There are four “amulets” for a happy family

A happy family has the following four “amulets”:

Kindness Roman Roland, a famous French writer, said: “Goodness is not a kind of learning, but a kind of behavior.” Kindness is a choice from the heart, which has nothing to do with rich or poor or talent. Because there is no light in the heart, only life will be left, and only when there is light in the heart can you live as a person. A family can only touch the warmth of the world and the meaning of life if it is kind.

Resilience: Knowing each other among family members is our most important support and strength when facing difficulties. In 2005, American psychologist McCubbin proposed the concept of “family resilience”, which refers to the interaction of individuals and families with the external environment in the face of adversity. “Family resilience” will play a decisive role in crisis response. Resilient families can not only effectively deal with stressful events, but family members can also reshape themselves in adversity.

Precipitation Knowing that precipitation is the key to prosperity for a family. Parents who don’t know how to settle, do not meditate in a family, coupled with an impetuous attitude towards life, can be contagious just like a virus, and can be transmitted to their children and make them suffer. Just like playing with a mobile phone, parents only see their children playing with mobile phones indiscriminately and not reading books quietly. But have you ever thought that a large proportion of parents do this at home, just holding up their mobile phones to play when nothing happens, and their children will follow suit.

Education begins in the family, and the power of role models will have a profound impact on children’s lives. Only when a family settles down and gains from learning can you meet a better self and have a more prosperous family.

Harmony There is a hot question on the Internet: during the epidemic, was your family relationship still harmonious? This year’s epidemic has awakened many people like a heavy hammer: As long as the family is in harmony and the family is well, the most precious happiness is. Bing Xin said: “A beautiful family is the root of all happiness and strength.” While we are all well, please be tolerant and considerate and caring for each other.