“Back wave” reminds me that time is rushing

  For about seven or eight years, I felt that my life had stagnated and time was in a static state.
  Each year seems to be a reprint of the previous year. The content of the work is much the same, and the problems encountered are the same, so just rely on inertia to solve it. Surrounded by those familiar faces that can no longer be familiar, although everyone is getting old day by day, I can’t notice their changes. No one gets old overnight, just like when I asked my lover, have I gained weight recently, his answer is always the same: I look at you every day, and I can’t tell if I get fat.
  Life is the same, three meals a day, four seasons, how many reincarnations are sometimes even unclear. There is nothing new in the scenery outside. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, the seasons walk on the edge of life and are often ignored. This year’s peach blossoms are no different from last year’s, the face is still there, and the peach blossoms still smile in the spring breeze. This year’s willow tree is no different from last year. Is the trunk thicker? Are the willow branches more luxuriant? It seems that there is no change, and subtle changes are a gradual process that is difficult to detect.
  Maybe you want to say, how fast the world is changing! However, I feel that any change, as long as it does not happen overnight, is a logical process, and the right thing will not disturb our peace. Even if the sea is slowly turning into a mulberry field, it will change quietly and will not affect anything.
  In my eyes, everything seems to be still, still in a pattern.
  Until one day, my cousin appeared before my eyes. In my impression, she was still that shy junior high school student, short and short, and she always kept her head down when she spoke, like a water lotus flower that is too shy to overcome the cool breeze. But a few years later, I saw her again. She was half head taller than me. She was completely devoid of her original shyness. She was generous in her gestures. She has become a slender and intelligent girl. This sudden change is a collision to my life. I couldn’t help but exclaim: “Ah, I haven’t seen each other for a few years, it’s really like a different person!” The cousin smiled and told me that after she graduated from her doctorate, she worked in a university and did some research on topics. I don’t understand the technical terms she said. The cousin said: “Sister, I think you were the smartest one in our family back then, but now you are still standing still, and your younger siblings have surpassed you, so you don’t have any sense of crisis!” I haha. Smiling, concealing embarrassment. My sense of crisis has long been replaced by numbness. In the past few years, my brothers and sisters have achieved success one by one, and eventually became the mainstay of society, and some have made considerable achievements. These “back waves” have long photographed me on the beach.
  I saw a sentence that day, which probably meant that some people had already died at the age of 30, because they kept repeating the past, in an endless loop, until they were buried at the age of 80. This sentence made my heart “cock”, didn’t I live this way? Nothing can make me realize that time is passing, my life is being consumed a little bit, my life is being worn away a little bit in this numbness.
  If it weren’t for the sudden appearance of these “back waves”, I would be so numb that I would forget that time was passing by. “Last Waves” reminded me that time is surging, they are braving the wind and waves, sailing away. But I am like that stupid person who carves a boat and asks for a sword, still spinning around in vain, trying to find the glory of the past through the ancient mark. However, when my world is stagnant, the river of time has already rushed forward. I really need to wake up and do something.
  ”I look at you, full of respect, and salute your professional attitude. You are turning the traditional into modern, classic into popular, academic into the masses, and national into the world… …” Yes, the “Back Waves” showed unimaginable power. They are really a generation with fire in their hearts and light in their eyes! Shouldn’t our “front waves” wake up and rise in the rush of time?