Guinness World Records

1. The wedding with the most bridesmaids

  In 2013, Sri Lankan couple Nissan Sara and Narin smiled sweetly at the wedding ceremony. They broke the Guinness World Record for the largest number of bridesmaids that day, with 126 bridesmaids, 25 best men, 20 male flower girls and 23 female flower girls. The previous record holder was a Thai bride with 96 bridesmaids.
2. Splicing the longest gum chain

  The interlocking chain spliced ​​by Gary Duscher with gum wrappers is 23.9 kilometers long. From March 1965 to March 2014, Gary was certified by the Guinness World Records and used 3,743,076 chain buckles to connect 1,871,538 pieces of wrapping paper, which took 49 years.
3. The youngest backhand girl

  Wang Qianqian, who started to practice martial arts at the age of three, and learned in only 3 months, other children can only practice for a year to practice the small flips and continuous small flips. At only 4 years old, Wang Qianqian became the youngest girl in the world. No one has broken this record so far. In everyone’s impression, Qianqian rarely cries. When turning backhands, she went from one, two, several, to 40 in a row, always muttering the count silently, never crying out.
4. The most hairy person in the world

  A man from Mexico suffered from a rare congenital generalized terminal hair disease. In his entire family of 19 people, 4 people have the same distress as him, and this has been in their family for 19 generations. There have been only 50 records of such cases since the Middle Ages. In normal people, this gene is “off”. However, the patient somehow, the hirsutism gene that was “turned off” in their body is now “turned on” again.
5. The highest jumping dog in the world

  The name of this dog is “Feather”. If the dog is named, it will “float” if it doesn’t agree… It can jump up to 191.7 cm high, which is equivalent to jumping from the top of your head without touching you Ever! So it won the honorary title of “the highest jumping dog in the world”! This record is only a few centimeters less than the record set by a British woman at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics!
  The dog’s owner, 31-year-old Samantha Valais, said that he discovered that it could jump very high since it hit the ceiling of the basement…

6. The oldest ginger athlete

  Although professional bodybuilder Jim Arlington is 86 years old, he still engages in professional bodybuilding. He has been engaged in bodybuilding all his life, and finally won the title of “the oldest bodybuilder” for his unattainable bodybuilding career, and was included in the “Guinness World Records”. Jim lives in Venice, California, and is now a father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Although he was nicknamed “skinny” by people around him when he was young, he has been exercising for the past 70 years. He is dedicated to bodybuilding and has participated in 62 games so far and won 16 games. He still has no plan to put down the barbell.
7. The first person to implant an antenna in the human body

  British man Neil Harbison implanted an antenna into the back of his head in 2004. The antenna can convert the collected colors (light waves) into sounds (sound waves) and send them to Neil’s inner ear for him to hear. At the same time, it can connect to the Internet and receive phone calls.
8. The first prosthetic tattoo gun arm

  The first prosthetic tattoo gun arm was completed in 2016. This prosthesis created by artist and engineer Gundel and worn by artist Satan Turner has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records. This tattoo artist from Lyon, France, lost his right forearm 23 years ago, but he continues to challenge himself and continue to work with his “hand of God” with a prosthesis. Tenet mainly uses prosthetic limbs to blur and shadow tattoo designs. Many of his clients are amazed by this unique experience.
9. The ugliest person in the world

  The record holder is a man from Sichuan, China. His name is Tang Quanshu. Looking at the photos of Tang Quanshu alone, he is not ugly, at most he is an ordinary person, but if this is the case, he should not be a lucky person in the world. The holder of the Nice Record must have some skills that others cannot surpass. It turns out that Tang Quanshu can twist the five sense organs together so that they are gathered in the center of the face, which is extremely ugly. The most amazing thing is that Tang Quanshu can actually retract the nose and bite it with teeth. It is already difficult for ordinary people to touch the tip of the nose with their tongues. Tang Quanshu can actually wrap the entire nose with teeth, which looks like Was beaten. By virtue of this stunt, Tang Quanshu did not fail to find someone to compare ugly everywhere, and he secured the Guinness record. However, Tang Quanshu’s five sense organs were not innate to such a degree. It was after 10 years of arduous training that he reached what he is now.
10. Stay in a bucket full of ice cubes for 2 hours

  Everyone knows ice cubes, right? It is a product of cold. There is a Chinese man named Jin Songhao, who is known as the world’s number one “Iceman”. In January 2011, the man in his sixties spent 2 hours in a container full of ice cubes, successfully breaking the world record, becoming the world’s number one “iceman” and being included in the Guinness World Records. He later won the championship with 91 minutes in the minus 196 degrees international iceman war.
11. The world’s largest Cantonese fried rice

  In 2013, 52 top chefs performed a weird thing in Costa Rica. 52 of them even created the world’s largest serving of Cantonese-style fried rice. This fried rice can feed 7,000 people and weighs 1,360 kilograms, creating a weird world record for the world’s largest serving of Cantonese-style fried rice.
12. Practice juggling with a chainsaw

  We all know that a chainsaw is a more dangerous thing, but some people use it for juggling. In 2009, a Slovak named Milan Roscoff used three chainsaws to juggle at the same time. He succeeded 62 times in a row, breaking the previous world record of 35 times.
13. Record for the most number of naked roller coasters

  In a theme park in southeastern England in August 2010, 102 naked visitors took a roller coaster, and the theme park finally applied for the world record for the number of naked people on a roller coaster.

14. The heaviest onion in the world

  In northern England, a man named Pete Glacebrook planted the largest and heaviest onion in the world, weighing 7.7 kg and the size of a watermelon. Since September 2011, it has maintained the Guinness World Record for the world’s heaviest onion. This weird phenomenon is puzzling. The onion is not big. Has such a big onion mutated?

15.4483 people share a hula hoop for 7 minutes

  In February 2013, 4483 people played a hula hoop at the same time for 7 minutes, setting the Guinness World Record for the most people playing a hula hoop at the same time. The event was held on the stadium of the National University of Thailand.
16. The record of the most people accepting Jiang Rong at the same time

  On May 4, 2015, thousands of customers received facial massage at a sports center in Jinan, China. All customers are women, and they receive 30 minutes of facial beauty at the same time, thus setting the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people receiving beauty at the same place at the same time.
17. The world record for the longest handshake time

  In September 2009, Jack Tonis and Lindsay Morrison tried to break the world record for the longest handshake time in Sydney. They chose to break the record on the UN International Day of Peace and raise funds for charity.
18. The person with the most basketball shoes

  In September 2012, Jordan Michael Geller displayed his collection of retro Nike Jordan “flying man” series basketball shoes in the sneaker collection hall in Las Vegas. Guinness World Records officials announced that Geller owns each of this series of basketball shoes, with a total of more than 2500 pairs, making him the person with the most such shoes in the world.
19. The largest colored ball pool in the world

  In 2013, Shanghai Pudong Kerry Hotel built the world’s largest colored ball pool. A man jumped into the filled pool filled with pink and green plastic balls. This event aims to increase awareness of breast cancer prevention. A total of 1 million colored balls were placed in this colored ball pool, creating a Guinness World Record.
20. The world’s largest railway model

  The largest CNC model of the railway in the world is the Hamburg miniature landscape. The miniature landscape of Hamburg is located in the warehouse city of Hamburg, Germany. It is the largest model railway landscape in the world. It has more than 15.4 kilometers of rails and is divided into seven exhibition areas. The exhibition hall covers an area of ​​6,400 square meters, of which the model alone occupies 1,300 square meters. Space, and the model of the exhibition hall is still being added and expanded.
  Weijing China has nearly 14,450 railway freight cars, 228,000 trees, 215,000 numbers, 8,850 cars, 13,000 meters of tracks, 3,660 buildings and bridges, and 930 trains. The model was completed by more than 230,000 employees in a total of nearly 500,000 hours.
  The original idea for the miniature landscape came from the twin brothers Gretel and Frederick Braun. One of them was attracted by a model of the railway in a small shop when he was touring Europe in 2000, and then a miniature was born. The idea of ​​a railway model, so after returning to Hamburg, the brothers joined forces to start making.