High-tech in the fight against the epidemic

AI+ thermal imaging human body temperature measurement system

When the epidemic broke out, it was the annual Spring Festival, and the scale of population movement to and from various places was extremely large. At the same time, one of the main symptoms of new coronary pneumonia is abnormal body temperature. How to quickly screen the temperature of migrant workers has become a big problem.

At this time, the “AI + thermal imaging human body temperature measurement system” came in handy. It quickly detects the temperature of the human body through a non-contact method, and can accurately find and judge whether a person has abnormal body temperature. Among them, AI stands for artificial intelligence, and the thermal imaging human body temperature measurement system is roughly composed of thermal imaging cameras, black bodies, video monitors, and computer systems.

Black body is relatively unfamiliar to us. In fact, the so-called black body is not necessarily black. It refers to objects that can absorb all external electromagnetic radiation without any reflection or transmission. Therefore, physicists regard black bodies as the standard object for thermal radiation research. Simply put, the black body is the “scale” for measuring temperature in this system.

Let’s talk about thermal imaging cameras. It collects the infrared electromagnetic wave emitted by the object, converts the infrared signal into an electrical signal, and then displays the temperature of the surface of the measured object through the signal processing system.

When the staff uses this system, they first use the AI ​​face recognition system to find the parts that need to be measured, usually the face, forehead, etc., and then map them to the thermal imaging camera. Since the black body is set in the thermal imaging field of view, the system can use the characteristics of the black body to carry out temperature measurement calibration and real-time correction of the measured temperature. AI then uses a certain compensation algorithm to give the actual body surface temperature. Finally, the data corresponding to the video screen and personal temperature will be displayed on the monitor. If an individual with abnormal temperature is found, an alarm will be triggered to remind the staff to take further action.

The AI+ thermal imaging human body temperature measurement system not only enables people to pass quickly and efficiently, but also quickly screens suspected patients. During the epidemic, it was used in many large airports and railway stations in my country. Many pedestrians who don’t understand the situation are still wondering: “Huh? Why is no one taking my body temperature?” In fact, the body temperature data has been included in the system.

VR+ robot

The main way of transmission of the new coronavirus is droplet transmission and contact transmission. Therefore, we need to wear masks and wash hands frequently to avoid getting together. The emergence of intelligent epidemic robots can largely solve the infection caused by direct contact between people.

One type of robot belongs to the background robots. Through the learning and training of epidemic-related knowledge, they can formulately answer simple questions such as “how to wear a mask correctly” and “what are the designated hospitals for the epidemic?” However, they also need to be used in conjunction with manual customer service, and if they encounter problems that cannot be solved, they must be handed over to manual customer service immediately.

Compared with background robots, another type of intelligent epidemic robots are real “robots”. They work in accordance with pre-set procedures and can complete simple tasks, such as delivering medical devices or drugs to specific locations in the hospital.

When robots encounter VR, they can do more. VR is the English abbreviation of virtual reality technology. It uses data in real life to generate electronic signals through computer technology, and then combine with various output devices to transform them into images that people can feel. These images can be real objects in reality, or they can be represented by computer three-dimensional models.

The simplest application combining VR technology with robots is probably drones. Because of the needs of epidemic prevention work, people are required to go out as little as possible and not to gather in public places, but there are always some people who do not listen to persuasion and want to go out and wander around. At this time, VR + robotics technology can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.

For example, the prevention and control personnel in Luxian County, Sichuan Province, using VR+ robots, found a mother-in-law swaying out of the community, and they immediately used the audio device on the drone to call her back. The mother-in-law probably had never seen such high-tech technology. After a little hesitation, she even “raised her hand and surrendered” to the drone, which really embarrassed the staff operating the drone in front of the screen.

5G+ remote consultation system

5G is the abbreviation for fifth-generation mobile communication technology. Its characteristic is that the network delay is less than 1 millisecond, and the data transmission speed is much higher than that of the 4G network, even faster than the current wired Internet.

Broadly speaking, the remote consultation system is to use all kinds of modern communication tools to complete case analysis and disease diagnosis for patients in different places, and to further determine the treatment plan. In our country, the remote consultation system is generally based on the Internet.

As we all know, remote consultation is the joint diagnosis of intractable diseases by experts and doctors in primary hospitals. One of the conditions that both of them must meet at the same time is to have a network cable connected to the device, and the bandwidth should meet the minimum standard required for consultation. In fact, slow internet speed has always been one of the main reasons affecting the actual effect of telemedicine in my country.

Now, the combination of 5G and the remote consultation system has just solved the problem of slow network speed in the past remote consultation. In early February 2020, doctors from Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital used the 5G+ remote consultation system in Hangzhou to remotely diagnose a suspected case of new coronary pneumonia in the Tongxiang hospital area 65 kilometers away using ultrasound imaging robots.

At that time, experts in Hangzhou remotely controlled the robotic arm of the ultrasound imaging robot through the 5G network to conduct a precise examination of the patients in Tongxiang. At the same time, the ultrasound imaging robot transmits the images to the experts in real time, and the experts finally make a diagnosis based on this.

This is difficult to achieve in the 4G network era, because ultrasound images change in real time, and large amounts of data need to be transmitted instantaneously. It is understood that a few minutes of cardiopulmonary ultrasound imaging will produce 2GB of ultrasound imaging data. It is precisely because of the fast transmission and low latency of 5G that the experts successfully completed this remote consultation.

During the anti-epidemic period, CCTV’s “24 Hours of Epidemic Situation” broadcast live broadcast of the construction process of Vulcan Mountain Hospital, which also benefited from the support of the high-performance 5G network platform. Undoubtedly, the investment in various high-tech equipment and technologies played a decisive role in the battle against the epidemic.

What is “+”

Attentive classmates may have discovered, why do these high-tech equipment have a “+” in their names? Yes, this is the trend of today’s high-tech development-the so-called “+” means the fusion of two technologies.

For example, in the latest “Avengers” comics, there is a new generation of super armor, which is specially developed for Su Rui (Black Panther’s sister). The super armor can integrate the black panther’s invisibility, floating on the water, etc. beyond human beings with Iron Man’s palm artillery, energy shield and other technologies, so it can be called “Black Panther + Iron Man” technology. In real life, high-tech products combining these two technologies are not uncommon. This time they have made a great contribution to the fight against the epidemic.

The impact of the virus in the process of human civilization is more cruel and profound than war. Even so, we don’t have to be pessimistic, because advances in science and technology will eventually help mankind defeat the virus.