Cold War Past

At present, some domestic political forces in the United States are trying to drag China and the United States into conflict and confrontation again, and to push the world into turmoil and division again.

“China will not allow such a conspiracy to succeed.” On August 5, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that we firmly oppose the artificial creation of the so-called “new cold war” because it is completely against the fundamental interests of the Chinese and American peoples and completely deviates from the development of the world. The trend of progress.

According to Wen Anli, an expert on the history of the Cold War, the Soviet Union was excluded from the global economic system, but now the United States and China are in the same global economic system; in the worst case, it led to “Cold War 2.0” or the collapse of the global economic system. There are only two possible paths: the first is the complete collapse of the international financial system, and the second is the occurrence of large-scale military conflicts between major powers. “I don’t think there is a possibility of both.”

However, some scholars believe that as US officials’ verbal attacks on the Chinese government become more ideological, China and the United States are sliding into a new cold war. Some even preached that a new Sino-US cold war has already begun.

The strategic and geopolitical tensions between China and the United States are real. But this is more like a traditional competitive relationship between major powers, except that one party has more ideological shouts. China did not threaten to overthrow the Western-dominated capitalist system, like the Soviet Union, but refused to delink and called for cooperation. This point cannot be seen to be changed in the foreseeable future.

However, the “Cold War” is still a tempting choice for some bigots. For these people, it is necessary to “review the past and learn the new.”

The Cold War that year affected the protracted battle between the two camps. It was not like the U.S. Navy cruising around China, but a million armies pressured the border. Missiles were often in a state of war, and proxy wars could be very fierce; at the same time, The free flow of Soviet personnel to the West has almost ceased. The Soviet army is ruthless in its suppression of the rebellion and unfaithfulness of satellite countries, and it spares no expense in supporting the revolutionary armed forces of the Third World.

As a result, the United States suffered a great loss due to the Korean War and the Vietnam War, and the Soviet Union was discredited by the Afghanistan War. The real winners of the Cold War were the defeated countries of World War II, such as Japan and Germany, which had crawled under the feet of Moscow’s military deterrence.

During that period, there have been extremes, and there have been several times when the United States and the Soviet Union have eased, but the overall atmosphere is depressed. The countries concerned often worry about the outbreak of World War III. Even if peace is maintained, it is “cold peace.”

Supporters of the “Old Finns” and the “Basikivi Route” argue that instead of completely tearing their faces with their huge neighbors in the east, it is better to find a balance and learn to coexist. The Romanians followed Ceausescu and used a smooth way to revive nationalism under the nose of the Soviet Union. After the “Prague Spring” incident, Yugoslavia, under the leadership of the fashionable figure Tito, embarked more firmly on the road of “non-alignment”.

It is worth mentioning that in the early days of the Cold War, China proved its value to the Eastern camp by resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea; in the later period of the Cold War, China proved its determination to open up to the West by fighting back in self-defense against Vietnam; after the end of the Cold War, China became a non-aligned movement again. Observer State. This reorganization of international relations may still happen in the future. At the same time, the Non-Aligned Movement and neutral countries are still not obsolete in contemporary times.

As Wang Yi pointed out, China today is not the Soviet Union of the year, and we have no intention of becoming the second United States. China will continue to unswervingly follow the path of peaceful development, unswervingly pursue a mutually beneficial and win-win opening strategy, and persevere in being a promoter of world peace, a contributor to global development, and a defender of international order.