Paintings, like poems that are condensed and symbolic, can sharply condense emotions at certain moments and turn into beautiful forms. This is the similarity between the two.

The poetic American Impressionist painter John Singer Sargent’s “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose” is actually a chorus in the popular song “Corolla” written by the British composer Joseph Machinzi The lyrics are famous. I looked at Sargent’s paintings depicted in poetic and sensual brushstrokes, and I couldn’t help but feel that he was actually a “poet” called a “painter”.

In the dim light, at night, the two girls stood by the garden with flowers and lanterns. The fresh green grass and blooming flowers fill the picture, and the mystery of the forests that are in the air, cleverly creates an atmosphere of love and fantasy, which makes people feel like they are in a dream.

The soft green light tone warms the air; the faint candlelight reflects the most beautiful moment of the girl. The girl in pure white clothes and red cheeks is more pure; the looming scene leads you and me back in the past.

There is a special story behind this picture. At that time, young painter Sargent, who was highly regarded in Paris, France, participated in the salon exhibition with a portrait “Mrs. X” painted by Mrs. Gerteau, which caused an uproar because of the sexy clothing of the characters in the painting.

Suspicious, he decided to go to London, England in order to get rid of right and wrong. Later, he was rushed to the nearby Cotswolds area for treatment because he accidentally injured his head while diving with friends in the Thames. There is an artistic village where young painters gather to rest. Sargent is fascinated by its quiet and beautiful village scenery, and decided to stay there to spend the rest of the summer.

One evening, Sargent saw the two daughters of illustrator friend Frederick Barnard carrying a lantern through the garden, and was instantly overwhelmed by the intoxicating sight. In order to retain what he saw in front of him, he spread the canvas immediately. However, Sargent faced a major test in the process of painting. The evening scene he wants to keep is a short time between day and night. It is not easy to include this scene in the painting. He mentioned in his letter to his sister: “This is a creative theme that makes me anxious. It is really difficult to reproduce such beautiful colors… And the light lasted for less than ten minutes… …”

Mrs X

That summer, Sargent did his best to paint at the same time and in the same place, but he still failed to complete the work; the following year he returned to his hometown, and it took two full years to succeed. A year later, he exhibited the painting at his first solo exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. This work not only received rave reviews, but also became a springboard for his comeback. “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose” is one of Sargent’s most representative works, and it is still loved by many people. He turned the painter’s enthusiasm and perseverance into a moment of full bloom, which can be called an outstanding representative of “instant aesthetics”.

The girl in Sargent’s pen is a medium that perfectly presents “purity”. The clear, clear girl violently activated the switch to our childhood. I looked at the painting and found how different that simple me was from the present me, and I was amazed how much the simple me was to the present me… Through the painting, we saw ourselves in our childhood, remembering the period that had long been blurred Time. The girls who have experienced many stories each, even after a long period of baptism, are still the best friends who have not changed; recalling the hazy childhood scenes, it still makes people linger.

The reason I love this painting is that it reminds me of the past that I cherish in my heart. This alone is enough to make me willing to enter the painting. Painting never misses every moment of memory; no matter how intimate the moment is, it can also be reflected in the painting, taking you and me to the depths of the untouchable soul. Even if the time passes by, when I look back at the past, I feel as if I have returned to the past by painting, and I have made some new discoveries. Even if it is just a fanatical fantasy, if it can wake up the precious memories of the heart that have been crushed, is it not commendable?

As the sun rises and the moon rises, the child will eventually grow up, everything is in a blink of an eye. Even if you are in the long river of lapse of time, you will inevitably feel lost and empty, but as long as there is a companion in the process, it is already a worthy happiness for us.