyle, isn’t it pretty, it suits you too well. Zhong Jingying couldn’t help but three compliments, and the sentence “you look so good” played a decisive role. Zhong Jing was happily, okay, just burn the explosive style, and she scolded the hairdresser again, can you guarantee that the burn is as good as the model in the pictorial?

The male hairdresser confidently said that as long as it is ironed by me, it must be guaranteed, but it is a bit expensive. Zhong Jingying said with disdain, as long as you can iron it well, money is not a problem. The male hairdresser said that it would be beautiful. The stereos in the hairdressing salon are also playing, Shenyang, Shenyang, my hometown… It is deafening, and with the sound of talking, it is really audible. It was so noisy that Qi Fanyu only heard Zhong Jingying about to perm, but didn’t hear anything further down. Zhong Jingying is not afraid of perming, he is afraid that the long perm will delay his return home. He is anxious to go home and will leave home for the army tomorrow. He hasn’t talked much about this matter with his family. His parents are not against it, but he has to speak up.

Xiao Gong’s hands and feet are fast, and Zhong Jingying has washed her hair. Because a perm is more expensive than a haircut, it’s a big job, and small workers and great workers are all around Zhong Jing. Zhong Jingying has found a sense of presence again, wishing that the entire hairdressing shop would be around her, she could afford to pay. The hairdresser who permed Zhong Jingying’s hair has long hair, and the hair on his forehead is dyed a few reddish brown. It looks very fashionable. His face was as fair as a girl, and his eyes were large and slightly longer, with single eyelids, and they were very beautiful. The brow bones are slightly high, the eye sockets are deep, and the eye waves always look like an inexplicable melancholy hidden in the eye, which is intriguing. He is sweet and talkative. He didn’t know Zhong Jingying’s name, so he said, that little girl. In a few words, he made Zhong Jingying’s heart alive, agreeing to perm, and using high-priced perm potion imported from South Korea. Say it doesn’t hurt your hair or your skin. This price has already exceeded the highest price of our store, which is a sky-high price. Of course, the hairdresser’s commission is also high. As long as Zhong Jingying is beautiful, she is particularly keen on perming. In her eyes, as long as it is beautiful, money is nothing. Her mother was engaged in wholesale clothing on Wu’ai Street. She bought goods from Guangzhou. The clothing in the store was emptied almost every day before noon. In the 1980s and 1990s, any miracle would happen. It was an age of courage and starvation.

Qi Fanyu has finished sending out, he is anxious to leave. I made an appointment with my mother in the morning, and my mother said that she was working day shift today and would make dumplings for him after get off work in the evening. Mother is shifting again today, and the factory has three shifts. After my mother got off work at 5 pm, she had to go to the night shift at 11 midnight. Qi Fanyu and Zhong Jingying ate dinner at Baofayuan in the evening, and then went to the movies. After making the dumplings, my mother may be anxious to see if he will come back. The main thing is that he is going to join the army, and he should stay with his mother more. He wanted to go home after finishing the haircut, and meet her before she went to the night shift, which also made her feel relieved. Now, Zhong Jingying is getting her hair perm again. If she finishes her perm, her mother is probably on her way to the night shift. He walked behind Zhong Jingying, the front mirror reflected Zhong Jingying’s face. The hairdresser was wearing a mask, showing only two eyes, and was curling her hair. Qi Fanyu said to Zhong Jingying in the mirror, I will go home first and tell my mother, or she will be worried, and then I will come back to pick you up.

Zhong Jingying said, “No, you go once, it’s too late, I’ll take a taxi home.

Qi Fanyu said that even in this snowy day, it is estimated that he could not get a taxi.

The manager of the hairdressing shop said, “It’s okay. There are so many of us. When her hair is finished, we will all get off work. Let her go, don’t worry.” Maybe someone is on the way. If there is no way, I arrange for someone to send her off.

Zhong Jingying listened and got even more enthusiasm. You go quickly, or if you are here, I’m still anxious, let them send me off.

The hairdresser who curled her up kept silent and was busy doing the curling. The hairdresser actually looked up at Qi Fanyu, and quickly lowered her head to curl her hair again. It was those eyes that caught Qi Fanyu’s eyes first. It was also because he was wearing a mask and only exposed his eyes, which was very rushing. Qi Fanyu’s attention was focused on these eyes. A man’s eyes are so beautiful, clear, with a melancholy look, and the eye sockets are a bit deep.

Qi Fanyu is anxious to go home, he will go to the army tomorrow, so he has to go home first.

Zhong Jingying kept pushing him away, saying, “I can’t bear to bear you here, so I hurried home.

Qi Fanyu said as he walked, I will come back to pick you up immediately after I get home.

Zhong Jingying said, “Don’t bother with that leg. It’s snowy. I’m home without waiting for you to come back.” I’ll see you off tomorrow.

Besides, Qi Fanyu couldn’t hear it anymore. He had already rushed into the wind and snow, and the snow fell slightly, and his eyes were suppressed on the road. He was riding a bicycle, slipping and chucking in the eyes of the road.

When the shop manager got off work, he said to the hairdresser who permed Zhong Jing, Yang De, when the perm is finished, you will send the customer home. Yang De readily accepted, and joked that he was willing to help. Zhong Jing’s hot explosive head is very trendy, and it is estimated that there are not many in Shenyang City. Of course, she was also very satisfied, and looked like a little foreigner. She praised the hairdresser Yang De for his high craftsmanship. Yang De was also twenty-three or four years old. She smiled modestly. She also said that you can often come to our shop to have hairdressers, which is the biggest compliment to me.

That night, after the perm, Zhong Jingying and Yang De walked out of the salon. Yang De locked the door and pulled down the shutter door. Zhong Jingying said, no need to deliver it, I just need to take a taxi. Yang De said, that’s not okay. The task assigned to me by the store manager must be completed. Besides, it is not safe to take a taxi at so late.

It’s quite timely. Here is a taxi. Because of the snow, the taxi will cost more. Yang De said, don’t take a taxi, it’s not far, just walk over. Zhong Jingying said, it can be far away, taxi fast, it’s too cold. Yang De acted politely. He first opened the rear door for Zhong Jingying, let Zhong Jingying get in the car first, and then he sat down in the front passenger seat. This action left a deep impression on Zhong Jingying, and no one had done this to her. I just saw it in movies, mostly for bosses, people with prominent status. The taxi drove down to Zhong Jingying’s house, which is a community near Zhongjie. Just as Zhong Jingying was about to pay for the car, Yang De generously said, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll pay, and I will continue to sit in a while. When I return to where I live, I will send you upstairs first. Zhong Jingying said, “You don’t need to give it away. I will live on the third floor and will be there with my legs raised. Thank you. I will invite you to dinner another day. It was all polite to say please have dinner another day, but just a casual sentence made Zhong Jingying have a deep friendship with the hairdresser.

Qi Fanyu went home, just in time for her mother to go to the night shift. His mother saw him coming back and didn’t blame him. In other words, the dumplings are delicious, but they relieved your dad. It’s still being braised for you in the pot, go and taste it. After trekking in the snow for a long time, the four famous dishes of Baofayuan were already out of digestion. I was really hungry. Qi Fanyu opened the pot and ate another bowl of dumplings.

Qi Fanyu sent his mother to the night shift first, and then he didn’t even go home, so he went directly to Zhong Jingying’s house. He was worried, did he see her home? Qi Fanyu and his classmates have been to Zhong Jingying’s house and know the address of Zhong Jingying’s home. He went upstairs and knocked on the door. It was almost 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. He hesitated and knocked. It was Zhong Jingying’s mother who opened the door. He said, Aunt, is Zhong Jingying back? Zhong Jingying’s mother was very enthusiastic, and coming back, quickly enter the house. He said, “Just come back, then I won’t enter the house.”

Zhong Jingying ran to the living room in his pajamas, Lazi Fanyu entered the room, pointed to his hair and asked, okay? Qi Fanyu even said that he looked good and looked a little coping. He said he wanted to go back quickly, he didn’t clean up his stuff or anything. Zhong Jingying said to her mother, there are so many red Fuji apples in our house, quickly get some for my classmates and eat them on the road tomorrow. At that time, they were all Guoguang apples. Red Fuji apples were crisp and sweet, and they were all golden fruits. He carried a net bag for him, Qi Fanyu said not to take it, Zhong Jingying’s mother forced it into his hand. Qi Fanyu carried the internet pocket, said thank you aunt, turned and ran downstairs.

The snowy night in Shenyang is clean and pure, and it is also crunchy and frosty. The snow under my feet creaked. Qi Fanyu enjoys the rhythmic sound very much, a kind of refreshing comfort, and a spirited feeling. He simply rolled in the snow, forgetting that he was still carrying an apple in his hand. He stood up, slapped the snow on the apple first, put the apple in the quilted jacket, so that when he arrived home, it became a frozen apple. He took out a big apple and ate it in a big mouthful. It was crispy, sweet and cold, enjoyable and refreshing! He sang with a voice but not a voice, Shenyang, Shenyang, my hometown… That night, he was only 21 years old, a dreaming age. Years later, he missed that night so much, like a fairy tale world covered in snow. He also changed from that night in Snow White’s fairy tale world to another so-called adult, leaving his innocence and ignorance on this snowy night. Tomorrow he will go to the army and to the society, and suddenly he feels that he has grown up. The crunchy and sweetness of the Red Fuji apples that night stayed on the tip of the tongue for many years of aftertaste.

The next day, the weather was fine, but the cold was not delayed. There is a kind of coldness in Shenyang in winter, which is called sunny cold, the sun is shining and cold. The Shenyang Railway Station was crowded with people. The recruits were wearing military uniforms without badges and cap badges and big red flowers on their chests, standing in groups of three or five on the platform. The relatives who sent the recruits, they talked, exhorted, and raced against time, as if they had concentrated their usual language to this moment. Some loved ones choked up, some shed tears, and some hugged tightly. Qi Fanyu’s mother specially asked for leave to see him off. His father was still working in the factory and was being laid off at the time of job losses. His mother just told him to perform well in the army, and don’t be like them in the future. In the factory, he will keep spinning like a machine. Alas, even this kind of rotation is about to stop, and it is about to be laid off. There has been a drizzle of mobilization after a meeting, so that everyone is mentally prepared. Qi Fanyu’s mother said this to let Qi Fanyu know in his heart, don’t count on his parents, don’t count on them, and do everything by yourself. Like all recruits, Qi Fanyu doesn’t know the sky is high at this moment. It seems that the whole world belongs to them. Of course, he dismissed his mother’s nagging.

Qi Fanyu absent-mindedly looked into the distance, anxious, whether he would come. Hey, he finally saw Zhong Jingying in the crowd. Yes, she said yesterday that she came to give him off, no, here it is. The red woolen coat is still wearing, which is eye-catching. The row of cherry-like red plastic buttons were tied neatly and neatly. She wore a white fur collar, making her face more rosy and white. She put on makeup and pink lipstick. Her two braids with ironed ends turned into explosive curls overnight. It is indeed more foreign and beautiful than in the past. She is like a banner waving in the wind on the entire platform. Especially those recruits, their eyes are cast here. Just like this, she did her own way and walked arrogantly towards Qi Fanyu in the eyes of everyone. When I approached Qi Fanyu, she didn’t look at Qi Fanyu’s mother at all. She stood in front of Qi Fanyu, looked at Qi Fanyu affectionately and with appreciation, and said, really energetic, really cool, and handsome! Unprepared, she opened her arms and hugged Qi Fanyu. While hugging, put five hundred yuan into his military uniform pocket. Qi Fanyu’s mother saw a wad of money, and she estimated the number. She only gave her son 50 yuan. Zhong Jing lingered in Qi Fanyu’s ear and said, I love you! Qi Fanyu was stunned, with his heart beating and blushing, because each face looked in the same direction, and his eyes were cast towards them. Qi Fanyu’s mother feels embarrassed and feels as if she has done something shameful. Before Qi Fanyu was relieved from the consternation just now, Zhong Jingying gave another whisper. My dad said, it would be even better if you were admitted to the military academy.

The heartbeat speeds up, Qi Fanyu can hear the sound of heart pounding. Qi Fanyu was full of energy and full of infinite longing. His eyes were staring at an unknown direction, where there seemed to be his goal. Qi Fanyu’s mother coughed and took a look at him. He just woke up like a dream, and gently pushed Zhong Jingying away, saying that everyone was watching. Another sentence, my mother is here.

Zhong Jingying’s face was flushed, and Qi Fanyu’s mother said, hello auntie! Qi Fanyu waved his hand and whispered, I’m going back first. Then, turned around and walked into the crowd. She stuffed Qi Fanyu’s pocket not only money, but also a two-inch color photo of her jade, exactly the same as at school, with her fringe, braid, and two bows tied. The two braids are not long, just put on the shoulders. Qi Fanyu’s mother watched Zhong Jingying leave. He took a picture of her son, then looked around and said, tell you, our family can’t afford such a woman. Qi Fanyu’s mother had seen Zhong Jingying and had been to her house when she was in school. At that time, she looked at this child and she was pleasing to the eye. What is this now?

What a woman, Qi Fanyu retorted her mother, she is my classmate, come to see me off.

I know that Qi Fanyu’s mother pointed to his pocket and said, take it out and see how much money is given to you, don’t take so much, lose it.

This is the mother of a poor family. Qi Fanyu was ashamed of hearing this. His mother still regarded him as a little boy. He had already joined the army. It will always be like this. When I was a child, I had a few cents in my pocket, and my mother had to ask, why is there no money? How to spend it? The last sentence, you prodigal, let you save some flowers.

Excuse me, my mother, you are invincible, why didn’t you make your family rich? Didn’t you spend money for your children? Is it watching? Qi Fanyu always wanted to blurt out these words, but he has not said it. He is a child of a filial and poor family. Sensibility, hard work and thrift are the most basic virtues. But now, her mother asked her to take out the money in her pocket. He had already guessed what her mother wanted to do, and her mother thought that she had already given you a pan of money. This money should be kept by her. Qi Fanyu clutched his pocket and said, this was given to me by my classmate, you can’t ask for it. I am 21 years old and I am already a soldier. He was telling his mother that his wings had been hardened, and asked her to rest assured, don’t worry about everything. He put his hand in his pocket and has already touched the picture.

Memories are like a wild horse running away. Qi Fanyu thought, time flies, Zhong Jingying and I haven’t seen each other for almost ten years, oh no, to be precise, we have met once, only once. Thinking of that time, his face was scorching hot in the snow in this winter. It was a winter night, and they were in a snowy nest outside the camp… He didn’t want to think about it anymore, his brain seemed to have a potential interceptor, recalling that it would automatically intercept it here.

It was completely dark, it was half past six, and it was six o’clock. Somehow, Qi Fanyu was still reluctant to go to Baofa Garden. He was shocked, or he didn’t know how to see Zhong Jingying. It may be too long, they are already unfamiliar in real life, only memories are eternal and kind. After going out to the scene this afternoon, he deliberately did not work overtime at the unit and went to another suspect’s house to find out the situation. After the incident, he came to see Zhong Jingying, who had just returned from abroad.

Qi Fanyu parked the police car quite far away from Baofa Garden. He walked to Baofa Garden. He didn’t know what his purpose was. Zhong Jingying sat where they were ten years ago. This restaurant really has a sense of age. It is exactly the same as ten years ago. How can it not make people nostalgic. Qi Fanyu saw Zhong Jingying from ten years ago in a daze, scalding the ends of his braids, and Liu Haier was also curling slightly, with two braids resting on his shoulders. But she now looks more stable and quiet. She is wearing a brown woolen coat with a fur collar. Watching Qi Fanyu enter the house, stood up and looked at him with a smile. Still watery eyes, thinner than before, with pointed chin, more beautiful. He still remembered her red woolen coat, especially the row of cherry red plastic buttons with gold stars, neatly buttoned, making her waist slim. So, like today, look at the buttons on her coat first, but there are no buttons on her coat, and the wide belt around her waist is tied with a bow.

The two long-awaited reunited people looked at each other for a moment, and embraced each other with open arms.

The four dishes I still want are a bottle of Lao Longkou. Qi Fanyu took a bite of the dish, and the long-lost taste awakened his taste buds, and he almost didn’t cry. A person from Shenyang has only been to Baofa Garden once, so this time is counted twice. Eating food, so greedy to cry. Two people picked up their wine glasses at the same time, not to say anything, both were in the wine. At this time, Zhong Jing lingered on his forehead and cried. Qi Fanyu moved, he wanted to stand up, he wanted to walk to her, take her shoulders, or pull her hand? He didn’t think it was right. He hesitated for a moment, and simply stood up. He sits again, putting himself out of the business, it is too unjust, unlike the men of Shenyang. He walked up to her, took her shoulders, and kept patting her. Her shoulders are very thin, all bones. Zhong Jingying hugged his waist, crying even more sadly. After a while, calmed down. Qi Fanyu sat back in his place again, and they seemed to be alienated.

Thinking of Zhong Jing’s thin shoulders just now, he intuitively felt that this woman had no pain and had a bad life. He asked a very clichéd question, are you married? Using the word “ba” is much smoother than using the word “?”, “ba” is both affirmation, inquiry, and concern.

Zhong Jingying answered very simply, without thinking about the process. She said, I got married but left again.

Oh, do you have a baby?

There is a boy. She paused for a moment and was seven years old this year.

Does it look like you?

Zhong Jingying looked up at him and did not answer.

Qi Fanyu suddenly realized, why is it like an interrogation? Professional tone. Professional habits, unknowingly revealing to life, are too annoying. He wanted to ease the atmosphere and joked, ha, why don’t you ask me, it seems that you don’t care about me.

Sure enough, Zhong Jing opened her eyes and smiled, she said, yeah, are you married? What does your wife do? How old is the child? Please answer.

Haha, Qi Fanyu smiled heartily. Fortunately, there are not many people in the hotel, it’s because of the snow. Qi Fanyu said, I can solve your three questions in one sentence, I am not married yet. He spoke very high-pitched, with a clear tone. What do you mean, you are showing off if you are not married, at least in front of Zhong Jingying. Still sending out a certain signal, not clear, confused, how to feel like trying to get caught. Qi Fanyu cursed himself in his heart, why this is not something. While the annual rings take away youth, do they also take away the cleanest and purest cloud? No matter how old he was, he was still very young.

But Zhong Jingying’s eyes lit up, bright, gleaming, and slightly shy. Seeing Zhong Jingying’s eyes, Qi Fanyu became even more ashamed. Facing Zhong Jingying’s bright eyes, he asked himself in his heart, what else can you give her except that you are a classmate with her, if she wants to marry you, Can you agree without hesitation? not necessarily. He laughed at himself again in his heart, where he wanted to go, digressed from the subject, and became affectionate.

What is terrible is that Qi Fanyu said again, you have been so fashionable since you were young, and your fashion was about to detonate half of Shenyang City. You dare to wear what others dare not wear or wear. Your thoughts and actions lead the new trend of the times, like a kaleidoscope, dizzying.

Zhong Jingying smiled bitterly, and said, I will do what others dare not do.

Yes, go to sea for business. Your family’s work on Wu’ai Street is very successful. I am envious, but unfortunately I don’t have a business mind. My mother always said that our family has workers for generations. Therefore, I think that my mother imprisoned my development, or I would become a successful businessman.

Now let you choose between the police and the businessman? Zhong Jing lingered.

Then I still choose the police.

Zhong Jingying nodded approvingly.

Originally, that topic had already gone around, but they were silent for a lot of time, unlike in their student days, they always talked and talked. Qi Fanyu had nothing to say for fun, hey, if you dare to do anything, you didn’t wrong you at all. That year you burned the explosive, so you went to Shenyang Railway Station to see me off. My mother was shocked.

Not to mention explosive. The shout was abrupt and sharp. She lowered her voice, like an explosion after depression, with extra power.

I really calmed Qi Fanyu, and was stunned for a moment. Qi Fanyu said calmly, Hey, why are you still that temperament, wayward, crying if you want to cry, and laugh if you want to laugh. Those who know you are called frank, those who don’t know you can’t stand it. Put it aside for now, what’s the explosive type, you can burn whatever you want, it’s up to you, I’m not allowed to mention it.

From now on, don’t talk about explosive styles with me. Zhong Jingying was already crying, and then, she sobbed, and then said gently, how she thinks of Shenyang, how she thinks of him, and how lonely she is abroad.

Qi Fanyu said, miss me, there hasn’t been a letter for so many years. Just said that I changed the address, but my home didn’t change the address.

Zhong Jing cried so much that she couldn’t help it, she grabbed her bag and rushed out the door. Qi Fanyu followed and rushed out. She had stopped a taxi and got in the car and left. Qi Fanyu shook his head. This woman’s mind is really a needle in the sea, unpredictable. In the past, she was wayward, didn’t cry easily, laughed stupidly, and had a lot of whimsical and longing for the future. She is the kind of innocent to silly person.

Qi Fanyu faintly returned to the hotel by himself, sitting in the position he had just now, leaning on the back of the chair, falling into deep thoughts, but his thoughts were like a numb, and he couldn’t figure it out. He really didn’t know where to start thinking about it, and he didn’t even understand the meaning of seeing Zhong Jingying today. He never fell in love with her to death, or worried, lingering. But as a man, he wanted to be responsible for her, but she seemed to run away from him. Oh, I can’t tell.

That was the winter of his second year as a soldier, and Zhong Jingying suddenly came to him without even a letter. When the correspondent said that a woman was looking for him and gave him a daze, thinking, I have never contacted any woman in the resident, who would look for me, I was mistaken. The correspondent said, it’s your classmate, from Shenyang, who is still outside the gate of the barracks. He knew it was her as soon as he heard it, and only she could do a surprise attack. He quickly asked the company commander for instructions, and the company commander asked the male and female classmates? He said female classmates. The company commander said, let her go back quickly. You gangsters, you never see a woman. You suddenly see long hair. Can you stretch it? To avoid future troubles, let your female classmate leave immediately. Qi Fanyu knew Zhong Jingying too much, she couldn’t leave, and if she didn’t let her in, she might have something unexpected. Qi Fanyu whispered to the company commander, saying that her classmate had come from Shenyang too late, and there was no car to go back, a girl, who was going back so late, what happened on the road, who is responsible, and I cannot be responsible. People came to me. When the time comes, not only will I be responsible for it alone, but the company commander will have to be involved. You will have to send her away.

The company commander is from Shandong. He speaks with a Shandong accent and Northeastern dialect. You Northeastern soldiers are the most fucked, glib tongue, thief pulls calves, but it’s rare. Let me tell you, don’t make trouble for me, go pick up people.

Qi Fanyu is grateful for his gratitude, and has repeatedly promised that it is properly designated.

When Qi Fanyu saw Zhong Jingying outside the barracks, he was seeing her hugging her arms, stomping her feet, and looking into the camp, obviously already impatient. Seeing Qi Fanyu, she was both happy and anxious. She said, Qi Fanyu, why did you come here? I was freezing to death. Hurry up. Let’s find a place to eat. I am also hungry.

Qi Fanyu said with a sullen face, Zhong Jingying, I tell you clearly, if you don’t enter the military camp, you can’t enter.

He saw that Zhong Jingying’s explosion had turned into a big wave, dyed brown. No wonder, what kind of hairstyle she combs is normal. He led her to the army guest house. As soon as she entered the house, before she could gain a foothold, she came up and put her arms around Qi Fanyu’s neck. Qi Fanyu immediately pushed her away and looked around. In fact, they were the two in the house. The company commander’s warning buzzed in Qi Fanyu’s ears, boundless deterrence. Qi Fanyu said seriously, what kind of place is this, how can you allow you to plot wrongdoing.

Zhong Jingying “pushed” and smiled, and said that if you look at you, who is plotting wrong. She took out a large package of delicious food from her bag, including ham sausage, old forest candy, and a few shilin smoke. These are all in short supply and popular, too extravagant. At that time, share with your comrades. Qi Fanyu looked at his watch and entered the house for 20 minutes. He said that he would go back to the company for training, and he would bring her food at dinner. Zhong Jingying asked him to pick up the things and gave him another thousand yuan. Of course Qi Fanyu doesn’t want it anymore, he said there is an allowance. Besides, always spend a woman’s money, that is still called a man. He has not spent the five hundred yuan that he gave him when he came to join the army, because they are all new tickets for good numbers. He keeps them as a souvenir. He didn’t dare to tell her that she would be moved to double the money and save new money for it. Zhong Jingying glared at Qi Fanyu and said you don’t want to be, that’s okay, I threw it along the window to see if someone could not pick it up. When she said she was about to throw it out the window, Qi Fanyu stopped her and said I wanted it. Qi Fanyu is not afraid of anything else. The company commander said don’t make trouble. Of course it is trouble to throw money and pick up money. If something goes wrong, can you still ask for leave next time?

It was almost 6 o’clock in the evening to deliver meals to Zhong Jingying, and Qi Fanyu wanted to finish the meal by himself. He took an hour off. He carries a plate and a bowl. The plate is fried noodles with sour kohlrabi, with some meat oil inside, pickles on the side of the plate, and rice in the bowl. Zhong Jingying looked forward to him, saying he was hungry. Zhong Jing couldn’t wait to take a bite of sauerkraut, grinning and said, it was too unpalatable, it smelled like a hala. The meat oil in it may be a long time. Besides, it’s too cold. I have a stomachache after eating this winter.

what is it now? Qi Fanyu said, the delicious foods you brought have been distributed to your comrades.

I just want to eat hot food. It’s not that we have no money. Why is it so difficult? Zhong Jingying complained.

It’s not that Qi Fanyu doesn’t want to go out, he is in trouble, he said, dare not go out, let the picket catch it and it’s over. Wearing military uniforms, let alone go out. With that said, he really moved his mind. Regret, just wear casual clothes. Zhong Jingying smiled silently. She took out a men’s black down jacket and a pair of pants from her bag. Pass it to him and say, see if you like it, I think it’s the style you like. In terms of clothing, trust my vision. This down jacket is the most popular men’s style this year. Try it.

Involuntarily speaking, Zhong Jingying has opened his clothes to help Qi Fanyu wear it. Qi Fanyu had to take off his training uniform outside and put on a down jacket. From the color, from the style, from the warmth, impeccable. He certainly believed Zhong Jingying’s vision, she was in the clothing business, and she personally went to Guangzhou to order. The perfection of this down jacket blocked Qi Fanyu’s refusal, even if it was a symbolic refusal.

As mentioned earlier, Qi Fanyu is really moving his mind. Yes, he said that he is not allowed to leave the barracks, but he can drill when he has time. Several of them have worked as recruits. They are all young men in their early twenties. They train hard during the day and feel uncomfortably hungry at night. This barracks is located in a remote suburb of Haicheng. The barracks service agency closes at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, and the things are expensive and rough. Outside the big wall of the barracks, several small shops emerged at the historic moment, all of which are prefabricated houses, which are simple to construct, but do not affect the operation and popularity. He once jumped over the wall and bought food. Then, seconds flashed back. The squad leader had discovered his tricks, staring at him just about to have an attack, and a ham intestine blocked his mouth. The two of them tacitly looked at each other and laughed. They just bought something to eat. Why make a fuss. They were both young men in the same year, and they were hard-trained and hungry at night. Qi Fanyu thought of this scene, so he had an active mind. But there was one thing that made him wonder. He vaguely felt that what he needed, such as casual clothes, Zhong Jingying specified what could be changed, it seemed to be arranged in advance, or planned. Haha, Qi Fanyu laughed at himself twice in his heart, eating others’ clothes, dressing others’ clothes, and doubting them, so he doesn’t care about it.

Zhong Jingying looked at him eagerly and said, I am hungry, let’s go!

Qi Fanyu has a single mind. The living can still suffocate the urine. If you want to act, you can quickly, and ask for an hour off. It shouldn’t be too late. He pulled Zhong Jingying up and left, I’ll take you to dinner. He wore the down jacket Zhong Jingying bought him. Zhong Jingying put on a coat, a hat and a mask, and walked out of the guest house into the winter night. In winter, it gets dark at 5 pm, and the winter night in the northeast comes very early. It was snowing, it was quite big, and the foot was slippery, touching the scene, Qi Fanyu remembered the scene of them walking in the snow at Huaiyuanmen.

Zhong Jingying took Qi Fanyu’s arm, Qi Fanyu threw her arm away, did not speak, and knew what he meant, this was a military camp. They walked to the courtyard wall to the west. Here was a pig stable of the company. Outside the wall was the ground. Only a lonely prefabricated house stood in the wind and snow, with a faint light shining from the small window. Qi Fanyu pointed to the light outside the wall and said, if you see it, it is a small shop that can cook noodles and stir-fry. He lifted Zhong Jingying to the top of the wall first, then jumped to the top of the wall himself, and then jumped to the side of the wall. He opened his arms and said in a low voice, come, jump, I will follow you. Qi Fanyu didn’t expect that Zhong Jing jumped so fast. He was not ready yet, maybe it was scared. She jumped down, but didn’t jump into Qi Fanyu’s arms, but jumped into the ditch of the retaining wall. Go in. Qi Fanyu exclaimed in a low voice and rolled into the ditch. The snow in the ditch was thick and deep, and he shouted in horror, Zhong Jingying, Zhong Jingying!

The snowy night was silent, Qi Fanyu crawled in the snow nest, looking for Zhong Jingying, and finally grabbed Zhong Jingying’s hand. He wanted to hug her, but a pair of powerful arms hugged him tightly, so powerful, he doubted, is this a girl’s arm? The heat exhaled from Zhong Jingying’s mouth has sprayed onto his face, and his nose and nose have touched together. How he hugged Zhong Jingying, how his nose stuck together, was really strange, how this action was done. Before he could react, Zhong Jing lingeringly kissed his mouth. This was his first kiss. The blood swelled, his chest and stomach were on fire, and the heat was burning. The heat, he felt, melted the snow. The surrounding snow wrapped them like an igloo, and the cold stars shone in the distant sky. Only the wind swept the snow and howled, and the snow battered their faces and quickly melted. Their passion vowed to melt all the snow. Now Qi Fanyu can no longer control himself, his body is no longer his. He lent his body to lust, to the passionate girl named Zhong Jingying. His childhood classmates, without Zhong Jingying’s assistance, he thought, his school days would be bleak, even more bleak. Every time he eats the chocolate, white rabbit toffee, and sweet biscuits that Zhong Jingying gives him, he is endlessly happy. It was the best memory of his school days, and it was sweetness that made people happy. Therefore, they are too familiar with each other, including each other’s body and emotions. For example, this sudden kiss is not surprised and unfamiliar, but a natural and inevitable result. So, is the down jacket that Zhong Jingying wore that grows to the ankle also prepared in advance? Qi Fanyu felt extremely ashamed, he retorted himself, how can people describe romance and coincidence as premeditated so viciously. That day, Zhong Jingying wore a down jacket that reached to the ankle, and the unfolded down jacket just wrapped their bodies. On this snowy night, in this snowy nest, in this warm long down jacket, Qi Fanyu completed the first time in a man’s life. Pure, magnanimous, and pure, he feels that their love is as white as this snowflake. He has no regrets or frustrations, nor asks Zhong Jingying to keep it secret for him. No matter what Zhong Jingying requests, he will not hesitate, even though it is Zhong Jing Proactive. He even felt that he was already an upright man. After that, he hugged Zhong Jingying tightly and whispered in her ear, I love you! And Zhong Jingying has burst into tears, and put it on his ear, saying, tomorrow I will return to Shenyang, everything will be as usual, remember, don’t be afraid. Qi Fanyu is still excited at the moment, and has no time to care about what Zhong Jingying said. He originally owed Zhong Jingying, she was originally his high princess. He said with concern, go, go to the small shop and ask the lady boss to make you a bowl of hot noodles. Zhong Jing lingers instead Yes, she said, go buy some food and go back to the guest house. Qi Fanyu had to send Zhong Jingying back to the guest house first, and then sneaked back to the small shop outside the wall, made hot noodles overnight, and laid two eggs. He even bought the big soup bowl for noodles. Many years later, Zhong Jing lingered, this is the most delicious bowl of hot noodles and eggs she has ever eaten. She held the big ocean bowl in both hands, and after drinking the last drop of soup, the bowl almost clasped her face.

The next morning, Qi Fanyu went to the guest house to deliver breakfast to Zhong Jingying. She had already left and she did not even leave a note. Qi Fanyu feels lost, hazy, like walking in a dream. Since then, he has a secret, he and Zhong Jingying’s secret, and want to keep this secret. Since then, they have lost contact. When Qi Fanyu was on vacation, she went to see Zhong Jingying, her family moved, and later I heard that she had gone abroad. Qi Fanyu thought, this is a lot of money. Qi Fanyu never thought about why Zhong Jingying left without saying goodbye? Because only Zhong Jingying can make the move that he wants to leave, he is not surprised.

Hearing that Zhong Jingying had gone abroad, Qi Fanyu was relieved, relieved, thanks to her news. The days flowed slowly in this way, and Qi Fanyu later returned to Shenyang and arranged to the Public Security Bureau. Zhong Jingying seemed to have disappeared in his life, and occasionally remembered that his heart felt painful like a small stone.

The singing of the external speakers floated into Qi Fanyu’s ear from the gap in the door. It was a popular song from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Don’t mention the past,

Life has been stormy…

The singing interrupted Qi Fanyu’s memory, he felt something cold on his face, tears, and he cried. He and Zhong Jingying ate here for the first time, and they sang, Shenyang, my hometown. Ha, singing is changing, times are changing, and people are changing.

Qi Fanyu was in charge of the case of Yang De’s disappearance. The team leader urged him several times. Yang De’s brother also ran tight during this time, because his mother had passed away. This was the only thing his mother could not let go of. Human nature is so complicated. When he was alive, he was afraid of his son coming home and wished he could not disappear forever. Human beings are about to die, and their conscience discovers, leaving the living people an end, and let the living people fulfill her wish, so as to balance her guilty heart. Qi Fanyu once went to Yang De’s hometown in rural Liaoyang, met his brother, and understood where Yang De lived and worked in Shenyang before his disappearance. Yang Dege said that he didn’t know the details. He heard that he worked as a hairdresser in a hairdresser on Taiyuan Street. In fact, Yang De is ingenious and quick to learn everything, but he has no long-term nature, idleness, and gambling. Therefore, after learning that he was missing, his mother prevented his family from looking for him. Both looking forward to his return, but also afraid of his return.

Taiyuan Street has also changed a lot. The hair salons that existed ten years ago no longer exist, and even if they were there, they have changed candidates several times. The biggest gain this time is knowing that Yang De had worked in a hairdressing salon on Taiyuan Street. Qi Fanyu suddenly thought that on that snowy night, he and Zhong Jing had been to the Taiyuan Street Fashion Hairdressing Salon. Why did he remember the name of that hairdressing shop? The snow was big that day, and other hairdressing shops closed early. Only this door was lit and looked fashionable. The two words were extremely bright. Qi Fanyu was investigating a hairdresser in a carpet style on Taiyuan Street. No one knew the hairdresser named Yang De. It took too long. The place where he found the fashion hairdresser was already selling sporting goods. I learned that when the sporting goods store took over, it was a flowering store. He went around in the sporting goods store a few times, looking for the place where Zhong Jingying had hairdressed in the past, and also, where he was sitting on the chair, after finishing his haircut, he passed behind Zhong Jingying. , The hairdresser, has been bowing his head and busy, putting medicine on his hair, and the hairdresser is wearing a mask. Qi Fanyu glanced at the hairdresser inadvertently, his eyes were, oh, big and long, deep eye sockets, and charming. At that time, he was still aggrieved, a big man with such beautiful eyes was too much. He is wearing a mask, but he can also see that his nose is high. The hair is thick and curly. I don’t know if it is self-curling or hot, dyed with a few strands of color. Good-looking, avant-garde, few people dare to be so affected.

A waiter asked Qi Fanyu what he wanted to buy? When Qi Fanyu woke up from his dream, he also wondered to himself that he recalled another hairdresser in this sporting goods store so closely. He even secretly asked himself, was it the hairdresser who sent Zhong Jing home that night? Mostly, because he was the one who gave Zhong Jing the hair, and of course he was the last one to leave. So did he strive for and actively send Zhong Jingying, or Zhong Jingying asked him to send it? This may be nonsense, Zhong Jingying is so beautiful, no one wants to give her away. He only remembered that when he knocked on Zhong Jingying’s door that night, he remembered Zhong Jingying saying, Hey, so far back and forth, why are you still coming to see me, they sent me back, saying it was on the way. Thinking of this, Qi Fanyu laughed at himself, the hairdresser you were looking for was Yang De, not the hairdresser who gave Zhong Jingying hair in the fashion salon. Maybe it was because I remembered Zhong Jingying again. Yes, they rushed away from the barracks. They never met again. No, it should be said that they lost contact and heard nothing. Qi Fanyu couldn’t understand why Zhong Jingying wanted to lose contact with him. He often thought of the snow nest outside the camp, and his heart was cold and warm. Because of the Xuewozi that night, he could never forget Zhong Jingying. He didn’t have such a sad relationship before. He also knew Zhong Jingying was good to him, but he was not that strong. He was just like all adolescence. The boy is in love like that, life-long events are beyond his scope of thinking, simple and pure, falling in love with love, sad and sad. He wants to fly, the higher and the farther the better. However, that Xuewozi, Zhong Jingying and him in Xuewozi…every time they think of it, they surge like waves.

A person thought about so much in the Baofayuan Hotel, and he felt like crying. He didn’t know whether he was close or alienated when he saw Zhong Jingying today. The five flavors are mixed, sour and sweet, bittersweet, and it’s hard to say. He didn’t have time to ask her whether she was staying or visiting relatives. He even hoped that she would never come back, so that he would always miss her, guess her and imagine. This is very strange, a person he is thinking of, but wishing her to be only in a dream.


Looking for Yang De, Qi Fanyu and his partner Xiaohua have been looking for more than two months. The current clue is that he was a hairdresser in a hairdresser on Taiyuan Street before his disappearance.

After Qi Fanyu and Zhong Jingying had dinner at the Baofayuan Hotel, Zhong Jingying did not contact Qi Fanyu again. It has been a week. Qi Fanyu is also busy. In addition to looking for Yang De, they also have to be present at any time to participate in the handling of some current cases. On Saturday, he called Zhong Jingying and asked her to have a meal, but she refused and said something was wrong. Zhong Jingying’s family moved to Beiling Street, and Qi Fanyu only knew about Zhong Jingying’s return this time. In the evening, Qi Fanyu bought gifts and went to see Zhong Jingying’s parents on Beiling Street. He knocked on the door, which was opened by Zhong Jingying’s mother. He almost didn’t recognize her. Her mother was 60 years old at most, with white hair and horrible old age. It seems that there is still amnesia. I will ask who he is in a while. Qi Fanyu has just finished explaining, and then I will ask again after a while, who are you? Qi Fanyu asked her where Zhong Jingying was? She said she was out to play, she said she was going abroad, and she said school would be over soon. Qi Fanyu asked, where is my uncle? That is to ask Zhong Jingying’s father. Zhong Jingying’s mother said mysteriously, “Go to heaven and enjoy the blessing.” Qi Fanyu felt sad, put down the gifts, asked a few words, carefully closed the door, and walked out of the community. Qi Fanyu sighed with infinite emotion that life is really impermanent. Ten years ago, the so-called strong woman has become an old man with amnesia and impermanence. Qi Fanyu looked at the gray sky, it was like this in winter, it always looked like it was snowing at any time.

Qi Fanyu is single, so he is also willing to stay in the Public Security Bureau on Saturdays and Sundays, and is not willing to go back to Tiexi’s home, because his mother always urges him to deal with him, and always mentions Zhong Jingying, saying that she doesn’t care, you are willing to find That Zhong Jingying is fine too. They are married too, you, don’t hurry for anything. As soon as he arrived at the unit, the guard told him that Xiaohua called him and told him to go to Taiyuan Street. He was waiting for him at the Niuzhuang Pie Shop. Xiaohua is a college student from another place. He is single. As long as Qi Fanyu doesn’t go home on Saturday and Sunday, he will stick with him. When Qi Fanyu arrived, Xiaohua had already ordered four beef pies and two bowls of mutton soup. Qi Fanyu was really hungry. He ate two fragrant beef pies and drank a bowl of warm lamb soup. In this cold winter, the fragrant, slightly spicy, and coriander-flavored hot lamb soup was eaten, and he felt the love and happiness of life. At the beginning of Hua Deng, he and Xiao Hua were sitting at the dining table by the window. The glass of the window gradually became icy, and the sports goods store was opposite the window. Xiaohua said that he did the investigation on Taiyuan Street again today. He has investigated all hairdressing shops and did not know Yang De. Let’s not waste time on Taiyuan Street. To solve the case, first break through the shackles of our own thoughts. This case will not be solved in a lifetime.

First break through the shackles of his own thoughts, these words knocked Qi Fanyu’s nerves. Qi Fanyu suddenly said, no, there is a hairdressing shop that we did not thoroughly investigate, it is the sports shop opposite.

Xiao Hua was stunned for a while, and then he understood. Xiao Hua and Qi Fanyu stretched out their right hands at the same time to give a high-five. Xiao Hua said that the master looked forward. The next day, Xiaohua found out the name of the owner of the sports goods store in 1988, so it was easy to check the owner himself. She really didn’t find any place to break through the iron shoes. It didn’t take much effort to get it. She opened the sporting goods store. In the middle, she sold the store house and went to Shenzhen before returning. This sporting goods store has only been open for two years, and now she is a renter.

Qi Fanyu was still surprised when he saw the owner who opened a fashion hairdressing salon, because the owner may not be the person who opened the shop, but the owner is the one who opened the shop. At that time, she was in her twenties and already had herself. Property now. That was what she said back then, you go, it’s okay, after the ironing, we have someone to send her off. Xiaohua has other things, Qi Fanyu asked the owner of the sports goods store alone. He knows the shopkeeper, but the shopkeeper doesn’t know him anymore. There were many people who had perms and haircuts, so of course she didn’t remember him. Qi Fanyu’s inquiries are not very formal. Too formal will arouse the alert of the person being interrogated and backfire. The location is in the sports shop. Ask the office.

Qi Fanyu asked, in 1988, was there a hairdresser named Yang De in your store?

The owner said responsively, oh? Have.

Are you sure called Yang De?

I confirm.

male? female?


What are you doing in your store?


Qi Fanyu asked like this to avoid inducing an answer. Qi Fanyu asked here and confirmed that Yang De was in her shop. His heart jumped immediately, as if he was the person being questioned. He regained his energy and concentrated on asking, you just talk, talk about what Yang De had in your store back then, daily, the more detailed the better.

The owner recalled.

Yang De has worked in my store for two years. Yang De is very skilled but not dedicated. Arriving late and leaving early, sometimes no one can be seen for one day, and then three days of fishing and two days of netting. He gambled and often went to the hotel to find the service girls there. Therefore, the girlfriends he associates are all social people. They are handsome and good at dressing up. Generally, they don’t need him to spend money. Most of them are girls who pay him. But his so-called love often ends without a disease. There is no girl who invests in the early stage, does not get rewards, and blindly goes to the end. When he had no money to spend, he went to work in the hairdressing shop. The reason why I still use him is that some customers always ask him to do their hair, and he would rather wait. He has another characteristic, sweet mouth, coaxing customers to make the most expensive hairstyle in the shop. The Korean imported perm shampoos promoted have the same effect as ordinary shampoos. Of course, if the store makes more money, he will get more commissions. He sells almost all the Korean perm in the store. Suddenly one day, he never came again, but I thought it was normal. With his character, he would leave my shop sooner or later.

Qi Fanyu asked, which customer is closer to Yang De? Do you still have an impression?

The owner thought for a while, and thought about it. There are many customers who are close to him. There are more young women, including middle-aged women, as well as the women in the hotels he interacts with. I can’t see which one is closer. He recognizes money and doesn’t recognize people. Don’t worry about discounts on people he knows. The hairdressers have discounts in the store, and he never uses them.

This time Qi Fanyu induced to ask, if you think about it, the person who impresses you often finds his hairdresser. You don’t need to rush to answer.

The owner looked out the window. This was in the back room of the sports shop. In his shop, the owner was also more relaxed. She turned around, as if she had found light in the dark, by the way, there was such a woman. It should be said that she is a girl, very young, looks very simple, from the state of wearing and hairdressing payment, very rich. She and Yang De seem to be in love, but they don’t. The shopkeeper shook his head. I think it’s impossible. From the surface, they look like a swan and a toad, not on the same balance. Moreover, every time a perm, the girl pays the full amount, so he doesn’t discount it.

Qi Fanyu asked, how do you think they are not like?

Because that girl does her hair every time she comes, and she has never seen affectionate movements. Yang De talked sweetly, sometimes when the girl touched her face intentionally or unintentionally, the girl stopped him. The shopkeeper sighed again and said that in the week since Yang De never came to the store again, the girl came to see Yang De twice. The two times did not look like she wanted a hairdressing, she looked anxious. The last time she asked Yang Dezu. I told her where they lived because they were already familiar. Since then, these two people have never visited my shop again.

Qi Fanyu took out Zhong Jingying’s photo from his wallet, which was the color two-inch photo Zhong Jingying gave him on the day he left as a soldier. He showed it to the shopkeeper and asked if it was this girl?

The shopkeeper exclaimed, yes, yes, it was her.

So, do you still remember that this girl had a perm in your shop on a snowy night. At that time, she was in an explosive fashion. Did Yang De perm her? Did Yang De bring her home? Qi Fanyu asked anxiously with a pale face, looking irritable and extremely uncompressed. What year is that?

The shopkeeper is like seeing a ghost in broad daylight, you, you, how do you know?

Qi Fanyu replied lightly while avoiding the seriousness, don’t forget that I am a policeman. He obviously lied.

The shopkeeper replied that it was Yang De’s hot and Yang De’s gift. The owner thought for a while, it was probably 1988.

Qi Fanyu asked purposefully, is the place where Yang De rented close to Zhongjie? The owner said that Yang De rented a place not far from the Guangming Community in the South Market, not far from Taiyuan Street. Qi Fanyu chuckled, making a question mark in his heart, when the clock Jingying said that the hairdresser dropped her on the way and lived nearby. Taiyuan Street and South Market are on the same route, but not a real way. Yang De wants to send Zhong Jingying from Taiyuan Street to Zhong Street. The next stop on Taiyuan Street is the South Market. Then he will send Zhong Jingying to Zhong Jingying. After Zhongjie, you have to return. This is not called a drop-in. Obviously Yang De lied. He said that living nearby was looking for a reason to send Zhong Jingying. At that time, did he approach Zhong Jingying intentionally? Zhong Jingying doesn’t need to lie. I don’t think she will have any intentions for this hairdresser when she does hair for the first time.

Qi Fanyu walked out of the sporting goods store, and when he got here, he hated himself to death. He has already given up on this sporting goods store, so he came to eat this cow pie in a ghostly manner. I found Yang De and Zhong Jingying, how could these two people be linked together? When Qi Fanyu thought of this, his heart suddenly twitched and he couldn’t breathe. I can’t help but get in touch with Zhong Jingying. Yang De’s mother reported him three years after he disappeared. Zhong Jingying went abroad before reporting the incident, and it was the time when I lost contact with me. Is it coincidence or inevitable? If it is really related to her, why is she returning to China now, how dare to return? He asked himself again, if he didn’t know Zhong Jingying, would he still connect her with Yang De? Yes, as an excellent policeman, no matter what capacity he appears, he can’t let go of any clues related to the case. Now that the case is handed over to him, he must make his utmost effort to solve the case and give the missing person and the society an explanation and answer. Qi Fanyu kept running without stopping, and after some setbacks, he found the house that Yang De had rented in Guangming Community in the South Market. It was a sixth-floor and top-floor, 50 square meters old building.

Fortunately, the landlord lives by himself. Qi Fanyu showed his police card and said sternly, please help investigate a missing person. Are you here to talk or talk to me at the Public Security Bureau? The landlord said repeatedly, talk here. What Qi Fanyu means is that if you cooperate well, we will talk here, otherwise we will talk in another place. No matter what the situation is, who wants to talk to the public security bureau? Qi Fanyu mentioned Yang De to the landlord. The landlord thought about it for a long time, because her house had been rented out a few years ago, and there were many people renting it. Qi Fanyu reminded her that Yang De is a hairdresser. In the case file of the Public Security Bureau, there are no photos. If there are photos, it will save much trouble. When it comes to the hairdresser, the homeowner screamed like he was beaten. In a year, this kid didn’t give me rent for a few months, and I didn’t want it. I didn’t know the craftsmanship for nothing. I was gambling. There was a potion for perm in his room, this kid would also want to recruit, give me a perm, and pay the rent. I wondered, he also brought in the perm from the store. How can he have the money to buy it.

Qi Fanyu asked if Yang De lived alone? The landlord thoughtfully said that he was living alone…for a moment, the landlord said again, I came to him for rent, but a girl came to him. Qi Fanyu asked, what do you look like? How many times have you encountered? The landlord said that I saw it once, and I didn’t come too much. I didn’t see what the girl looked like, and I had forgotten it for so many years, Da Akira, she looked pretty, and she wore a red woolen coat. I remembered the big fur collar, but it was pretty. Qi Fanyu kept standing and questioning, the landlord sat, and he himself looked like a person being questioned. Hearing wearing a red woolen coat, he staggered as if stepping on cotton on his heel. He roared, are you sure you can see clearly? This roar made him startled. He became angry inexplicably, and he almost lost the composure and qualities that he should have as a people’s policeman.

The landlord bounced from the chair and said with a trembling voice, I can see the coat clearly, but I can’t see the face clearly.

I only felt the blood flowing from head to heel, banging the ground, and the blood flowing empty, Qi Fanyu felt cold from head to toe, as cold as the north wind and snow outside. His hands were stiff because of the coldness, and he awkwardly took out the two-inch color photo from the wallet. This photo was always carried with him, and it was placed in the transparent plastic leather of the wallet. This is Zhong Jingying’s photo, the one that Zhong Jingying put in his pocket at Shenyang Railway Station on the day he was a soldier. Over the years, he has never shown it to others. This is his own business. It is his own business, the softest place that is not easy to touch, warming his heart from time to time, and it is also his sweetest secret, so to speak, young Secret. Now he took it out and held it to the landlord. As soon as the landlord wanted to take it in his hand, Qi Fanyu avoided her hand, as if he was afraid of being touched by others like white clothes. The landlord withdrew his hand and followed the photos with his eyes. Qi Fanyu was inexplicably disgusted by the landlord’s concentration. The landlord looked for a long time and said, it seems to be.

What does it mean, yes or no? Qi Fanyu asked impatiently and sternly.

Probably not. The landlord changed his words and looked up at Qi Fanyu, with a timid expression, knowing that he was wrong again, most likely not, but also ambiguous.

Qi Fanyu quickly put away the photos and put them in his wallet. Just put it in my arms. The homeowner stared at his inner pocket, with a serious expression and said with certainty, no, the girl was hot with explosive hair and did not wear her braids.

Hearing the words “explosive head”, Qi Fanyu felt like a building that had been blasted and collapsed. He confessed without even saying thank you, turned and left, walking fast, like escaping from a person with plague. He rushed into the street, aimlessly, but his feet flew fast. He walked from the South Market to Youth Street. It’s snowing again, it’s snowing too often this winter. His footsteps are still fast, it is the soul that is walking away with his body. The heavy snow swelled and lost his direction. Oh my God! He secretly exclaimed, he walked to Huaiyuan Gate again. When he got here, he slowed down, the snowflakes still flying in the gray sky. He was sitting on a bench on the side of the street, opposite the raised ridge of the Forbidden City. Unconsciously, a girl in a red woolen coat appeared before his eyes, youthful and beautiful. The fur collar on the collar of her big coat surrounded her red smiling face. She whirled and laughed, and a red plastic button fell from her coat and landed on the white snow. Red, white, bright, strong, he bent over and picked up the red button…

Qi Fanyu straightened out his thoughts, calmed, thought and reasoned. He knows Zhong Jingying too well, simple and capricious, passionate and lonely, loves romance, and desires to be down-to-earth. While obsessed with love and supreme, he also likes to pick wild flowers on the roadside at will. She is such a girl. When she wants to fly, she immediately grows a pair of wings. When she wants to land, she is immediately greeted by a warm and green grass. Does she really fall in love with the hairdresser? Not necessarily, a game, a dream.


Just imagine Zhong Jingying and Yang De.

It was late in the winter of 1988, with heavy snow. In the fashion salon on Taiyuan Street, Yang De is perming Zhong Jingying, wearing a white mask, only showing a pair of handsome eyes, deep and melancholy. Yang De’s hair was also perm, thick, dyed with a few strands of color, playful and trendy. But Zhong Jingying also loves beauty and hair. Yang De’s curled and dyed hair was very damp, which attracted her attention deeply. Zhong Jingying looked at Yang De from the opposite mirror, with a pair of women-like slender hands, playing with her long hair, applying perm lotion, padding with perm paper, curling bars, skillful and neat. The whole person is handsome and cool. On the first side, he has an impression and a good impression. At this time, Qi Fanyu, who was sitting on the other side getting a haircut, had finished his haircut, took off the cloth around his neck, cleaned it, and looked at himself in the mirror. He was very energetic and satisfied. He stood up and remembered again, mother I was waiting for him to go home, and when he came out, he was ready to make dumplings at night. When is this, he has finished his dinner, and the dumpling mother is a white bag. But he must go home quickly, and then it’s time for his mother to work the night shift. Therefore, Qi Fanyu has to go first.

In this way, the opportunity was quietly provided to Yang De. From Yang De’s recommendation of expensive perm, Zhong Jingying replied without hesitation for beauty, yes, just perm this hairstyle. Yang De took advantage of the emptiness, and he had already determined that this was a rich woman, and he was short of money. He thought to himself, why her money is not mine, and what is the use of her owning money? It’s nothing more than hairdressing several times. He has acted since the first meeting, and he has a magic weapon, sweet talk. While curling her hair, he said, “Look, you look so beautiful, but if your hair is rustically combed, it will detract from your beauty.” In the future, you will come here for hairdressing. I will perm the most popular hairstyles for you to ensure that you will have a 100% return rate when you walk on the street. I will give you a discount. I have this right, and this right is reserved for you only. Zhong Jingying has never taken advantage of others since he was a child. She said that discounts are not necessary, and it is not easy for you to perm, as long as my hair is beautifully permed. Yang De said confidently, that’s okay.

After ironing the explosive head, Yang De said to Zhong Jingying, on the way, just in time to send her off. In fact, the house that Yang De rented was not in Zhongjie at all. He said that he had lied on the way, in order to get closer to Zhong Jingying and to please Zhong Jingying. But Zhong Jingying didn’t realize it, really thinking that the house he rented was near Zhongjie. Later, when they had further contacts, they realized that Yang De rented a house far away from her home, in the South Market. It didn’t arouse Zhong Jingying’s suspicion, thinking that this was a white lie, there was nothing wrong with taking her home initiatively. Later, Zhong Jingying asked Yang De to do her hair a few times, each time getting more beautiful. Once they came and went, they got closer. But Zhong Jingying gave him a rule that he was not allowed to go to the wholesale market on Wu’ai Street to find her, and that he was not allowed to let her family know to associate with him. In the hairdressing shop and any other place, they were the relationship between the customer and the hairdresser. Zhong Jingying naturally knows the disparity in their status. Regardless of their economic or social status, they are not on the same scale. Chinese marriage is about right and right. Mentioned that marriage is too far away, since it is concealed, I don’t want to get too close to him.

A few days later, Zhong Jingying waited for Yang De to invite her to the opening ceremony of the hairdressing salon in Xindui. She had all thoughts about it and ordered a few large flower baskets, freshly placed on both sides of the door. But she never received the invitation call. Didn’t he say that she was optimistic and just waited for the money to be redeemed? She went to the fashion salon to find Yang De, because she didn’t know the specific location of the Xindui store, only that it was in the South Market. Zhong Jingying pretended to come to the fashion salon to perm, and asked casually, hey, where is Yang De? There was a worker who was busy washing the hair of the client, and he said that you should not wait for him and find another hairdresser. He has not been here for eight or nine days. Did he not do it? Xiao Gong said that it seemed choking. He used to come here every other way, but it hasn’t been here for many days. Xiao Gong had washed the hair of the guest, and the guest sat on the chair and waited for the hairdresser to cut his hair. Zhong Jingying told this little worker, then you should wash my hair first. Xiao Gong shampoo Zhong Jingying’s hair, Zhong Jingying asked lightly, didn’t Yang De go to Beijing for further study some time ago, why did he still come to work every other place? Xiaogong’s hands stopped shampooing and said, “I haven’t heard of any further studies.” This person is very divine. He always sees the head and misses the end. Alas, if someone is skilled in craftsmanship, the store manager also opens up to him. I work step by step, isn’t it just a job, people have to live better than people. The little worker complained in a low voice.

There is no need to ask anything, Zhong Jingying wakes up from dream, liar, Yang De is a liar. Xiao Gong dries her hair and blows it dry with a hair dryer. Zhong Jing paid the money and rushed out of the hairdresser without having to say thank you.

When the matter is here, it should be over, but only if Zhong Jingying recognizes both money and emotional contributions. Sixty to seventy thousand yuan, for Zhong Jingying’s business, it will not hurt your nerves, but with Zhong Jingying’s character, you can know it, she can give it willingly, but cheating, that’s for her intelligence Great insult.

The snow stopped, and the winter sun was particularly dazzling on the snowflakes. Qi Fanyu suddenly hoped that this case of Yang De’s disappearance could counterattack, counterattack his reasoning and imagination, and completely overthrow him, which was a completely different version. This is just his good wish, he has already anticipated that the disappearance case is actually a homicide case, but the deceased is still in the sea. Undoubtedly, the culprit in the murder case stemmed from the 60,000-70,000 yuan loan. So, who is the first to kill the killer? Qi Fanyu’s feet were already cold and numb, he stood up and stomped on the spot, he didn’t want to let his mind break. It’s like a dreamer who wakes up in mid-question, and then goes to sleep, the dream can still be connected.

The mistake was wrong. Zhong Jingying thought he could get the money back, or asked in person to understand why? In other words, Zhong Jingying overestimated Yang De’s personality.

Zhong Jingying went to the place where Yang De rented, no one at home. She searched all the hairdressers in the South Market, and no one had ever heard of a person named Yang De who wanted to redeem. Zhong Jing is self-willed, so she doesn’t believe she can’t find you unless you disappear in Shenyang. On this day, she went to Yang De’s residence three times and met Yang De who was coming back in the community for the last time. I saw that his eyes were bloodshot, without even looking at Zhong Jingying, he lowered his head and walked forward. Zhong Jingying yelled at him, and after a while, he continued to walk forward without saying a word. Yang De was like a guide, guiding Zhong Jingying to the sixth floor of his rental.

After entering the house, both of them stood, Zhong Jing was straightforward, and didn’t want to talk nonsense. He just said that the few thousand dollars you borrowed don’t count, ten thousand, add 20,000, and add 50,000, a total of 80,000. Return 80,000 to me, now.

Yang De smiled disdainfully and contemptuously. Why are you doing this? No, I have already redeemed it. I told you beforehand that if you don’t agree, you don’t want to lend me. Since you have borrowed me, you will be at my disposal. How come you don’t understand the rules.

Zhong Jingying’s voice has improved a little. I have been to all the hairdressing shops in the South Market, and there is no one you redeemed. you are lying.

Jokes, do I have to be in South Market? Yang De changed his old flattery and humility, his tone was mocking Zhong Jingying’s stupidity.

Zhong Jingying has no idea where to start, a thousand words and speechless. She just wanted to shout to release the sulking in her heart. There was a knock at the door, and Yang De opened the door with only one slit, but the people outside squeezed the door a little bit and tried to squeeze in, but Yang De blocked the door. The people outside instinctively glanced into the room from the crack of the door, and saw a woman standing on the side of the room. The first thing that caught people’s eyes was the beautiful explosive head, wearing a red woolen coat and fur collar. Thick and long. As for the face, she did not see clearly. She didn’t come to admire the beauty, she came to ask for rent.

People outside said, hurry up and give me rent, or if you move out, you haven’t paid rent for three months.

Auntie, you are too unreasonable, didn’t you say it? Pay your rent if you perm.

That’s not enough. Give me another two months’ rent.

In order to coax the landlord to leave as soon as possible, Yang De said in a perfunctory manner, okay, auntie, I will pay you the rent together within ten days.

Your words count.

Do not worry.

The landlord left, and Yang De closed the door “boom”. Danger is coming to Zhong Jingying from the dark silently, but Zhong Jingying is unaware of it, because she is used to seeing Yang De’s cute and even a little cowardly face, and these cuteness and cowardice still remain in her mind. , She ignored the back of humanity.

Zhong Jingying relentlessly uncovered the answer, Yang De, don’t pretend, don’t lie, you have designated a store. Take the money out, at least, give me the 50,000 yuan first.

Yang De asked coldly, do you have to? He also glanced at the security door that was closed tightly. There were only two of them in the house.

Stop talking nonsense, I won’t leave without the money. Zhong Jing glared at him and said firmly.

Yang De sneered twice, but couldn’t hide the look of nowhere to hide. He stood awkwardly in front of Zhong Jingying, his lips twitched, and he tried to calm himself. He said, let me be honest with you, I lost all the money in the gambling, and you are dying. You quickly make a decision, I haven’t slept all day and night, I want to sleep. Are you going to die or want money?

If they are different from each other, Zhong Jingying is completely blinded, and Yang De’s former good-looking eyebrows have become hateful cheeks. She hated herself and looked away. How could she let such a person go free, she must say no to him. She resolutely said, I want money.

A picture flashed through Yang De’s mind. When he was a child, his father beat him violently, and when he grew up he beat his father violently. The violent engine contained in his bones was ignited. He jumped up and hit Zhong Jingying’s left temple with a punch. The second punch was useless, and Zhong Jing fell to the ground…

When Zhong Jingying woke up, everything that shouldn’t have happened happened. She found herself lying naked on the bed, and she quickly put on her clothes. Yang De sat on the chair disheveled, watching her wake up meaningfully. He said lightly, I took a nude picture of you and stored it in my camera. If you are obedient, I won’t take it to the photo studio to wash it. Oh, I can’t get to the photo studio to wash, so when I find you naked, I will also be found. I want to wash it out at home, it’s very simple. I have a pair of skillful hands, so I don’t have to worry about taking pictures.

Zhong Jingying is not hysterical, nor crying. But she overestimated Yang De, a gambler who is addicted to gambling, how could he spend money to buy a camera of literary and artistic style, and to buy a camera and film, to a person who is so poor that only gambling remains What a luxury.

Before Zhong Jingying could speak, Yang De grabbed Zhong Jingying’s neck like a predator. You are all mine. Quickly get me the money. I’ll ask for another fifty thousand. Zhong Jingying intuitively felt that her eyes had fallen out of her eye sockets, and her throat was blocked and unable to breathe. She worked hard and said intermittently, let me go, you can get the money.

By this time, Yang De has gained wisdom. Yes, he puts a long line to catch big fish. This is my current passbook. He couldn’t help but secretly joy, let go of the hand that choked his neck. I have lingering fears, and I almost choked the person to death. Alas, as soon as I became addicted to gambling, I lost my mind.

When Yang De said that you are all mine, Zhong Jingying was already disgusting, she came out of her heart, and I want you to pay with death. There must be rules in everything, and the game must also pay attention to the rules of the game. If you want money, just talk about the rules of money. To offend a woman with despicable means can only be self-defeating. At this point, Zhong Jingying can give up money, but there are some things that cannot be bought with money. Because Zhong Jingying is naturally self-willed and stubborn. What can’t be bought with money can only be repaid by his life.

Yang De thought that he had mastered Zhong Jingying completely, so he had to make an inch of it and asked Zhong Jingying to go home and get money for him now. Zhong Jingying was ignorant at this moment, she just used a slow-down strategy, saying that it won’t work today. I have no money in my hand. If I take it from my mother, it will arouse her suspicion. Zhong Jingying learned to persuade such a vicious person and waited for the opportunity.

Here, Yang De is doomed to die. But how did he die, and when did Zhong Jing linger? Of course, it was definitely not in Yang De’s rental house.


The headache was terrible, and Qi Fanyu’s eyes were stabbed by the white light of snow. Qi Fanyu grew up in Shenyang and didn’t feel the snow piercing his eyes at any time, so today he feels squeamish. He didn’t want to reason anymore, the brain’s storage seemed to be exhausted, and its performance was a headache. He thinks so. When it comes to reasoning, a word that is both hypocritical and inscrutable, he can’t help but laugh, and he is still reasoning. Will you? No matter how Yang De died, death is certain. Ten years have passed, and it’s time to surface. But he didn’t want to think about it anymore. Sometimes, it was left blank, like an ink painting, a piece of white rice paper, smudged so tightly that it was dignified and suffocating. There are ink paintings with blank spaces, and the blank spaces are like paintings swimming in the water and lively.

Qi Fanyu felt cold and hungry, so he went to the Niuzhuang Pie Shop on Taiyuan Street and ate three beef patties and a bowl of mutton soup. He was rude and sweaty. When he was full, he leaned back on the chair and cursed fiercely, Yang De, damn you.

On Saturday, it was supposed to be off, but the team always worked overtime. Qi Fanyu greeted the criminal investigation captain, saying that he had something to do this Saturday and would not work overtime. The captain said half-jokingly that it is reasonable not to give fakes. Your disappearance case is still hanging there, and there is no progress, unless you go to the target and give you fakes. There are not many people in the team who have not been married at the age of thirty-two or three. Qi Fanyu said solemnly, I’m just going to get a partner and ask my girlfriend to go skiing in Qipanshan. The captain smiled and said, true or false, give false, give false.

In junior high school, Qi Fanyu and Zhong Jingying always came to Qipanshan for skiing, and relatively few came to high school. They still came during the winter vacation because Zhong Jingying was a city skier and sometimes participated in ski competitions. Zhong Jingying doesn’t study very much, so it doesn’t matter whether she is in junior high or high school, no matter what period, learning is just as common for her.

After returning to Shenyang from a career change, Qi Fanyu has never skied through the snow, and has no leisure. He grew up in a moment, not so playful. I used to accompany Zhong Jingying on skis, and when he took it with him, he slipped like a decent one.

This time I asked Zhong Jingying to go skiing in Qipanshan, and she readily agreed. Qi Fanyu also borrowed Xiaohua’s digital camera. He wanted to put all his worries behind, ski to his heart’s content, and relive the heroic skiing with Zhong Jingying. Regarding Yang De, Qi Fanyu had a lot of clues to ask Zhong Jingying. He could seize this skiing opportunity and ask ingeniously, leaving Zhong Jingying unaware and defenseless. But he didn’t want to do that. He didn’t know the specific reason. Could it be that he was afraid that the snow of Qipanshan would be polluted?

Putting on the skis, both of them looked strange. Zhong Jingying fell a few times, and Qi Fanyu pulled her down and fell. Two people rolled together and laughed together. It can be seen that Zhong Jingying has not skied in recent years. According to her personality, she is the most interesting and playful girl, and skiing is her favorite sports activity. She was skiing in Shenyang before. In one competition, she won first place. Qi Fanyu grabbed the photo of the heroic figure flying in the snow, and also borrowed someone else’s camera. Zhong Jingying bought the Kodak film himself, and Zhong Jingying paid for the photo laundering. She chose a snowboard that was splashed with snowflakes, zoomed in, and it looked like she had rushed out of a snow-capped mountain. She is wearing a red, white and black ski suit. The photo was washed to a size of 24 inches and hung on the wall in her living room. Qi Fanyu is also proud, because he took the photo, of course, Zhong Jingying praised him. Today is no exception. He is a supporting role and is responsible for taking pictures of Zhong Jingying. Sure enough, Zhong Jingying did a few warm-up actions. After a few falls, he recovered his heroic spirit and became a beautiful scenery on the ski resort. Qi Fanyu also turned into a sunny boy, gliding on the snow. Qi Fanyu seemed to be back alive on this ski trail, back to the carefree youth.

In the years when Zhong Jingying lost contact, Qi Fanyu had many questions in his heart, and there were many unsolved mysteries to ask Zhong Jingying. For example, why did you go to the army to find me that winter, and why did you leave without saying goodbye, and then disappeared. Also, what we do in the snow nest outside the wall, as far as our relationship is concerned, should and shouldn’t happen, why did you never mention it, at least you should ask me for hope or request at that time, or worry. Also, the ankle-length down jacket you are wearing is spread out on the snow and just wrapped our bodies. It was also prepared in advance. All these questions, when I saw Zhong Jingying himself, had disappeared, no longer existed, and I didn’t want to ask at all. Asking had lost its meaning. People are in front of you, do you want to ask why?

When Qi Fanyu and Zhong Jingying were skiing this time, they talked about the most interesting things about junior high and high school. How Zhong Jingying got rid of the teacher, her high heels stepped into the sand of the school playground, and the pitiful little eyes when criticized by the teacher gave Qi Fanyu What chocolates and candies to take. When I was in junior high school, I went to the rice fields to catch dragonflies and butterflies every summer vacation. They also came to the rice fields on the Qipanshan side, and they had to ride a long bicycle. They remembered, talked, and relived their past happiness.

Tired of playing, and enough playing. They took off their skis and put on their cotton boots. Zhong Jingying naturally took Qi Fanyu’s arm, found a small restaurant on the edge of the ski slope, and ordered two dishes and two bowls of wontons. Zhong Jingying sprinkled ground coriander, topped with chili oil, and there were small shrimp skins floating in the bowl. She ate the soup and water, and said, the food in her hometown is delicious!

Qi Fanyu put two wontons on a small spoon and put them in her bowl and said, don’t go back. There are so many people in Shenyang, don’t they all live well.

Zhong Jingying sighed and said, the tide of the times has pushed me there, let’s go back.

The heat in the wonton bowl was rising, and Zhong Jingying’s face was hazy. She said, Qi Fanyu, one day you want to go abroad, I will be waiting for you there.

I can’t go. First, I have a job, and second, my parents are in Shenyang, and my parents don’t even want to leave Tiexi. Therefore, I cannot travel far.

filial piety. Zhong Jingying said.

Speaking of filial piety, Qi Fanyu asked, isn’t your mother going abroad with you this time?

My mother didn’t want to go, my mother said, my father’s soul always followed her, afraid that my father could not find her. Zhong Jingying talked about homestyle. She was unwilling to chat with Qi Fanyu since she was a child. This time, with the exception of this, she chatted with Qi Fanyu. She said that my dad died of cerebral hemorrhage, and he got caught up in a hurry. It was the second year I went abroad, and he was in his early 50s. He asked my mother not to save him. One wanted to die. People who are not saved are not saved. I think he wants me to die.

Qi Fanyu said, your mother seems to have amnesia.

Yes, there are good times and bad times. Zhong Jingying frowned and said, she held the corner of her mouth and smiled and said, not to talk about these disturbing things. Today is a gathering for the two of us, it is rare, and only talks about the two of us.

Then when do you return abroad, I will send you off. Qi Fanyu said sincerely.

After New Year’s Day, I will tell you the specific time.

After being silent for a while, Zhong Jingying’s eyes glowed brightly and said, Do you know the real purpose of my return? I want you to take me to Haicheng to the snow nest outside the big wall of the barracks. I want to see it again.

She finally mentioned it, Qi Fanyu said excitedly, she has not forgotten, and I will never get out of that snow nest again. The boundless sadness hit Qi Fanyu, and he really became a sentimental boy. He looked at Zhong Jingying, looked at affectionately, and choked, he trembled and said, How can Xuewozi stay for so many years?

Stayed, in my heart, followed me across the ocean.

Qi Fanyu reached out and took Zhong Jingying’s hand. Zhong Jingying took Qi Fanyu’s hand and pressed it to his face, crying in a low voice. Qi Fanyu walked to her side and gently hugged her in her arms. She just sat like that, embracing Qi Fanyu’s waist, burying her face on his body… All was still, only the heart was beating violently .

They finished their meal and walked out of the restaurant. Innocently cold, the exhaled breath quickly formed frost on the eyebrows and head curtain. Talking and laughing, I walked to the paddy field beside Qipan Mountain. Looking far away, it is evenly covered with thick white snow, and occasionally the wind blows by, making it even more lonely and monotonous. Quiet and far-reaching, this word can’t be used to describe this quiet snowfield. Qi Fanyu said that they came to remember. They didn’t know how to get here, this snow-covered rice field evoked Qi Fanyu’s memory. It was autumn, and it was a holiday on October 1st, yes, it was the third year of junior high school. The two of them arrived on bicycles, Zhong Jingying also took cakes, biscuits and water and put them in the basket. Both of them were tired from riding here, and they came to camp here. In October, the rice had matured, and it was yellow in the ground, and the sickle had not been opened yet. The earth at this time is abundant, full and rich. They threw their bicycles on the mountain, carrying dry food and water, and ran towards the rice fields at the foot of the mountain. The golden rice fields are endless. In the middle of the rice field, there is a deep water channel with cement prefabricated slabs. Each cement prefabricated slab is half a meter wide and one and a half meters long. When harvesting rice, tractors and ground carts can pass from above. The two of them put the schoolbags containing dry food and water on the prefabricated board and ran wild in the rice fields. The rice is already full. Waiting for the harvest, the rice field is dry and crisp by the autumn wind. They are running on the ridge platform in the rice field. Qi Fanyu used paper stack cameras. At that time, school students would use paper to stack cameras, boats, airplanes, and paper cranes. Some prodigal children would tear up an entire homework book. Qi Fanyu used this stack of cameras to pretend to take pictures of Zhong Jingying. Zhong Jingying also took various poses, smiling, facing Qi Fanyu’s lens. Afterwards, Qi Fanyu got bored with the photo. He used the thumb and index finger of both hands to form a lens, looking at Zhong Jingying from this rectangular frame, it really looked like in the lens. Much better than before. Crazy enough, the two of them sat on the prefabricated slab in the channel and ate biscuits.

Now the heavy snow covers this paddy field, but the scene of that autumn is vivid, the autumn is high and fresh, golden rice waves, young girls running in the rice fields. Qi Fanyu was happily and still intently, and suggested to Zhong Jingying next to him that it’s still early, let’s go for a walk in the rice fields. Zhong Jingying said casually, okay, the snow is too slippery, hold on to me. Qi Fanyu took Zhong Jingying’s hand and walked towards the foot of the mountain. Just a few steps, Zhong Jingying squatted on the ground with a “Oh,” saying that he had a broken foot. She tried to stand a few times, but didn’t stand up. She looked at Qi Fanyu with a look of guilt, and smiled bitterly. Her face is also particularly bad, pale. Qi Fanyu’s heart suddenly hurt so much that it was all his suggestion that the snow was so deep, what kind of rice fields should he go to, and Zhong Jing was embarrassed. He suddenly hugged Zhong Jingying, and the two of them hugged him and sat on the snow. Zhong Jingying lay in his arms, crying like a little girl, and said with another tear, come, walk with me and go home.

Qi Fanyu carried Zhong Jingying on his back and walked towards home. In the deep snow, without knees, Qi Fanyu couldn’t move forward. He fell, and Zhong Jingying also fell into the snowdrift, giggling. Qi Fanyu thought to himself, this is my Zhong Jingying, cry if you want to cry, laugh if you want to laugh. Where the road was slippery, Qi Fanyu slipped under his feet, took a long step, and fell again. Zhong Jingying on his back also fell more than a meter away, grinning, still giggling, like a child. Qi Fanyu asked if the fall hurts? Zhong Jingying smiled breathlessly and said, “It’s not painful, not at all painful.” Zhong Jingying said you support me and I will go by myself. Qi Fanyu did not speak, put her on his back again, and continued walking.


After returning from Qipanshan, Qi Fanyu put himself into desperate work. He actively participated in other cases, appeared on the scene, and investigated the suspects. But he did not report on the progress of the missing case of Yang De. The other cases needed to be dealt with and solved urgently. The captain asked, he answered, and he is investigating it. Don’t worry, captain, I dare not neglect any case. He gave the captain a victory sign. No matter which case Qi Fanyu handles, his brain has never stopped thinking about the case of Yang De’s disappearance. He really wants his brain to stop functioning. Don’t think like a novelist. He hates his super imagination, he has to work hard to be a decisive and brave policeman.

Qi Fanyu is now thinking about what Zhong Jingying said in Qipanshan that when her father died, her mother was forbidden to save him. why? Her father is still so young, not yet the age of retirement. Why did he refuse to live and ask for death. Because the dead are always tight-lipped, closing their eyes while closing their mouths forever. He must know the secret of his daughter Zhong Jingying, who killed someone. Zhong Jingying was also the first to tell his father that she is the only child of his father, and if possible, the father can replace his daughter’s life with his life. When the law-abiding father learned that his daughter had murdered, he had no time to blame her for being confused, so he had to rescue him. At this time, he thanked his wife, at the critical moment, the family was rich. He had planned to let his daughter study abroad. Therefore, his wife and daughter had already applied for overseas passports earlier. He is a prudent father. The purpose of obtaining passports for his wife and daughter is to travel abroad first, to inspect the schools where he wants to study, and to wait for more financial resources before sending his daughter to study abroad. These things have not been achieved in time, and emergencies have occurred. But if you have a passport, it’s easier to handle. As long as you have money, it’s not difficult to find a place to study at your own expense. After completing the cumbersome procedures for studying abroad, he did not tell his wife. After his daughter went abroad, his nerves were still not relaxed. These things were done without his wife. No one shared his worries and anxiety with him. He carried it alone. Sold the original building and bought the building again. My wife was busy at Wu’ai Market all day, and when she came home from the market, she knew that she had moved. I should take a breather here, but no, anxiety, irritability, worry, and emptiness attacked him and tortured him without stopping for a moment. His heart can no longer bear much sorrow. He even thought that he and his wife were the biggest threat to his daughter’s safety. He viciously looked forward to his wife’s death or his own death. Death is inevitable if a person suffers this way all day and night. In the second year after Zhong Jingying went abroad, he suffered from cerebral hemorrhage. He verbally urged his wife that he wanted to see his daughter again, and he lost his memory ever since. Shut down the clothing store on Wu’ai Street and become an old man with amnesia. The wife is also a smart person, so she doesn’t need to ask more. Amnesia, someone asked about her husband and daughter, she was vague, did not remember, so much trouble was saved. The wife vaguely felt strange. She didn’t know a series of things about her daughter’s going abroad. She only sold her clothes on Wu’ai Street. Until one day her daughter went abroad and the family moved, she vaguely felt that something serious happened. She is a rake for making money, but her husband is the star of the family, so she will never refute any decision made by her husband. On his deathbed, the husband asked his wife not to look for it, and the daughter went abroad to study. The only insider, father, died. If he has the ability, the husband really wants to take his wife away, then In this way, my daughter has no worries abroad and never has to come back. However, he never expected that the person he should take away most is Qi Fanyu, life is so dramatic!

So how was Yang De murdered? Wandering around, around this topic again. Obviously it is a case of disappearance, and the person must be found first. Qi Fanyu Why are you always associated with murder? He hates himself for superfluous.

When Qi Fanyu came back from Qipanshan, Qi Fanyu had two ideas. One idea was that he wanted to propose to Zhong Jingying. To be precise, this idea came out when Qipanshan was carrying Zhong Jingying on his back. The second thought, Yang De was murdered, and the murderer was Zhong Jingying. He believes that his mind is not contradictory at the moment, one size is one size. He loves Zhong Jingying.

Qi Fanyu washed out the photos taken in Qipanshan. He chose a few satisfactory ones, deleted the others, and finally deleted even the satisfied ones because they borrowed Xiaohua’s camera. Xiaohua’s camera is quite advanced, it is a digital camera.

This is the commercial city in Zhongjie, where there is a place to drink coffee. They sit against the wall and look at each other.

A stack of photos was placed in front of Zhong Jingying. Zhong Jingying took the photos to admire. In the photos, he was very beautiful and heroic. The sun shines on the snow, so shining, it sets off the people so sunny. She said, take a picture of me young.

Qi Fanyu said, you are already young.

Do you think I am beautiful? Zhong Jingying looked up at Qi Fanyu, with ruddy cheeks and a sweet smile.

The lingering expression of this clock is exactly the same as the two-inch picture sent to Qi Fanyu. Qi Fanyu grabbed Zhong Jingying’s hand with excitement and shyness, and said incoherently, look, Zhong Jingying, this way, we should get married.

Zhong Jingying covered her mouth, her expression was a surprise, she blinked those watery eyes, smiled and said, are you a marriage proposal?

Today is a rehearsal of the proposal. I will buy a diamond ring and then formally propose to you.

too late. Zhong Jing said faintly, he couldn’t tell whether he was sad or cold.

Are you married? divorced?

Zhong Jingying nodded and shook his head again.

Qi Fanyu put his cheek in one hand and looked at Zhong Jingying, affectionate and sad.

Zhong Jing lingers infinite tenderness and whispers softly, I only love you in my life.

Their conversation just now skipped. Regarding love and marriage, Qi Fanyu has no idea what to say. He still loves me if he doesn’t agree to his marriage proposal. Yes, people who have lived abroad have different opinions and opinions on love and marriage. Love and marriage are parallel lines, but they look forward to a focus. They believe that the parallel lines of love will definitely have a focus. At this time Marriage only appeared, and it was in this focus.

First of all, to make a statement, Qi Fanyu really loves Zhong Jingying, and her association with her is definitely not for Yang De’s disappearance. But here, indeed all the parallel lines miraculously appeared in focus, there is no way. His duty and mission is to solve the case. In order to make it clear to the world as soon as possible, he will never let go of any clues related to the case. Otherwise, he is not worthy to be a policeman. He has love and cannot have a marriage, but he proposed. He has finished the first idea. Now proceed to the second thought. He is relaxed and at ease on the surface, but his heart is twisted and airtight. Qi Fanyu said with a long sigh of relief, I conduct routine investigations, do you know Yang De? The hairdresser, he has disappeared, and it has been ten years now. I took over this missing case.

Zhong Jingying was equally relaxed and easy to know, only to get his hair done a few times.

are these all?

What else do you listen to?

Let me say it for you. Qi Fanyu explained the owner of the fashion salon he investigated, the place where Yang De rented the house, and the landlady he met, plus his analysis and reasoning. Qi Fanyu said that you only told your father about the murder, and the best way for you to get out is to go abroad. Going abroad is easy for your family, because you have a strong family backing. You beg your father for one thing when you go abroad, and visit me for the last time in the army. I think you deliberately planned the things in the snow nest outside our big wall. It can be said that you tempted me to fulfill your wish. Because you love me that way, because you think that after you go abroad, you may never be able to come back. Moreover, I seriously suspect that the ankle-length down jacket you wear was prepared in advance.

When Qi Fanyu finished speaking, he stared directly at Zhong Jingying to see how she reacted and watched her words. Zhong Jing smiled, applauded him symbolically, and said sarcastically that you should not be a policeman, but a novelist with rich imagination.

When Qi Fanyu heard these words, his heart was immediately discouraged. How Zhong Jingying said what he thought, he really shouldn’t be like a novelist, you are a policeman.

Zhong Jing said slowly, but if you are a police officer, you must take the law as the criterion and the facts as the basis. She laughed twice. If you were a novelist, you would be an excellent novelist. Don’t think that you and I are familiar with each other, you can just talk about it and be responsible for what you say. Don’t you think you are mean? For your merits, in the name of love, deliberately approaching me, and marry me? is it possible? You are also a liar, I despise you. Zhong Jingying got up angrily and left.

Qi Fanyu was speechless.

If possible, Qi Fanyu really wants Zhong Jingying to put down the dust and embark on the journey. But he is a policeman, he will not give up, he will pursue it to the end. It is said that misfortune comes from the mouth. Just now Zhong Jingying said that you are also a liar. So who is a liar with him? Yang De.


The higher the end of the year, the higher the crime rate. All kinds of robbery, theft, and drug trafficking seem to be focused on the severe winter. On this day, Qi Fanyu and Xiaohua followed a drug dealer to the Zhongjie Commercial City. They were on the escalator and up to the escalator. Among the crowds, Qi Fanyu saw Zhong Jingying with one eye, and it happened that Zhong Jingying was going down the stairs. Because of the task, Qi Fanyu wanted to avoid seeing him, but he saw Zhong Jingying holding a seven or eight-year-old boy in his hand. He motioned to Xiao Hua to keep an eye on the drug dealer. Xiao Hua understood, standing not far from the cosmetics counter. At the gold jewelry counter, drug dealers are pretending to look at cosmetics at the cosmetics counter.

Zhong Jingying might have seen Qi Fanyu. She lowered her head and pulled the child hurriedly downstairs. Just about to step on the escalator up and down, Qi Fanyu just came up from the escalator. He grabbed Zhong Jingying and asked with a smile, this child… …so cute. Qi Fanyu didn’t have time to tactfully ask in a roundabout way. Does he mean who owns this child?

Zhong Jingying didn’t conceal him, and told the child that he was called Uncle.

The boy looked up at Qi Fanyu and shouted, hello, uncle! When I heard it, it was a child who grew up in a foreign country. Chinese was blunt and cute. As he raised his head and raised his face, the boy’s eyes caught Qi Fanyu’s heart, his heart seemed to be hit by a bullet, and his heart stopped suddenly. The child’s beautiful eyes are slightly sad. Of course, the child still doesn’t understand sadness, and the innate look cannot be erased.

Qi Fanyu tentatively asked, is this your child?

Zhong Jingying just smiled noncommittal and said, oh, didn’t I tell you that I have a boy?

Qi Fanyu said, yes, you said that the child is seven or eight years old.

Zhong Jingying dodged his eyes, and said with a far-fetched smile, “I want to take my child to a movie, time is running out, sorry, I missed you!” She hurriedly stepped up and down the escalator.

The boy stood on the escalator, turned his head and gave Qi Fanyu a victory sign. Suddenly, he felt that the child’s gestures were like his childhood. He scolded himself for being crazy.

On that day, Qi Fanyu and Xiaohua killed a drug gang. The team asked them for credit, and the materials have been reported to the bureau. By the end of the year, it is okay for them to be advanced workers. But he was not happy at all, and the boy’s nice and slightly sad eyes flashed before him from time to time. What bothers him, what is bothering him? Can’t tell, it disturbed him.

One day when I was eating in the cafeteria, Xiaohua sat down at Qi Fanyu’s table with his rice bowl, sat down to eat, touched Qi Fanyu with his arms, and said with a smile, “I have gone to Qipanshan with your partner. The target is pretty good-looking.”

How do you know? Besides, is that the object? Don’t guess.

How do I know? There are photos in my digital camera, but you didn’t delete them. I keep it for you, do you want it? If you don’t want it, I deleted it.

Qi Fanyu was depressed, and after dinner, went to the dormitory with Xiao Hua. Xiao Hua took out the camera and found out the picture for Qi Fanyu to see.

This photo was taken by Qi Fanyu in Qipanshan, that is, when Zhong Jing was not paying attention, it was natural and beautiful. The picture is sideways. Zhong Jingying was wearing a black down jacket with long shawl hair, floating in the wind, looking sideways into the distance. Qi Fanyu looked at the photo from the lens, Zhong Jingying was becoming more and more temperamental. He didn’t realize that Zhong Jingying’s profile was so charming, or Xiao Hua said it was pretty. Suddenly, he saw the rice field behind her. In the photo, there is no rice field, covered with snow. I can’t say that I saw it suddenly, but I saw it when I looked at the person in the photo, but suddenly realized something. Suddenly, caught off guard, some shots flashed in the brain. Going down the mountain to the paddy field, happened, suddenly, really suddenly Zhong Jing’s ankles? Qi Fanyu seemed to have seen the boy’s nice and slightly sad eyes, Zhong Jingying’s son again. Huo Ran, the brain image flashed back. The hairdresser on Taiyuan Street on a snowy night. The night before he became a soldier, the male hairdresser wore a mask and curled up Zhong Jing’s hair. With a casual glance, Qi Fanyu saw the hairdresser wearing a mask. The eyes on the outside are beautiful and slightly sad.

It was a blunder, still stunned, Qi Fanyu put down the camera, called Xiaohua, and took the shovel. Xiaohua knew that something was happening, and followed. Driving the police car, heading towards Qipanshan. Every time Xiaohua drove, this time Qi Fanyu drove by himself, his brows furrowed and the car drove fast.

The rice fields are open and boundless. The winter sun shines brightly, and the snowy golden light shimmers, like countless broken bricks shining under the sun. Qi Fanyu and Xiaohua walked on the row of cement prefabricated panels, and the wind on the prefabricated panels had less snow in some places, more in some places, and in some places revealed the true colors of the precast panels. The gaps between the prefabricated panels are uneven, wide and narrow. Xiaohua holding a small shovel for combat readiness was prying up the cement prefabricated panels one by one. Xiao Hua was tired, and Qi Fanyu continued. Xiao Hua walked along the cement prefabricated board. The sun was shining on him warmly, and the snow was also shining, and the snowflakes reflected light, which made Xiao Hua’s eyes a little painful. He forgot to wear sunglasses. There was a light refracted from the gap of the cement prefabricated board. The light was so strong that he couldn’t open his eyes. He muttered, the sun is more venomous this winter, it can shine the snow in the crevices. I also feel strange that the snow on the ground doesn’t have such a strong light. What kind of snow is in the gap? He simply leaned over the gap and looked in, but he couldn’t see anything, because of the sunlight covered by his body and head. Qi Fanyu called Xiaohua, come here quickly, you come to pry, I’ll rest for a while. Xiao Hua didn’t answer, Qi Fanyu stopped and looked at Xiao Hua, watching him half-squatting, lying on the prefabricated board. Qi Fanyu shouted, hello, Xiaohua, what are you looking at? Xiao Hua said that the snow in this crevice was shining, and it was shining too much. Qi Fanyu walked over with a shovel, muttering, you are useless all day, curious about everything. Think about it with a corrugated cover. With the prefabricated plate covered, how can snow fall into the ditch, even if there is a little snow, there is not much outside.

Xiaohua didn’t argue with Qi Fanyu, and took the combat shovel in Qi Fanyu’s hand and pried open the cement prefabricated board in the shining spot.

Turned out of shock, a row of snow-white teeth tried to arch out of the mud, lying quietly in the canal, as if waiting for a thousand years. It is said that human teeth are as hard as diamonds. Hardness means immortality, and diamonds will shine. After seeing the teeth, the human eye sees the human skull, half of the skeletons buried in the soil.

Forensic doctors and related personnel successively arrived at the scene to conduct excavation and forensic identification.

Preliminary identification at the scene showed that the homicide had a blunt hole in the skull. From the shape, it looked like a stone. An iron rod with a length of half a meter and a diameter of 3 cm was also found in the canal. There can be no fingerprints on the iron rod. If there are fingerprints, they will be gone by the wind and sun and the water. Besides, a murderer with normal thinking and a little bit of IQ will not leave fingerprints on the iron rod.

When returning from the scene, Xiaohua said that the murderer was designated as a man. If he was a woman, even if he could stone a person to death, he would not be able to pry the cement prefabricated board. Qi Fanyu said it is not necessarily, you have not heard, give me a lever that can move the earth, there is an iron rod.

Who is the dead in this canal? That’s forensic medicine. The appraisal report did not come out. Qi Fanyu had already guessed who it was. The word guess is not very rigorous, it should be said to infer.

Restore the murder scene. Of course it was Qi Fanyu’s imagination.

In Yang De’s rented house, Yang De was completely exposed, knocked out Zhong Jingying, and raped her. He threatened to take a nude picture of her, and refused to obey his blackmail, so he washed out the picture and distributed it. In order to blackmail another 50,000 yuan, Zhong Jingying almost strangled.

As I said in advance, I will deliver the goods in Qipanshan with one hand and take the money with the other. The goods are photos and film, and the money is 50,000 yuan. Why did Zhong Jingying and Yang De go to Qipanshan? On the day they agreed to pay the money and deliver the goods, Zhong Jing lingered to Qipanshan to participate in the skiing competition. Because Yang De was eager to take money, he didn’t want to wait for a day. Yang De is also afraid that nights will have many dreams, and getting money is the last word.

How much time can Zhong Jingying and Yang De be alone in the hustle and bustle of the Qipanshan skiing competition? Avoid everyone’s eyes. It only takes a moment to stone a person to death. Yes, like Zhong Jingying and Yang De at Qipanshan that day. In the morning skiing competition, Zhong Jingying did not perform well. At three o’clock in the afternoon, Zhong Jingying and Yang De appeared in the paddy field behind the mountain. The entire Qipan Mountain, from the noise in the morning to the silence in the afternoon. In order to avoid people, Zhong Jingying proposed to go to the paddy field by the mountain. Yang De agreed. Yang De has a guilty conscience and is unwilling to be seen. They walked into the rice fields, it was all snow. Zhong Jingying took Yang De’s arm and walked to the prefabricated cement slab of the aqueduct in the rice field. At the beginning, they were like lovers, sitting snuggled on the snow. Zhong Jingying looked at Yang De sideways, he hugged his knees, and his nice and melancholy eyes looked into the distance. Zhong Jingying’s lingering affection fell into those beautiful eyes. At this moment, he dismissed the idea of ​​killing him. I thought, if he gave me the photos and film, I would give him the passbook. From then on, I will return to the bridge and the road to return. .

Yang De asked straightforwardly whether he brought the money? Zhong Jingying said he brought it, where’s the film? Yang De said it was brought, in my pocket. Zhong Jingying said you give me the film first. Yang De said that would not work, I had to see the money first. Zhong Jingying said that the money is in the passbook, and I can’t miss you if I say it. Yang De said that you took out your passbook and showed me the film, so what was the passbook password? Zhong Jingying said that there is no password. She took out the paper passbook of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and opened it. The Arabic numerals of fifty thousand were written on it. Yang De stretched out his hand and grabbed it, Zhong Jingying’s hand avoided and put it into the bag. Yang De doesn’t have any film, if he has him, give it to her immediately. He can’t say that I lied to you and didn’t take nude photos. How could Zhong Jingying obediently give him money like that. He held on and insisted that you give me your passbook first. Zhong Jingying, who considers reputation more important than fate, would give him a passbook if he couldn’t get the film. The money in the passbook is real. If it can’t be faked, he can take it out and withdraw it.