There is no turning back in life

At the end of last year, a student approached me and asked me to give him a chance to make up the exam. He said that he had already found an internship unit, and he was waiting for the course I taught to make up the exam. After the graduation certificate came down, he could sign a contract with the unit. I checked his performance status. His final grade failed because he gave up points for the proposal.

For the professional course I took, the requirement for the final assessment is to submit the plan, and after passing it here, I will explain my plan on stage. He told me at the time that he didn’t want to be on stage. I said that it is very important to be on stage. If you do not appear on stage, there will be no proposal results, which will result in a failure in the final grade. He insisted on his own approach, and I was helpless.

Whether or not you can graduate is related to a person’s future. I dare not care to report his request to the school. The school’s reply is that it resolutely implements the country’s policy of canceling the make-up exams before graduation, and students should be responsible for their actions. I told him the school’s reply, and he said: “I knew this a long time ago, and it would be nice to go on stage and say a few words.”

Passing this exam was a very simple thing, and others have complicated it and affected my own future. For a student who is about to enter society, it should be a big blow to him that he could not get a graduation certificate after several years of university study and even had to enjoy the same treatment as a high school graduate.

In many cases, we will use “knowing early” to express our regrets, trying to make an ideal assumption, and regain a game for ourselves in the imagination of turning back time. However, no one can go back in time. There is no turning back in life, everyone has to pay for their choice.

I have a friend who resigned from the system 4 years ago and started his own business ambitiously. In order to make achievements, he made a lot of effort. When looking for a storefront, in order to count the flow of people in front of the storefront, on a hot day in the street, the number of people coming and going is counted one by one; after the storefront is determined, the store decoration and equipment purchase are all running back and forth to compare costs. Almost flattened the market.

However, because of a small mistake in the quality of raw materials in the early stage of the business, and the disagreement between him and his partners, the store business persisted for less than a year, and it was closed. The people around are puzzled and some are watching jokes. He said: “Whether the decision to resign and start a business is right or wrong, but at least after trying, there is no regret.”

After closing the store, he worked part-time while applying for class research, re-planning for his future. Today, his job is no worse than the job he lost. Everyone will inevitably take some detours. Finding the wrong direction, some people regretted it, and some people regrouped. If a friend has been immersed in the regrets of the past, he might still feel sorry for himself now.

There is no dress rehearsal for every choice in life. The only way to reduce regret is to take every step of the foot seriously.