Cool air vehicle

With the increasing congestion of urban traffic and worsening air quality, traditional vehicles can no longer adapt to the status quo. People have bold visions of future vehicles. Many designers have begun to outline future aircraft. Which one can you guess?

“Cloud” aircraft

The “Cloud” aircraft is an extremely revolutionary air transportation vehicle. This vehicle has no power and is completely driven by the wind. Therefore, your destination is very mysterious if you take it. The most important thing is that you have an excellent view from above and you can see the customs of the world.

Aerial unmanned sports car

What happens when the luxury sports car Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8 is combined with future car technology? Based on this idea, the designer designed a flying unmanned sports car that appeared in sci-fi movies with unmanned propellers for vertical take-off and landing. The four turbojet engines are similar to those of a commercial aircraft, with adjustable wings under the chassis, with a top speed of more than 550 km/h.

Jet aircraft

Jeremy, a 51-year-old British man, drives a single-man jet every day to fly 64 kilometers along the Thames to work. The operating principle of this jet aircraft is like a water pump, using the huge thrust generated by the river water pressure to drive the aircraft forward. The strong water pressure lifted Jeremy by 9 meters and advanced at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. Isn’t it too cool to go out like this?

Flying motorcycle

In the movie “Star Wars 3”, there is a scene where the protagonist rides an anti-gravity motorcycle through the woods. A US technology company has turned the fan’s dream into reality-creating a flying motorcycle. There are two rotors at the bottom of this car, and the angle of the rotors can be changed by two control levers to make it take off. At present, this vehicle has successfully tested and flew at an altitude of close to 5 meters and a speed of up to 48 kilometers per hour.

Flying taxi

Uber is a Silicon Valley-based technology company that signed an agreement with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to jointly explore the concept and technology of using air transportation facilities to transport passengers and goods in urban areas. Uber hopes to build a flying taxi service in 2020, and recently released a new flying taxi prototype product. Uber also cooperated with NASA to develop a software to manage the path of flying taxis, and the working mode is similar to that of Uber on the ground.

Speedy safety aircraft

Volerian of the United States has been committed to building the fastest and safest aircraft. Not long ago, they demonstrated a new technology that made possible a revolutionary extremely fast and safe aircraft. The basis of the vertical take-off and landing aircraft propulsion system of this aircraft is a swinging wing, which is set up as a special-shaped pipe. The flapping action of the wing can generate a thrust vortex, which not only improves the safety of the aircraft, but also reduces noise. , And the aircraft can fly in any place.

Imitation aircraft

German Aerospace Center employee Marcus imitated the aircraft designed by world aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal and flew over Monterey Beach in the United States. Prior to this, Marcus gave the test flight results in Lilienthal’s hometown Anklam, and the results were not bad.