Intel Hotel Zaandam

The Intel Hotel, which is made up of multiple Dutch traditional cabins, is quite eye-catching: the colors match brightly, and the exterior wall layout is very layered. This is both an innovation in the history of architecture and a retrospect of the local tradition.

  In the town of Zaandam in the north of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, there is a hotel called “Intel”. It is not only a landmark in the town, but also an impressive work in the history of architecture. The hotel was designed by WAM Architects, a representative of Dutch pioneer design, and was completely completed in the autumn of 2010. The building is 40 meters high and is divided into 11 floors. The biggest feature of Intel Hotel is its unique appearance: the whole building is stacked by 70 Dutch-style wooden houses, and the facade of the building under the spire of the gable is composed of four different shades of green and blue walls. The wide square windows on the wall have different layouts, the eaves are prominent, and the bottom of the eaves is outlined in white with elegant lines. From a distance, the huts protrude outward to varying degrees, and together they look like a huge artificially assembled toy. They are very expressive, lively, and novel and funny. No wonder some people call this building ” Disney in the Netherlands”.
  The exterior of the Intel Hotel is inspired by the traditional houses of Zaandam. Here, whether it is a public servant’s apartment or a worker’s cabin, they are as small, bright, and cute as the “candy house” written by the fairy tale Brothers Grimm. According to Wilfried van Wenden, designer of WAM Architects, the use of local Dutch architectural elements to form the exterior of the hotel in the form of stacked wooden houses is intended to gather several “small homes” here , Figuratively intuitively telling guests that the hotel is their temporary home in Zaandam.
  It is worth mentioning that the hotel’s highly layered green facade is inlaid with a blue wooden house at the top, which is a tribute to the painter Claude Monet by the WAM design team-Monet was in Zaandam in 1871 Completed the oil painting “Blue House”. Monet left Paris during the Franco-Prussian War, traveled to Europe, and indulged in the quiet town of Zaandam in the Netherlands. The blue chalet in Zaandam he wrote was pure and tranquil. Although the hotel designers did not completely replicate the appearance of the house in the painting, this blue wooden house has become a metaphor for the foreigners’ longing for Zaandam, and it is also the accent of the color of the hotel’s exterior wall.
  The Intel Hotel is the most important building unit in the “Inverdan Urban Renewal Plan”. The plan hopes to revitalize the traditional architectural style of Zaandam Town while incorporating modern elements that are more in line with contemporary life. Therefore, when designing and renovating traditional blocks centered on the Intel Hotel, the design team planned and built a variety of modern public transportation road facilities on the basis of retaining the layout of the historical blocks, integrating traditional and modern roads. The whole block Form a complete work.
  As a landmark building, Intel Hotel also has original feelings and innovative ingenuity. Many locals will be surprised and smile when they first see the building. Van Wenden once said that architecture can naturally resonate emotionally. The outdoor area on the first floor of the hotel is a public event venue for the entire block. Nearby residents and hotel guests often gather here to form a cordial and strong community atmosphere. It can be said that the Intel Hotel connects the past and the present in an innovative way, integrating daily life and artistic creation.