Number theft

  Rick has a netizen named Tess. The two met in an online dog discussion group, and after months of emails, they became speechless. Tess was a sincere woman, and she did not conceal her true identity from young Rick. She told Rick her full name, where to work, where to live, she was married and not happy.
  Although it was only an online communication, Rick took this as a spiritual sustenance. Gradually, Rick rushed home from work and opened his email to see if Tess had written to him. If Tess sent a letter, Rick would read her letter over and over again, and then reply to the letter carefully, falling asleep with excitement.
  A week ago, Rick felt something was wrong, and he suspected that Tess had disappeared. Although the tone of her reply these days is similar to the previous one, but somehow it seems very sincere. Is Tess’s mailbox stolen?
  Rick thought about it and sent another letter to Tess.
  It didn’t take long for a “ding” sound and the computer sounded a prompt for new mail. Rick opened the email excitedly, but the expression on his face gradually solidified. Rick stared at the damn email, and now he could confirm that the other party was not Tess, but a person posing as her.
  Rick was a little scared. It wasn’t just a joke. The hacker knows Tess very well, knows her habit of writing emails, and understands the way she talks.
  Tess never said she was going far, and Rick knew that if she went far, she would definitely mention it in the email.
  So who is covering up Tess’s sudden departure? More importantly-where is Tess now?
  Sitting at the keyboard, Rick felt he had to take action. He reached for the printer with one hand and picked up the phone with the other… The
  next day, two policemen came to Rick’s house. The tall policeman opened the door and said: “Tess was strangled, and she did not suffer too much. We think you might want to know this.”
  Rick seemed to have expected this result, and he looked sad. Watched the two policemen walk to the other side of the table. Rick carefully supported the chair behind him, trying to calm himself.
  Rick asked quietly: “Her husband did it?” The
  tall policeman said: “Thanks to your alarm call, let us catch the pervert. He buried his wife in the garden, still on the ground It’s full of flowers and it’s taken care of every day.” Then, the tall policeman shook his head in disbelief.
  Another policeman asked: “Answer us a question. I know that you two are netizens, and you email almost every day, but how can you know for sure that someone has stolen her mailbox and replaced her?”
  Rick grinned smirkfully. After a while, patted the puppy’s head gently and said, “In the beginning, I just felt a little suspicious, so I set a trap in the email.” After
  hearing this, the two policemen curious look. Rick pulled a neatly folded piece of paper from his shirt pocket and explained, “Look, this is our last mail.”
  In the letter to Tess, Rick wrote: “Alex is here The first day of school was a disaster! She was hiding behind me, so I had to stay and stay with her.” The
  other party replied: “Don’t worry, Rick! Many children are not happy on the first day of school I remember when I was five years old when I started school, I cried for a few hours…”
  ”Something is known only to Tess, and the person who wrote the letter doesn’t know.” Rick paused and said briefly, “Alex It’s my dog.”