Strange causes of sneezing

  Sneezing, a physical phenomenon that makes people feel “very refreshing,” always strikes the tip of the nose suddenly when we are unprepared. In fact, in addition to colds, rhinitis or smelling irritating odors, there are many strange reasons that cause people to sneeze.
  1. See the sun or bright lights. When some people look directly at the harsh sunlight or bright lights, their noses will itchy, and then they can’t help but sneeze. Even when they want to sneeze, they only need to look at the sun. They seem to be able to control the sneezing behavior at will. Such people account for about 10-30%. In fact, this is a phenomenon called “light sneeze reflex.” Since the perception of the eyes and nose is innervated by the same trigeminal nerve, when the eyes are exposed to bright light, the optic nerve and the olfactory nerve will undergo a “loop crossing”, making the brain think that it is the nose instead of the eyes that is stimulated. The command to sneeze was issued to the nose.
  2. Drinking carbonated drinks can make people sneeze. When you drink carbonated beverages, you may interpret the sensation of your tongue being stimulated by carbonated beverages as pain. So the receptors on your tongue that sense sour taste are activated, triggering a series of defense reactions, and sneezing is one of them!
  3. Breathing cold air can also cause sneezing. Because some people’s trigeminal nerve also gets signals from the sensitive lining of the blood vessels in the nasal cavity, when this loop cross occurs, as long as a puff of cold air is inhaled, it will trigger the urge to sneeze.
  4. Strong emotional experience. Fear, frustration, sadness or excitement are all strong emotions. When people experience these emotions, they may not help sneezing. Such as fear will cause the nasal mucosa to shrink, while other strong emotions will cause the nasal mucosa to swell.
  5. Eat dark chocolate. In addition to the “light sneeze reflex” that appears when looking directly at the sun, it is also activated when eating dark chocolate. However, only about 18-35% of people have this gene, which is mostly related to heredity.
  6. If you eat too much, you will sneeze. Satisfaction can also make some people sneeze uncontrollably.
  7. Pluck your eyebrows! Because the trigeminal nerve branch in the human body is related to the eyes, it transmits the irritation from the nose, eyebrows, eyelids and other parts of the face to the brain. So when you pluck your eyebrows, the trigeminal nerve is stimulated, which triggers a sneezing response.
  8. Drink red wine. Some people, especially Asians, may have an allergic reaction to the high levels of histamine in red wine, so when they drink red wine, the immune system will try to expel histamine from the nasal cavity, which can cause tears and itchy eyes. Runny nose, sneezing.
  9. Take a hot bath. Allergic reactions caused by body temperature and height can also make people sneeze, so if your skin is red, swollen and itchy after bathing, it will also be accompanied by sneezing.
  10. Eat too spicy. Sneezing when eating spicy food is usually caused by nasal nerve allergy to external stimuli or congestion of the nasal mucosa.