The word “soul mate” is really desirable. Finding a partner who fits in with one’s soul, appreciates each other, and is highly in sync with each other, this is exciting to think about.

If it is as easy to match with blood type, who would not want to find a soul mate. The difficulty is that it is too hard to touch.

Let’s talk about soul resonance first, and we try not to get involved with firewood, rice, oil and salt. The couple have just finished watching a movie, and their emotions, feelings, and breathing are all in the atmosphere. The more they communicate, the more they feel in harmony. At this moment, who has a rumbling stomach, and then asks the last sentence: braising rice or cooking noodles for a while? It looks very tacky. Li Ao couldn’t accept the beauty of going to the bathroom, and the soul mate mixed with beef ramen also felt a little uninteresting.

The soul mate shouldn’t be tainted with copper, it’s better to be money-free, or the wife said fascinatingly: Honey, how about a trip to Germany during our holiday? The gentleman replied: We have been short of money recently, Germany is too far away, can’t we go to Texas? This can’t resonate, and it will be back to reality.

Speaking of soul mates, what images come to your mind? There must be “Broken Blue Bridge”, “Titanic”, and “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai”. Do you find anything in common? The romance is short. why? Because it is not placed in complicated days, this beauty is particularly pure. If the days continue and the two have children, then someone must be sent to help the children learn, not to mention the soul resonance, it is not easy to ensure that the blood pressure is normal.

To sum up, a pure soul mate cannot fall into life, cannot be tainted with the smell of copper, and cannot involve too much humanity. Oh, it’s really hard!

Is there a simpler way?

Yes, reverse the order above.

It is difficult to wait for a soul mate in the crowd, but it is easy to cultivate soul resonance in life. To put it simpler, find a suitable partner, and then find the point of fit in your life, cultivate some hobbies that resonate, and you will find that the person living next to you can also be in harmony in the soul.

For example, as I just said, two people discuss what to eat for dinner, discuss the movies they all want to watch during dinner, enjoy them together after dinner, and then start a soul exchange, until you go to bed, you will feel that it is really in good time, it can be eaten Together, where can I find a soul mate who can chat together again?

For another example, when the two of them took turns after tutoring and learning, when the blood tank was empty, the wife said: “My husband, I can’t do it. Let’s find time to travel and relax?” The husband said: I can’t go far away. Let’s leave the child at Grandma’s house. How about going to Texas on the weekend? My wife must be wondering where to find this understanding and considerate revolutionary comrade-in-arms!

Therefore, soul mate landing is risky, but it is much more feasible for life partners to cultivate spiritual resonance.