Only through the darkness can you meet the highlights

Master Zhang, a well-known fitter in the company, was elected as a provincial model worker last year and was recommended as a national worker model this year. Everyone around thought he was too lucky. When I went through the declaration procedures with him, I talked about his past experience and realized that his growth process was not easy. After graduating from technical school that year, he practiced various basic skills repeatedly with his master. Filing, grinding, drilling, and then learning how to make parts, it often takes a long time for one station to repeat one action hundreds of times.

I heard Master Zhang said that along the way, when processing workpieces and overhauling equipment, due to poor skills and strength, the workpiece size was out of tolerance, and the equipment gap adjustment caused rework. He was punished by the master and deducted the performance award. ;Because of the difficult job environment, his companions were transferred successively, he was laughed at by his classmates for being a fitter…

After more than 20 years, Master Zhang persisted for many years and applied for the correspondence study in the college of mechanical and electrical engineering in his spare time, and his practical operation skills have been continuously improved in the course of tempering. Step by step, he went from a junior apprentice to a senior technician of fitter. He was often able to “handle away” the “stubborn diseases” in the operation of the equipment, and became a well-known “equipment doctor” far and near.

Five years ago, Master Zhang won the technical champion of the province’s chemical industry. In recent years, his honors have been getting higher and higher. From model workers at all levels to “craftsmen” and “excellents”, his reputation has also grown. Last year he was invited to serve as a referee in the fitter group of the National Youth Skills Competition. It can be said that all kinds of honors accumulate to him. In the eyes of outsiders, they only seem to see these dazzling auras, and they are unaware of the efforts behind him, as if his success came so easily.

I recently participated in a new media writing class. Once the teacher Bai in the class appeared, she became the idol of the students. Mr. Bai is not very young, but has a lot of experience. He has been a contract author of many platforms and the editor-in-chief of several official accounts.

According to Teacher Bai, when he first entered the industry, he encountered many difficulties. When there is no idea to write, the pressure is so great that you lose your hair; the hot manuscripts that stay up late can only become waste paper because of a slow step; after a few days of writing the copy, the other party disappeared after getting it…

These setbacks allowed him to taste the hardships of new media writing, and also allowed him to avoid one pit after another on the road of later growth, and gradually enter a better place. After writing several 100,000+ hot articles, Mr. Bai has a loyal fan and has won the favor of the platform that he often cooperates with. He has been upgraded from the author to the editor-in-chief.

On the road to success, there will always be ups and downs, and only by overcoming the darkness will there be high light. You can survive the unknown difficulties before you can see the enviable scenery.