Love is the only faith

Encounter is full of surprises

  One day in October 1945, Xia Junlu opened her door in the town of Huangyueya in Chongqing to greet the return of the third sister. The always brave third sister dressed as a man, she was not surprised at all, and she only locked her surprised eyes on the third sister. The man beside him.
  Yin Haiguang, a classmate of his three sisters, responded to the call of “100,000 youths and 100,000 troops” when he was a graduate student at the Southwest United University. He rushed to India for training. Japan surrendered after surrendering. Jiemou wanted a position. Because the national government was located in Chongqing at that time, he came to Xia’s family temporarily.
  He was not tall and handsome, but she was inexplicably eager. During the day, regardless of being a road idiot, he volunteered to take him to Huang Huangya with an overview of the mountains and rivers; at night, ask him for pencil drawings and recite Li Bai’s poems with him.
  He was very talented, and was interested in logic and philosophy when he was in high school. At the age of 17, he published a 400,000-word translation of “Logical Basics”. After entering the Southwest United University, he was Jin Yuelin’s most proud student. In her eyes, he was graceful, and there was a lot of love between pitching.
  A week later, he moved to Chongqing, where he began to write political discussions at an independent publishing house. The scholars who only knew about “reading, thinking, and debating” did not know at this time that this elegant and elegant high school girl had fallen in love with him at first sight.
She made him yearn for and revere him

  The family’s favorite girl is in love, but this relationship is opposed by his father. In order to prevent them from meeting, her father arranged for her to attend the St. Helidia Girls’ High School with the best academic style in Wuchang. As the National Government moved south, Yin Haiguang also went to Nanjing.
  Who knows, the distance makes love more intense, she secretly wrote to him while promised that her father would no longer be in contact, and it became more and more touching. The title also changed from “Mr. Yin” to “Mr. Haiguang” to “Haiguang”. Such a love letter offensive, he could not withstand it, her pure, brave love moved him. Entangled by emotional cane, their correspondence is becoming more and more frequent, writing almost every week, sometimes even a few letters a week.
  At that time, because of his sharp writing, he was hired as the main author of the “Central Daily” at a young age. The torrent of the times pushed him to the political stage. In November 1947, Jinling University’s School of Liberal Arts hired Yin Haiguang as a lecturer because he was very popular with students and was promoted to associate professor in less than two months.
  Soon, the battle of Huaihai started. As the main author, he went to the front line in the face of the face of “Akano thousands of miles, the house is the ruin”, deeply despairing of the Kuomintang’s rule, wrote an editorial “hurry up and pack people’s hearts”. The article gave ruthless criticism of the Kuomintang regime. After it was published, praise continued.
  The situation became more and more chaotic, the communication became difficult, and she couldn’t receive her letter. He was very worried: “In peacetime, I am not very good; when the crisis is coming, I am particularly concerned about what is most related to me. people……”
She is like the sun, shining on the winter of his heart

  On June 3, 1949, under the arrangement of Yin Haiguang, Xia Junlu arrived in Taiwan. To commemorate the reunion, they took a group photo, and since then, only two festivals, “May Fourth” and “June 3”.
  Dissatisfied with the staleness of the authorities, Yin Haiguang withdrew from the press and taught at Taiwan University. Xia Junlu was also admitted to the Department of Agrochemistry at Taiwan University. Her ambition is to be his qualified wife after graduation and let him live a dream of studying and growing flowers. However, after all, he couldn’t let go of his family responsibilities. After teaching at the National Taiwan University, he founded “Free China” with Hu Shi and Lei Zhen to spread the concept of freedom and democracy on this position.
  In 1953, Xia Junlu graduated and they were officially married. Three years later, their daughter was born. At her home in Wenzhou Street, she planted, cooked, and raised her heart to let him enjoy the warmth of the family.
  Because a series of editorials released by “Free China” poked at the pain of the Kuomintang, Yin Haiguang was monitored by secret agents day and night. The book cannot be taught, the article cannot be published, and overseas research institutions have asked him to be banned. Without income, she had to rely on her to make clothes for people to survive. Even so, her love is still rock-solid. In the small house under house arrest, they dug ponds, made rockery, planted willows, planted water lilies. In a small space, she opened up an infinite space for him. Outside the hospital, storms and rains; inside the hospital, quiet and happy.
  In “Dream Manor”, he insisted on reading and writing, and completed many books, among which “The Prospect of Chinese Culture” became an important document in the history of modern thought.
  Freedom was deprived and his thoughts could not be passed on. As a result, he felt depressed for many years and unfortunately suffered from stomach cancer. With student funding, he had surgery. After the operation, she could only drink liquid. She planted a small piece of wheat in the hospital and beat him with green juice every morning; he was skinny and skinny and could not move around. She moved him wherever the sun moved. She was like the sun, shining on the winter of his heart.
  On September 6, 1969, after being imprisoned for 11 years, he died in grievances in her arms. She was only 50 years old. Her last words were: “For the youth, my responsibilities are unfinished, and I have no account for the suffering China.”
  Almost all of his writings were banned, and the authorities tried to completely erase his traces. She was forced to take her 13-year-old daughter to the United States and carry with them more than two hundred letters in the war years. In the United States, she worked as a servant, chef, and moved a dozen times, but all the letters were kept intact.
  In 2011, 18 volumes of “The Complete Works of Yin Haiguang” were published by the “Taiwan University” publishing house, and “Yin Haiguang · Xia Junlu’s Letters” was compiled into it. The yellowish letters were reopened, and the memory was as bright as flowers. For a moment, in her old age, she said shyly: “I don’t deserve him, but I love him, from the beginning.” Daughter Yin Wenli also said: “If there is a Nobel Love Award, I think it should be awarded to My parents.”
  Xia Junlu passed away in 2013. In this life, she came only for him.