Fragile hard hat

In the morning, “Fu Kee” Sheng Jian Baozi shop was full of people, and one was hard to find. Azhu just sent his son to the kindergarten, walked into the store, ordered a bowl of beef vermicelli and two fried pans, and saw that there was a free seat on the table next to it, and sat down. Next to her is a young woman with a boy. She is dressed up in a beautiful fashion, and is chattering with the little boy around her: “Hurry up, eat up, hurry, other children will arrive long ago Kindergarten, I think you must be late today!” A Zhu looked at the little boy as he was four or five years old, and was as old as his son. He smiled and said, “Listen to mother’s words, eat quickly.” There was a little dinosaur toy in his hand, and he ignored it. The plate in front of him was fried and he took a bite. The little boy looked around with his big black eyes while playing. Suddenly, he became interested in the orange hard hat that the man sitting opposite placed on the table and reached out to touch it. With a disgusted expression on her face, the young woman hit him with her hand: “Mom asks you, is it dirty? Is it dirty? Hurry and eat!”

The little boy retracted the chubby little hand, and the opposite man also showed a kind and shy smile, as if he had made a mistake and was blamed. He carefully moved the hard hat to his side. When the young woman got up and went back to get the cutlery, she saw the little boy grabbing the strap of the hard hat and quietly pulling towards her.

The little boy was taken aback. After a panic, he pushed hard, and his hard hat flew out of the table and jumped on the ground a few times. The man quickly got up and picked up the hard hat. When he put the hat on the table, Azhu saw that the hard hat had cracked. Obviously, the young woman saw it too, only to see her angry towards the child. The boy slapped twice on the back and said: “Mother told you not to touch, not to touch, this time is good, you compensate others!” The little boy cried with a wow.

The man said with a smile: “Sister, don’t hit the child anymore, I have to thank this little one! If he broke, I would wear this hat and get to work sooner or later!”

The young woman’s face blushed. She suddenly lost her previous puffy air, and said sorry sorryly, she said: “It is my child who is too naughty. How much do you buy this hat? I will give you the money.”

The man’s face appeared shy and honest again: “Sister, I said no compensation, I have to thank him!”

Azhu put down her unfinished breakfast and suddenly got up and walked out. Her labor insurance supply store was opened next to “Fuji”. Entering the store, Lao Zhengyi was showing the goods. When she saw her come in, she said, “Take Tongtong back.”

Azhu said, “You get me a hard hat.”

“Early in the morning, what do you want your helmet to do?” the husband asked.

Azhu said, “Come back and tell you.”

Taking the hard hat, Azhu walked out quickly. Fifteen years ago, the sad past came back to her again. It was a sultry afternoon in the summer, and my dad’s coworkers ran out of breath and went home to inform my mom that Dad had an accident at the construction site. When Azhu and his mother arrived at the hospital, my father was no longer able. The workers talked to her and her mother about what happened: a small building component fell from above during construction on the construction site in the morning and was hitting the top of the father wearing a hard hat. The hard hat was smashed through, I smashed my father’s head into a blood hole… The co-workers said that the boss is blackhearted, the light plan is cheap, and the hard hats I bought are all inferior products. Everyone wearing them on their heads should be a psychological comfort.

Azhu walked to the door of the Shengjian shop and met the man with a broken helmet in her hand. She handed him the hat in her hand and said, “That little boy is my neighbor. This is what they asked me to send you. Come on.” The man still wants to let him go. Azhu said: “Take it easy, brother. This helmet is genuine and absolutely safe!”

The man took the hat and thanked Azhu and took a big step towards the front. In a trance, Azhu seemed to see his father’s back: tall body, wide shoulders, solid pace, from near to far Earth, disappeared into the vast sea of ​​people…