Resilience of life

When I saw it burst into new green, my heart was filled with joy. This bean sprout is so full of life and tough! It has overcome all kinds of difficulties and finally survived. Excited, I couldn’t help but fall into contemplation: What is the value of life? How to reflect the value of life?

This reminds me of the many ordeals that this bean sprout has gone through, and it also reminds me of what happened. That day the labor technology teacher assigned the labor technology homework: plant a plant and hand it in. Isn’t it just planting something? I thought to myself: Wouldn’t it be better to plant seeds in the soil and let it reliance on its own?

In fact, this matter is not that simple.

At the beginning, I found a bag of beans and chose one as a seed and buried it in the soil. When I went to inspect it two days later, it hadn’t sprouted yet. I think there was a “torrential rain” because of less water. But after five days it still did not sprout. I gently dug the soil layer and saw that it barely emerged from the yellow buds. It’s over, I buried it too deep! I thought to myself: Can it survive?

A few days later, the bean sprouts actually survived. The sunlight injected vitality and vitality into its body, and it still stubbornly rooted in the soil of that side.

It looks so good, I think I can take it to school. However, another error occurred during the handling process. I put this mung bean sprout into a bag and stuffed it in my school bag. Somehow, the book in my school bag broke the mung bean sprout. When I went to school and saw it became like this, I thought this little life was completely hopeless. Up.

At this time, I changed my mind, what if it could survive? Observe for a while. In the next few days, I still took care of it carefully. One day, two days, three days…

By the fifth day, it still hadn’t sprouted! I gradually forgot about it.

It was not until seven days later, just as I was about to plant a new one, I was surprised to find that the broken bean sprout had a wonderful change. When I saw it burst into new green, my heart was filled with joy. The vitality of this bean sprout is so tough! It has overcome so many difficulties and finally survived!

In the face of this tenacious survival mung bean seedling, I think the value of life lies in not giving up easily. No matter what kind of hardship you encounter, you must have the tenacity to live. This is where the value of life lies; and only tenacity. Living is the embodiment of vitality.