The president must tell everyone to go to the movies

On the morning of July 21, 2020, a Ukrainian man hijacked a bus carrying about 20 people and carried weapons and explosives. This hostage-taking crisis has “tightened the strings” throughout Ukraine. However, after a stalemate of more than ten hours, the incident ended in an unexpected ending.

Carrying weapons and explosives, hijacking buses

At around 9 a.m. on July 21, 2020, a man carrying weapons and explosives hijacked a bus carrying about 20 people in the center of Lutsk, Ukraine, claiming to blow up the vehicle.

The Warren State Police said that they immediately sealed off the city center after receiving the report. Nearly 100 law enforcement officers from the National Police, National Security Agency, and National Guard rushed to the scene and found the hijacked bus parked in the theater square in the city center. For hours of intense confrontation and negotiation.

During the negotiation between law enforcement officials and the hijackers, the hijackers repeatedly shot at the police station building from the bus. The window on the second floor of the building was broken. At the time, Ukrainian Minister of the Interior Avakov was having a meeting in the building. At the same time, the hijackers threw an explosive device outside the vehicle, but fortunately no casualties were caused.

At about 11 o’clock, an armored vehicle of the Ukrainian National Guard arrived near the scene.

After more than ten hours of confrontation, the hijackers released two women and a child at around 9 o’clock that night. Subsequently, law enforcement officers approached the bus in an armored vehicle and exchanged fire briefly with the hijacker. The hijacker was arrested after surrendering to law enforcement officers, and all the remaining hostages were rescued safely.

The strange request made by the hijacker

It is reported that a few hours before the hostage-taking incident, a video appeared on the Internet. A man with a gun in his hand issued a statement saying that he opposes the current system in Ukraine and is “happy against the system and don’t deceive yourself.”

The head of the Warren State Police Department, Kroszko, said that the hijackers did express their dissatisfaction with the system. They also asked government ministries, courts, prosecutors’ offices, members of parliament, and oligarchs to publish statements on social networking sites, acknowledging that they were “legal” Terrorists”.

Not only that, but the hijacker also made a strange request, asking President Zelensky to make a statement to let everyone watch the 2005 movie “All Living Beings on Earth.” If these requirements are not met, he will detonate the bus and die with the hostages, and will detonate another bomb placed in the city from a long distance.

Zelensky actually posted a short “recommendation” video on his Facebook (social networking site) homepage at the request of the hijacker. “All Living Beings on Earth” is an American environmental documentary film about thousands of animals being killed by humans on the earth every day and has won multiple awards.

After seeing the video, the kidnappers released all the hostages and surrendered to the police.

Sentenced twice and served 10 years in prison

According to Ukrainian media reports, the hijacker claimed to the police as Plokhoy. However, the Ukrainian News Agency quoted a source as saying that the real name of the hijacker was Kryvosei, who had been sentenced twice for fraud, theft and illegal possession of weapons and served 10 years in prison. According to Ukrainian police, Kryvosei had previously received psychiatric treatment.

While in prison, Krivosei wrote a book called “The Philosophy of Crime”. The book is written in an overhead “autobiographical” way, depicting a utopian world. He represents justice in this world, and the police, the government…all represent evil.

Vice Minister of the Interior Grasenko quoted an excerpt from the book on Facebook: “They reformed me for 15 years, but I was never reformed. On the contrary, I became a more real me.”