On the other side of the bamboo forest, find a natural pleasure

There is such a wonderful place where the sun is rising and the dawn is just right. It is not the mechanical alarm clock or the chirping of natural birds that wakes you up, but the cute giraffe leaning his head through the window.

In Huzhou, Zhejiang, there is such a place called “the first domestic interactive giraffe manor”. From Hangzhou, a 20-minute ride on the high-speed train will bring people an African dream. It is said that this Huzhou giraffe manor has just burst its online platform just shortly after opening.

People have punched in cards, interacted with the cute animals here, intimately touched nature, ate breakfast with cute and cute giraffes, and never looked back at the Safari Collection in Kenya.

At Huzhou Giraffe Manor, whether it is a couple’s date, a sister’s selfie, a trendy dad and a cool mom, a baby is very suitable.

Meng Chong stop, come to an intimate contact
Whenever people walk in here, they can come in close contact with animals. There are 8 giraffes in the manor. They are all from Yunnan Wild Animal Park. The tallest one is 3.7 meters high. From the birth of one meter eight meters, full screen long legs, facing such a cute baby giraffe, people have no resistance. As long as they stick out their tongues and sell their cuteness, people’s hearts will be sprouted-“Give you, snacks for you!”

In order to let everyone meet these tall friends, the scenic area staff made sufficient preparations. The giraffes first came to Yunnan to rest and proliferate, and a series of “astronaut-style” transportation training was carried out by professional safari animal experts and breeders before they traveled to Huzhou for a long journey.

At present, the manor not only provides visitors with opportunities for interactive feeding, but also has breakfast with baby giraffes-in the giraffe interactive restaurant, there are large panoramic windows that are open and panoramic. Every morning from 8:30-9:30, the restaurant The staff will open the window so that the giraffe can poke its head out of the window. During the close contact, humans can take the opportunity of breakfast and listen to the voice of animals quietly.

In the early morning here, giraffes have breakfast with people, peacocks open the screen to welcome greetings, walk through the spacious manor, and can meet more cute things: giant turtles, squirrels, parrots, pugs, cormorants, egrets , Little raccoon, red-crowned crane and toucan.

As long as the lively children stick their carrots with bamboo sticks, the giraffes who are not afraid of birth will naturally come to people. Flashing long eyelashes, a long tongue rolling, playing a treasure to take the food away, and occasionally eagerly gather in front of people to be “kissed.” Children do not have to worry, giraffes are very docile animals.

Exquisite food, beating the tip of the tongue
Enjoy a pure taste in the mountain forest, the lakeside bar, the Taiwanese buffet restaurant, and the children’s playground gourmet area. The three restaurants provide guests with various delicacies, so that people can be immersed in a carefree atmosphere.

The variety of breakfast in the restaurant is actually very rich and varied. Chinese-style fritters, meat buns, casserole porridge, Western-style toast, bread, grilled sausage… Let people feed the giraffes in the morning, but also have intimate food to take care of the taste buds-the morning with giraffes is naturally warm and interesting . Don’t forget to take pictures. The same style of internet celebrity manor in Kenya and Africa is just one shot.

The dinner is particularly worth mentioning is the most characteristic Taiwanese barbecue buffet. This kind of grilled meat is different from general grilling and roasting. It is the guest who selects the ingredients and ingredients and then hands them to the chef. On a special giant oven, he uses a long chopstick to heat and stir quickly. This method is convenient to retain the original taste of the food.

Expand multiple perspectives and experience outdoor sports
In the manor, people can not only get along with giraffes, but also have the opportunity to encounter wild animals from all over the world.

Go out of the hotel and walk up the tour trail all the way, you can meet the fairy-tale red-crowned crane, the golden squirrel monkey, the gray ostrich, the colorful blue peacock, the colorful parrot, the rare Australian white kangaroo… There is a cute little raccoon begging for food. “Simple noodles” stood up and stretched out his hands. It was so cute that it was a realistic version of Crazy Animal City.

In addition to intimate contact with small animals, various outdoor sports in the manor are also colorful. The giant transparent slides in the children’s amusement park are full of childlike fun. The roller coaster, jungle leap and other outdoor expansion facilities are thrilling and exciting. Yoga, archery, art museums The cultural experience space allows people to relax completely.

Yishanbangshui, adjacent to bamboo
Zhu Nai is one of the four gentlemen. Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign people take bamboo as the object of celebration. The giraffe manor is surrounded by bamboo forests. In this natural primitive bamboo forest, people can feel the negative oxygen ions released from the bamboo forests and breathe.

From the first step when people arrive at the manor, they can escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Along the bamboo road, 43 rooms are dotted in the bamboo sea, dwelling in the bamboo forest. A variety of exquisite ornaments and decorations, as well as a warm and comfortable big bed, bring guests a new travel experience.

Huzhou Giraffe Manor occupies a total area of ​​1200 mu. At present, there are a total of 43 forest villas, each of which is surrounded by green bamboo forests.

Each room is about 45m 2, and the floor-to-ceiling window frame on three sides enters the room, and a whole piece of bamboo sea is in sight, instantly closing the distance between people and nature.

In the early morning, people are awakened by birds, and at night, people sleep in the sunset. The most comfortable and pleasant natural scenery is always in sight-immersed in the mountains and forests, people’s senses will be amplified, listen to the sound of the breeze gently brushing through the bamboo forest, feel the cool temperature between the valleys, and the afterglow is full of mountains , Every frame is not willing to miss.

An epidemic caused people to rethink the relationship between humans and nature. Huzhou Giraffe Manor is a happy place for people to live in harmony with wildlife. Take advantage of the time, bring your relatives and friends, go for a walk together, feel the infinite beauty and romance of nature, feel the freedom outside the rare urban hustle and bustle in the wonderful environment of mountains and rivers, and the neighbor of bamboo.