Your hands are full of hours

Your hands are full of time, you walk towards me-and I said,

Your hair is not brown.

So, you lift it gently on the sad balance; it is heavier than me…

They take a boat to you, turn it into goods, and then sell it to the market of desire-

You smile at me from the depths, and I cry at you in that still light position—

Your hair is not brown, they take out the salt water from the sea, and you give them curly hair…

You whisper, they are using me to fill the world, and I am still a concave road in your heart!

Put the leaves of the years beside you-it’s time for you to approach me and kiss me!

The leaves of the years are brown, and your hair is not brown.

According to astronomers, it takes 36,000 years for the light from the Hercules to reach our earth. But the Hercules constellation cannot shine forever, and sooner or later it will be as cold as gray and lose its beautiful light. And death always breeds life. The same is true of the Hercules constellation that has lost its light. In the time when it wanders in the vast universe, as long as it encounters the right opportunity, it may become a nebula, continuously collide and converge into new stars.

Compared to the size of the universe, the sun is nothing more than a phosphorous fire, not to mention our earth! However, what happened in the distant universe ultimate and on the banks of the Milky Way is actually the same as what we live on in this mud. Life and death circulate in accordance with the law of inertial motion. Every time we think about this, we can’t help but feel sympathy for the countless stars scattered in the sky. The twinkling starlight seemed to express the same feelings as us. The poet has taken the lead in chanting and praising the eternal truth:

Countless fine sands, countless stars,

When a star shines to me?

But the circulation of stars is just like the vicissitudes of life, and it is not necessarily a pleasure.

There are few trees on the grassland. The tree stood low and alone on the grass like a shepherd on the grassland. As the sun went down, the tree stretched the shadow very long and became more lonely. If the tree had to talk to the tree too-the tree on the grassland was like a shepherd, a life-long silent person, with only shadow. There was a long shadow in the twilight, like a black line heavily painted on white cardboard by charcoal strips.

Walking on the grassland and seeing a tree in the distance, you will feel the tree looking towards this side. Wearing a green raincoat on his short body, he looked over here. People will come up with an idea, run over, run to the tree, and touch the tree. Approaching, in fact, it is no different from other trees, it is still a tree. But the tree will laugh-if you are good at recognizing the smile of the tree-the wrinkles of the trunk cling to your palm, and the leaves shake slightly in the wind. If the leaves can sing, it is Humai.

The tree is far away from the car window and the people in the car, and I don’t know how far to go to see the next tree. In the night, the tree is more lonely, and it is also good to have a wolf lying at its feet as a companion. The starry sky in the grassland is endless, and the stars are not arranged according to the constellation. It seems that no one touches the stars in the bucket. The star emerged from the hard night and saw what happened to the earth, but it could not see anything. In the dark night, the grass is sleeping peacefully, and the Hailar and Ergun rivers flow quietly. The stars can’t see the little trees on the grassland. It will take many years for the small tree to grow so that the stars can be seen.

I went to Ergun from Hailar to stop and saw a tree growing on the side of the road. Blue Hada is tied to the tree. The tree only reached the shoulders of the man, and Hatta was tied to his neck. Thank you to the person who gave Hatta, because he represents the hearts of many people. This little tree by the road seemed to be the representative of the woods who came to greet the guests, but it was too easy to be ignored, but it was eye-catching when it was tied to Blue Hada.

Lan Hada shuddered around the tree’s neck, the tree looked proud, Hatta tied his infinite heart to it. The car started, and I looked back. The tree was not lonely at all because of the sky blue satin hata.