Moss has enough patience to resurrect

Went to Qianjiangyuan National Park twice in spring. In Gutian Mountain, fascinated by the rain and fog in the virgin forest, it feels like a fairyland. On the Xiaolandai Road in the Gutian Mountain Nature Reserve, we walked up the stream, only hearing the sound of water but not the stream. The air also seems to be green. Fog filled the surroundings. The so-called SPA, I do less, I don’t know the metaphor is not appropriate, but at least-it’s like being in a bathhouse, imagine: a bathhouse full of negative oxygen ions.

For those who love nature, the primeval forest is a wonderful place.

Moss is common on the ground, tree trunks and stone walls deep in the forest. It is a fluffy patch with small raindrops on it, bright green and lovely.

The strange thing is that such moss seems to only grow well in virgin forests.

I once bought moss online, delivered it to my home, planted it in a stone basin, and took care of it. I often sprayed it with water mist or something. Sure enough, the moss was still dead. Later, when I returned to the countryside to farm and walk in the forest, I saw that the moss grew velvety and lovely. I picked it home and raised it, and died. A friend gave me a pot of calamus. The calamus is beautiful with a stone. There is a moss under the stone. Later, he also died. So my experience is that moss is extremely difficult to grow.

No more moss.

Moss is originally only suitable for growth in its own natural environment. For example, in virgin forests like Gutian Mountain, no one has ever looked at it more, but it is very comfortable. In the chaos of the world, moss comes to the world. It appeared more than tens of thousands of years earlier than human beings. So the adaptability of moss is much stronger than that of humans.

Once, I went to Xixi Wetland to participate in an event and met two people who love plants. One is Ida, a florist, who grows flowers on the balcony and makes petals become exquisite works of art in her hands. The other is Mr. Zhikaku Pan Rui, who lives deep in the corner, has been growing moss and playing with moss for more than ten years, and enjoys it.

Mr. Zhikaku said, have you discovered why the moss that everyone raised died?

I don’t know, they all died anyway.

For what?

We don’t even know. Mr. Zhikaku said: “Dying from people without patience.”

Because the environment in which the moss is located has changed, it will definitely change accordingly, and there is an adaptation period. Maybe it turns yellow, black, white, or even looks “dead”. Or, enter the dormant period. This is a long process. However, people often do not have such patience. People look at the moss. They have been dead for a week, or for half a month. They must be thrown into the trash.

If half a month has not been lost, what about three months?

How about six months? You finally lost the moss. So it really “dead”.

Sometimes it takes more than a year for the moss to come alive from the state that appears to be dead. Then, it became green again and full of life.

For moss, what is a few months and a year? It is not in a hurry, it has enough patience to deal with the impetuousness and anxiety of this world.

But you did not. One year, while drinking tea in a certain place in Hangzhou, I saw a stone trough with water lilies growing in the trough, and the exterior of the trough was covered with green moss. I was very impressed. There are huge trees on the nearby mountains, and moss can be seen everywhere under the trees.

Quiet air is probably the most suitable for moss.