Midnight Barcelona

  Looking down on Barcelona from the perspective of God, you see a checkerboard-like urban plan: an 11-kilometer diagonal avenue that traverses east and west without a trace of arc, which constitutes Barcelona’s radial axis, arranged on both the north and south sides There are countless 113-meter-square red neighborhoods, just like soldiers lined up, with a strong sense of order. He lowered his eyes a little and moved south to Barceloneta Beach. The azure color bumped into the field of vision. The seemingly calm water rolled over the waves, making countless fine sounds of “booming” sounds. The lost people in the city guide the direction, and I happen to be one of them.
  It was almost dusk when I first visited Barcelona. After arriving at the W Hotel located at the southwest end of Barceloneta Beach, I hurriedly dropped my luggage, went straight to the restaurant on the second floor, and booked the last double table for the night. Today, I have not fully remembered the dishes of that night. I only remember that my friend and I especially loved the grilled red prawns. They were half-cooked shrimps. We drank a glass of white wine. It wasn’t until midnight that we took a brisk step out of the restaurant door and fell into the night of Barcelona.
  The hotel is close to the sea, and the beach is 5 meters away. My friends and I chase the rhythm of the waves, or stop in front of the sand sculptures, and look at the slightly dull “monkey”, or simply Like a monkey, climb up to a cone-shaped climbing frame more than 3 meters high, and then hang in the air half leaning against the ground, looking away, seeing the sea at this moment, exuding a confused look under the darkness of the night , I couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief for a long time.
  Since then, this beach has become a must-visit place for me every time I go to Barcelona-it takes the sound of the waves as a background, stretching from the W Hotel in the southwest to the Olympic Port in the northeast, forming a fixed walk path.
  In most cases, I will accompany the sultry evening light and find a place to eat and drink on this road. When you are hungry, go to the restaurant Gallito to order pot lobster soup rice, while letting the bubbling thick soup bring the full taste of the sea into the nasal cavity, while enjoying the orange-colored rice grains, bringing a silky pleasure to the mouth . If it’s just greedy, I’ll try Street Taco’s tortilla chips and fried pork skins—the crispy flakes that are just out of the pan with a hint of warmth, whether it’s with avocado jam with lime leaves or mixed The spicy pork paste is an excellent choice.
  Of course, in such an artistic city bathed in the Mediterranean sun, I also have a moment to travel back to the sea. In the early morning, get up early in the morning and find a brunch shop, first dry a cup of acai smoothie with mimosa, and then apply a thin layer of hummus with raw garlic on the spiced pita , Ren’s stimulating smell woke me up with some hazy sleepy eyes. Then, or in the alley that is only two meters wide in the Goshen District, stumbling around in the dark and light, hitting the sun with the sun at the entrance of the alley; or sinking into the palace-like Batllów house under the sea, and spending a period of self-immersion The artistic time… After a day of going round and round, back to the beach again, following the familiar path, and hiding in the night of Barcelona.
  After several visits, I deeply feel that Barcelona is full of contradictions: many red neighborhoods filled with lively emotions constitute a city layout full of rational thought; the seemingly one-by-one grid block is full of freedom in Gaudi buildings The curve of the spirit softened; the icy building made of stones piled up with the sea of ​​rippling tenderness; and the same coastal path that I loved was so passionate for me Guiding the way, and in the dark night, as the sea breeze becomes infinitely alienated… Even my feelings for the city are full of contradictions: I lost my certificate in a strange Italian city, and then all night Escape into the arms of this old friend, sit on the seaside terrace, watch the crimson clouds before midnight, and drink Sangria in the clay pot, until the eyes are dim, I feel more stable; I have also eaten in the restaurant I have been thinking about for years. After the Tickets, as soon as I went out, I walked a few steps, and the phone in my hand was gently “taken” away. This time, when I fled the desert, I also asked in my heart: Is this a wild desire city, or an elegant and tender art city, why even a violent incident like robbery can be done like a high The curved lines in the Di building are light and soft.
  Perhaps this is Barcelona, ​​a city with rich contradictions-there is no clear boundary between each contradiction, they wander back and forth between opposition and harmony, and finally merge into a fascinating urban texture, which also carries me and this Midnight memories of the city.