“Artificial Intelligence” in Tang Dynasty

The famous Lanling King of the Northern Qi Dynasty is a technical talent. He always likes to invent and create when he is fine. Because of his passion for drinking, he once made a whim and created a villain holding a glass of wine based on Hu Ren’s appearance.

This villain is not ordinary. Every time the King of Lanling persuades others to drink, the villain will automatically come to the person who is persuaded to drink with a glass, bend down and give a gift, and be naive. The guests often cannot bear to refuse and drink with a toast. The toasting villain invented by the Lanling King is the first robot recorded in the history of our country. Unfortunately, it is difficult to restore its appearance due to lack of information.

King Han’s baby

Tang Gaozu’s son, Han Wang Li Yuanjia, has shown great talent since he was a child, and he can be described as a child prodigy. He was able to draw a square with one hand and a circle with the other since he was young, and he was able to recite the scriptures simultaneously. Li Yuanjia once invented a shocking copper double-footed wine bottle, the back of which can be used to store wine, usually one foot forwards, every time it is full of wine, it will stand on its feet.

In addition, Han Wang Li Yuanjia also invented a wine vessel called copper dove. The ancients were used to heating wine before drinking. This copper dove is a robot that can warm wine. When it heats the wine to the right temperature, it will imitate the chirping sound of a real dove, adding flavor to the banquet.

Wood beauty

People in Tang Dynasty really like to drink. In order to have fun and drink tricks, they opened their minds and invented new technological products that lead the world.

In the Tang Dynasty, Luoyang County Magistrate Yin Wenliang’s biggest hobby in his spare time was handwork. Once, he carved a puppet with the appearance of a handsome singing girl and put it in colorful and beautiful clothes. Whenever a banquet is held, Yin Wenliang takes out this puppet, activates the switch, and the puppet will pour wine for the guests. I saw that it was skillful in action, and the wine it poured was not bad, which was loved by the guests. In addition to pouring good wine, this puppet will also play and sing and even whisper and dance. If a guest has not finished drinking the wine in the glass, it will walk over to hug the guest’s wine glass firmly, sing and dance, and toast. At this time, the guests will be willing to drink up.

This invention integrates a variety of modern technologies such as robots and phonographs. Not only was it shocking the world in the Tang Dynasty, but even today, it is a miracle.

Twelve chen car

When Wu Zetian came to the throne, a craftsman in Jiangsu once presented her with a timekeeping device called the “Twelve Chen Che”. In addition to accurately telling the time, the “Twelve Chen Car” also has a special skill-whenever its horse is located in the south, the Meridian Gate it carries will automatically open, and a small person pops out, no matter where the car is. Wherever it points, the direction it refers to is not bad. The principle is similar to the “Sinan” that appeared in the Warring States Period. It is the product of the ancients using the magnet effect.

Fish catcher wood otter

During the Tang Dynasty, Chenzhou Chief Executive Wang Ju loved fishing, and he was also a genius inventor. He made an otter out of wood. The otter has a mechanism inside and a bait in its mouth. When fishing, just tie a stone to the otter and let it sink into the river, and you can wait for the fish to take the bait. As long as a fish feeds on the bait in the otter’s mouth, it will instantly trigger the mechanism to drive the otter to bite the fish, and at the same time the stone tied to it will fall off. Then the wood otter swam out of the water leisurely while biting the fish under the effect of buoyancy. Wang Ju didn’t even have to pull the fishing line, and he could get a big harvest without any effort!

Begging robot

Yang Wulian, a master craftsman in the Tang Dynasty, was also very capable. He once made a monk out of wood. The monk is holding a big bowl and can beg by himself at the request of the master. Whenever the bowl is full of money, the internal organs of the wooden monk will be triggered automatically, and then he said to the giver, “Thank you for giving.” At that time, when the monk appeared in the market, everyone was watching. I heard the wooden monks talking with my own ears, and no fewer than a thousand people give alms every day. As a result, Yang Wulian made a lot of money, which can be said to be a good way to make money.