Ermei and grandmother

My grandfather was a sheep-boy with no permanent family.

People like him, in the eyes of the villagers, are the kind of people who can’t lift tofu with hemp rope. No matter how hard he is, no matter how he fights, no matter what “sports”, he passed by, all because he is a sheep-husband.

Sheep is a marginal figure in the arena of life, at best he is just a spectator. But this does not mean that his life is tasteless and dry. On the contrary, in Forbearance, he was full and self-sufficient, and he felt the beauty that ordinary people couldn’t feel.

For example, his taste for sheep.

Grandfather likes a sheep and calls it “Ermei”. I asked him why he called it this way, and he said, “I don’t know it myself, I just think it should be called this name.”

Grandfather always likes to stay with Ermi for a long time. Ermi chewed slowly, while grandfather smoked his cigarettes one after another. I asked him why he likes Ermei so much. He smiled and said, “Because it looks like a sheep.”

Look closely, Ermei is no different from the surrounding sheep. I couldn’t help laughing.

“I know what you are thinking.” Grandfather said, “Why do you say it looks the most like a sheep? You drive it to the flock. No matter how messy, you can recognize it at a glance. If you don’t believe it, try it.”

Of course I didn’t believe it, so I drove Ermei to the flock and messed up the sheep. Grandfather nodded: “You go find Ermei, you will find it all at once.”

A miracle happened. As soon as the sheep calmed down, I suddenly recognized Ermei in the flock, although I only saw it. I took it out of the flock and said to my grandfather, “That’s it.” The confidence even surprised me.

Grandfather said: “Yes, that’s it.”

I sat next to Ermei and observed it carefully. It is really no different from other sheep, but I do feel that it is really different-although it is indescribable in the mouth, it is truly felt in my heart.

Why is that?

When I was not confused, I suddenly realized that this might be something called “Shen Yun”. Just like the “she” in the beauties, although the crowd is full of beauty, only she can attract you at once.

Although I realized it later, I am not ashamed. Because profound things cannot be obtained only by thinking, and more importantly, by experience and apocalypse.

The reason why my grandfather received this apocalypse is that God’s compassion for him, his long-lasting loneliness, and a unique gift he bestowed on him, is also the reason why he did not despise his life and lived with heart.

I once asked him: “Since Ermei is so different and easy to recognize, why don’t you let it be the first sheep?”

“Let it do it, but it just refuses to squeeze in a pile of sheep. There is nothing to do with it,” the grandfather replied. For some reason, I suddenly thought of my grandmother, and said casually: “My grandmother is a good person, so good to you is greedy.”

“This is true.” Grandfather said.

My grandmother knew that my grandfather loved to eat some rare snacks, such as black dates, chestnuts, raspberries, and fairy fruits. Whenever they were collected, they were hidden on the high ridge of the house for fear of being eaten by children. When grandfather wanted to eat, he erected a ladder and climbed up the room to take down the collection. The cross brace of the ladder is very narrow, and the grandmother has a pair of small feet, but also flexible up and down, which is thrilling. Every time I remember, my grandfather is as sweet as a child.

“There was a lot of water that year and rushed your grandma to our village. At that time, she was soggy and unobtrusive, but I fell in love with her at a glance. Otherwise, even if she came to the door, we would not marry her. Miles.” Grandfather said.

“You really have a wrong mouth. Grandma doesn’t look too eye-catching? When she is old, she looks like a big family.”

“Hey, you say this because she is your grandmother. In our eyes, she is unobtrusive.”

I deliberately teased him: “You didn’t choose so many dazzling girls. Have you ever regretted?”

“What do you regret?” Grandfather glanced at me. “Those dazzling big girls are lazy, garbled, arrogant, and domineering. Only your grandma can live with a man wholeheartedly.”

“After a lifetime with an unobtrusive woman, do you feel bored?”

“You are completely wrong, your grandma is very feminine.”

It’s not difficult to understand-soaking in the docile flock all day, grandfather’s temperament is also docile. My grandmother was originally an escape from the floods, so she didn’t have any more expectations. Instead, she could marry a good-tempered man. It was not only confession, but also contentment. It was a great blessing from heaven. Grandmother was “very female”, which is a very good thing. Natural thing.

Sheep, men, and women are a kind of nurturing relationship between them.

There are two beautiful and “very female” grandmothers who look like sheep. The grandfather has no expectations in his life, and he lives very well.