I am a container expert

The company received a difficult design project: a real estate developer was anxious to build a sales department. Because the advantage of this property is that the mountains are surrounded by lakes, the developer required the sales department to be built on the mountainside, and there must be at least half of the sales department. Hanging on the lake, so that buyers can personally feel the feeling that their balcony is hanging on the lake; in addition, this sales department will be demolished after completing the sales task, so the cost should not be too high. Time is tight and the task is complicated. Everyone has no choice but to mention a few plans, and the other party starts looking for another company. At this time, colleagues brought classmates side waves. Bianlang said: “This is easy, just use the container.” Bianlang’s solution is affordable, beautiful, and very artistic, and the customer is surprised. Soon, a fiery house appeared on the mountainside, half of which hung over the lake, spreading its wings like wings, which was amazing. This breathtakingly beautiful house was built from abandoned shipping containers at a low cost.

Many years ago, Bianlang opened a foreign trade company with friends in Shenzhen. Who knows that the company’s largest customer suddenly went bankrupt, and owed them a lot of money, recovering, the other party said that only a large row of shipping containers can be used for debt. Bian Lang and his partners stood in front of these rusty boxes under the scorching sun, and felt as if they were floating in the Pacific Ocean. The partner went back to work honestly, and Bianlang thought, “I only have these container resources in my hand, so look for them carefully and see what they can do.”

As a result, Bianlang collected the use of containers on the Internet. She was surprised to find that container construction was very popular abroad. They used containers to build open-air balconies, RVs, villas, hotels, and even large commercial areas. Because the containers have to carry the goods and experience the wind, rain and waves, they are very strong, the size is large enough, the shape is regular, and it is convenient for stacking and placing various shapes. You can also paint different colors and patterns at will. The love of many life-savvy people. Looking at the beautiful pictures of the container works on the Internet, Bianlang was very surprised and decided to study the art of container use. In order to deal with the problems of hydropower, light, energy, etc., she went to the university to find high-caliber students in the Department of Architecture. These scholars are enthusiastic, brain-minded, and have knowledge and technology. They soon became good friends with Bianlang.

A girlfriend from Bianlang lives on the first floor of a western-style house. There is a large sunken courtyard in front. Due to lack of sunlight, it is not ideal to plant flowers and vegetables, and has been idle. Bianlang transferred several containers in the past, designed with college students from the Department of Architecture, derusted, painted, sculpted, and renovated. After several days of hard work, he just helped his girlfriends make a small house in the courtyard, first floor It is a neat and clear house. The second floor is a study room. There is plenty of sunlight on the top of the container. It is used to grow flowers and vegetables. The girlfriends’ neighbors were envious, and they asked Bianlang to help them do the same. Bianlang made more than 30 container study rooms and terraces in the sunken courtyard of this community, which not only made a beautiful sum, And accumulated a lot of experience in building houses with containers.

Slowly, people gradually took the initiative to find Bianlang to use containers to make convenient and beautiful RVs, event exhibition halls, specialty shops in farmhouses, etc. There was a Mr. Su planting tea and flowers in Yunnan. He wanted to build a bed and breakfast in the plantation, but he didn’t want to use reinforced concrete and masonry, so he asked Bianlang to build a bed and breakfast for him in a container. By using the container’s flexible placement feature, Bianlang will cleverly extend the room of the guest house to maximize the guests’ enjoyment of the beautiful plantation landscape, and paint each room with a different color corresponding to it, like a Only the big colored bird flies over the plantation, and the guests who have stayed here are reluctant to leave. It takes many days in advance to make an appointment.

Then, there was a design company to find Bianlang as a partner, and the place of work could gradually be away from the urban area, so Bianlang rented a piece of land in the suburbs, and together with her husband built a villa garden and studio with a container. Bring children into the city to study on Monday and return to the suburban villa on Friday The back of the villa is against the mountain. Bianlang deliberately designed a small room to reach the top of the tree. On three sides are the rice fields and lotus fields. At night, sleep over the fields and listen to the singing of insects and frogs; push open the skylight to count the stars; On rainy days, snowy days, and windy days, the family lays in the small room at the top of the tree, recording the sounds of rain, snow falling, and wind dancing. Sometimes it is shared with radio listeners or readers from the media. It is very beautiful. The most important thing is that if you are not living here novelly, drag this villa and put it in another place, such as the lake, valley, seaside, etc.

Today, Bianlang often recalls the scene when he first confronted the long-row decommissioned shipping containers that year, and couldn’t help but sigh: “Fortunately, I didn’t give up on them, nor did I give up on the pursuit of good.”