Wonderful research that won the “Pineapple Science Award” in 2019

More vacations can extend life

Winner: Timo Strandberg, Professor of Medicine, University of Helsinki, Finland.

Many games have a thoughtful design: injury and blood loss can gradually recover as long as you rest in place for a while. This makes sense: Researchers from the University of Helsinki and the University of Oulu have conducted more than 40 years of research and found that for executives who are obviously over-stressed, even persuading them to quit smoking, exercise, and lose weight will not help, as long as they take less than three weeks of vacation each year. , The risk of death will increase. In other words, taking medicine doesn’t help if lying down. Take more vacations and get more blood. Taking vacations can prolong life.

The award winners failed to come to the award ceremony because they went on vacation.

Pineapple Science Award·Fantasy Award

The mysterious number “42” in the universe

Winners: Andrew Booker, Professor of Pure Mathematics, School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, United Kingdom, and Andrew Sutland, Chief Research Scientist, Department of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States.

In the science fiction novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, in order to find the “answers to the ultimate questions of life, the universe, and all,” highly intelligent creatures created a supercomputer to “think deeply.” “Thinking” calculated the answer after 7.5 million years: 42. Since then, 42 has become a tacit secret sign and an unsolved mystery among science fiction fans.

And now, two researchers from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States have used the idle computing power of more than 500,000 home computers to finally derive the three-cube solution of 42. We know at least 42. A meaning.

It seems too serious to find the meaning of 42 from mathematics and science. Originally 42 is also a joke. It is more for fun or to pay tribute to this great work. So let’s relax and see if 42 is still What magical explanation can be linked to the ultimate answer!

In fact, someone has already done this. The enthusiast Peter Gill spent 10 years looking for evidence to explain why the answer is 42. In 2011, on the 10th anniversary of Adams’s death, he published “42: Douglas Adams on The precise answer to the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything”, its far-fetched ability is really admirable.

The cases mentioned in the book include the death of Queen Victoria’s husband Albert at the age of 42 with 42 grandchildren and great-grandchildren; on page 42 of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, Harry discovered that he was a wizard; Titan The Nick crashed into an iceberg at a speed of 42 kilometers per hour; Theodore Roosevelt, the youngest president in U.S. history, was 42 years old when he was elected; the European Nuclear Center named their new building 42; the only one owned by Major League Baseball The back number of the team’s retired jersey is 42 to commemorate the league’s first black athlete Jackie Robinson…

Pineapple Science Award·Physics Award

Cat tongue is better to use than artificial brush

Winner: Team of the Hulide Biokinetic Mechanics Laboratory of Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

The brush has been born for ten thousand years, and now, the evolution of the brush has a new breakthrough-cat tongue. The team of Professor Hu Lide of Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States studied the tongues of six cats and found that: as small as a domestic cat, as large as a tiger, the length of the barb on the tongue is about 2mm, and it can be combed as long as 2mm (only the tongue of a lion) The barbs are a little longer-a little more hair after all). So efficient, obviously has structural advantages.

It is the third time that Hu Lide has won the Pineapple Science Award. This time, he specially dressed as a cat with a big ass and climbed onto the field.

Therefore, Hu Lide and his team used 3D printing to restore the microstructure of cat tongue barbs, and produced a cat tongue brush. Compared with ordinary brushes, the cat tongue brush is more labor-saving and does not require a lot of cleaning agents. A good brush that is environmentally friendly and efficient.

Pineapple Science Award·Biology Award

Dinosaurs also got cervical spondylosis

Winner: Xing Lida team from School of Earth Sciences and Resources, China University of Geosciences (Beijing).

Paleontologists from China, the United States, Japan and other countries, led by Associate Professor Xing Lida, discovered the characteristics of cervical joint disease in dinosaur fossils, proving that cervical spondylosis is not a human privilege, and dinosaurs of the Jurassic era will also have it. The good news is that they also found coccyxosis in dinosaurs-for obvious reasons, humans are unlikely to get this disease.

After chatting with the host for a long time about what dinosaurs taste like, Xing Lida introduced the latest research results and the dinosaurs he loved since childhood.

Pineapple Science Award·Mathematics Award

Mathematical model for the click of fingers

Winners: Dr. Venice Chanzhuang Suya, Department of Chemical Engineering, Stanford, and Professor Abdul Baraka from the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, France.

Dr. Venice Zenzhuang Suya from Stanford University in the United States and Professor Abdul Baraka from the Polytechnic University of Paris established a dynamic model of cavitation bubbles in the synovial fluid inside the knuckles, and mathematically explained the movement of fingers , How did the frightening popping sound of the opponents, so that humans can make breakthroughs in this skill in the future.

There is a reasonable explanation for the cause of the brittle joints, and for another question that everyone is concerned about: Will frequent joints cause joint swelling or arthritis? The current research has not found evidence related to the two.

Dr. Venice Zenzhuang Suya came to accept the award and shook his fingers at the host and the presenter for a long time. The atmosphere was very tense.

Pineapple Science Award·Psychology Award

Walk and play with your mobile phone to count more steps

Winner: Professor Wei Kunlin’s team from the School of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, Peking University.

It took humans 3 million years to evolve from walking on all fours to walking upright. And now, less than 30 years after the first smart phone appeared, the evolution of human gait may have come to a new crossroads: holding the phone with both hands, bowing the head smirk, and turning a deaf ear to anything around.

Wei Kunlin’s team from the School of Psychology and Cognitive Science of Peking University found that people who walk and play with their mobile phones tend to have smaller strides and slower forward speeds. If there are no manholes lacking manhole covers, excessively fast cars, sudden steps, telegraph poles across the road… and you decide to fight for the WeChat step count for life, then welcome to the new gait of mankind Evolution contributes.

Wei Kunlin took the mobile phone to the stage to accept the award, with Shennong’s spirit of tasting Baicao to verify the conclusion that “walking and playing with mobile phones have more steps”.

Pineapple Science Award·Chemistry Award

Reasons why terracotta warriors and horses have not rotted for thousands of years

Winner: Professor Marcos Martinnon-Torres, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, UK, and the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Xi’an, China.

After thousands of well-preserved bronze swords were unearthed in the pit of Terracotta Warriors and Horses, there has been a legend in the archaeological world. As early as the Qin Dynasty, craftsmen had mastered the metal chromium coating technology to protect weapons…

And this legend was proved wrong by a study by Professor Marcos Martinnon-Torres of the University of Cambridge. The Qin terracotta warrior weapons can be preserved without decay. The soil in which the terracotta warriors and horses are located has the characteristics of natural preservatives: suitable pH, a small amount of organic matter and a finer particle structure, which allows metal objects to be largely protected from corrosion. In other words, the weapons of Qin terracotta warriors have been well preserved, relying on soil.

Pineapple Science Award·Invention Award

Anti-reconnaissance shoes

Winner: Kenji Kawakami of the Zhen Props Association.

There are many inventors in the world. Some of them changed the world, some made people live better, and some invented things that you don’t know how useful. There is a rare props association in Japan, the founder Kenji Kawakami specializes in useless inventions, such as tie umbrellas, eye drops funnels, subway sleepers…

Kenji Kawakami never registered patents for his inventions. Now he invented the self-portrait stick with one hand. If the patent is registered, he must have reaped huge profits from this.

His definition of invention coincides with the purpose of the Pineapple Award “Salute to Curiosity”. But the pineapple award had to be awarded to one of the inventions, so he reluctantly chose anti-reconnaissance shoes and paid tribute to the famous landmark where the pineapple was located in 2019-Zhejiang Wenzhou Jiangnan Tannery.