Turning waste into works of art: make the most of your life to make life the most beautiful

  He is not only a master of framing, but also a low-carbon environmental protection expert, turning pieces of waste into works of art, and making life the most beautiful appearance.
  ”Jinmen is a fan of Fan Dexiang, ancestral calligraphy and painting in Chilang; framed secrets to save the world, not close to the gallery into the lecture hall”, come, and enter the 2019 most beautiful family in the country, Fan Dexiang’s home with the small wedding family, listen to this German double art Those things of the master of arts and crafts.
  Following the family’s motto and being a true art successor,
  ”Why is the room elegant, the natural fragrance of painting and calligraphy”? Walking into the home of Fan Dexiang in the Heping District of Tianjin, it seems that he has entered the art hall. On both walls, famous paintings and calligraphy works are hung, running scripts, seal scripts, official scripts… The framed banner that reads “Two Generations of Elites” is particularly eye-catching. This is a book written by Chinese contemporary scholar and calligrapher Wu Yuru Lao for Fan Dexiang and his father. “These are all beautiful words from famous calligraphers to us, and I hang up to inspire myself.” Fan Dexiang said modestly.
  On the book case on the side of the living room, there is another scene: two strings of candied gourds make people salivate, a closer look is made with a few red buttons; a pair of exquisite table tennis rackets are made of paper shells and cloth ; Even the beautiful pen holder is slightly decorated with toilet paper core. Don’t underestimate this pen holder, there is a mystery hidden at the bottom, there is a word “Fu”. “This is called “There must be a blessed mansion”, and the meaning is very good.” Fan Dexiang’s wife Liu Jun introduced with a smile.
  Looking up is the poem and the distance, looking down is the fireworks in the world, the home layout of the square inch is very similar to that of Fan Dexiang. He likes and inherits traditional culture, and at the same time lives his heart.
  ”Everyone around me said that my life is environmentally friendly and low-carbon. In fact, I just inherited the family style. My father told me that’I can’t damage things’, and make the best use of people’. Only’I can’t damage things’ means, Anything that can become an object cannot be damaged. Sometimes, you see a small thing that is useless, but it can be reused as long as you use your brains.’Use everything, use people’s talents’, that is, all kinds of things Use as much as possible; everyone must give full play to their talents in order not to live up to life. These two sentences are not only used for painting, but also reflected in all aspects of life. I have always asked myself this way, and it also affects Family.” Fan Dexiang kept talking about his family.
  The 73-year-old Fan Dexiang was born in a family of decorators. Father Fan Dianyuan was a famous teacher of Jinmen’s mounting, he had renovated the calligraphy and paintings for the last emperor Pu Yi, and prepared a painting exhibition for Chinese painting master Zhang Daqian. “Culture and Art”.
  Fan Dexiang studied mounting with his father at an early age and entered Tianjin Rongbaozhai in 1964. My father left a set of rulers to Fan Dexiang and said to him: “We have 5 brothers. Your master only left this set of rulers to me. He knows that only I can pass on this craft. Now, I leave it Leave it to you.” Fan Dexiang is well aware of the weight of this set of rulers, which carries his father’s high hopes. This “shaped ruler”, which is only the size of a slap, has a history of hundreds of years and is a special tool for mounting. When irregular shapes such as circles and fan-shaped shapes are encountered in the process of mounting paintings and calligraphy, the use of this set of rulers can reduce the waste of materials and maximize the use of materials.
  In 1973, after being introduced, Fan Dexiang met basketball player Liu Jun. During the exchange, Liu Jun was gradually attracted by this quiet and steady young man, especially his focus on painting and painting and his love for traditional culture. And Liu Jun’s corrective posture on the basketball court also made Fan Dexiang feel excited. Fan Dexiang’s life is very quiet, either mounting pictures or reading or writing. From Liu Jun, he felt a vigorous vitality. In her free time, she accompanies him to read and write, while he accompanies her to play ball. Move and quietly complement each other. Two years later, they entered the palace of marriage.
  In 1984, Fan Dexiang suddenly received the mounting task of the Tianjin Security Zone. “This time is short and needs your assistance.” For the first time in his life, Fan Dexiang asked his wife for help. “Are you making the most of it?” Liu Jun asked with a smile. “Please help, this is the best!” Fan Dexiang also smiled. The couple started to get busy day and night. “It’s quite easy to see you mounting calligraphy and painting at ordinary times, but I didn’t expect such trouble!” Liu Jun lamented while busy. It takes more than 20 procedures to frame a picture, as long as there is a little air bubbles, it will be lifted again, and it is not bad to cut every corner and edge.
  ”Framed calligraphy and painting is so cumbersome, why do you still like to do it?” Liu Jun couldn’t help but wonder. “You don’t know about this! Mounting is a traditional culture. As early as the Wei and Jin dynasties, mounting art has a history of more than 1700 years. Famous calligraphy and painting are the wisdom of the Chinese nation, and mounting can strengthen the calligraphy and painting. , Beautification, not only can provide a better viewing effect, but also conducive to the long-term preservation of artworks. Is my work meaningful?” Fan Dexiang replied proudly. Liu Jun did not dare to slacken off and became an assistant seriously.
  The couple rushed to work day and night, and six works were completed on schedule. Fan Dexiang later learned that one of the works was a birthday gift for a chief. The chief returned him with a word: Lao Ji Fu Yu, aspired for thousands of miles. It turned out that the chief thought that these works were framed by his father, but he did not expect that Fan Dexiang was so young, he had such a superb skill.
  Once, an old man trembled and held a box to find Fan Dexiang’s house. “Please save this Mobao’s life!” It turned out that he had to find someone to repair but no one dared to take it. In despair, he heard the name of Fan Dexiang. It took a few twists and turns to find the door. Fan Dexiang opened the box, and inside was Qing Dynasty Pan Zuyin’s calligraphy work “The Moonlight”, which was already fragmented. “You pick it up in two months!” Seeing Fan Dexiang agreed, the old man was grateful again and again. After the old man left, Liu Jun asked worriedly: “It’s so broken that you can’t pick it up, can you fix it?” “‘The old paintings are refurbished as if they are sick, but the doctors will paint them, and if the doctors are not good, they will die. ‘This is what my father left me. How can I forget? He is the right person!” Only those who possess great skills and high virtues can only afford the important task of restoring old paintings and calligraphy. From that day on, Liu Jun saw that her husband often worked for half a day, sometimes even until midnight, but he was not tired. More than two months later, when the old man saw “Guang Feng Ji Yue” again, he was shocked and said repeatedly: “Wonderful hands rejuvenate, wonderful hands rejuvenate!”
  The best use, the fine tradition family tradition
  father left Fande Xiang not only the mounting process of learning, and philosophy of life. When he was a kid, his father used the leftovers of framed calligraphy and paintings to play a trumpet for him. Fan Dexiang always remembered this childhood story, and he felt a strong fatherly love. After his daughter Fan Rong was born, he also used scraps to make various small toys for his daughter, so that she has a happy childhood. Under the influence of his father, Fan Rong remembered the words “use everything” when he was a child. Before throwing waste, he always thinks: “If this thing is modified, will it be useful?” As long as you can She doesn’t buy anything she does. The students all bought plastic book covers, but she picked up the leftovers from her father’s frame, cut and pasted them, and made the handmade book covers that were both strong and beautiful.
  When her daughter got married, Fan Dexiang personally made happy words and red envelopes for her. Fan Rong hoped that his father would speak at the wedding, and printed 5 speech manuscripts from the Internet for his reference. Fan Dexiang glanced and threw it aside. The wedding time is getting closer and closer. Fan Rong did not see his father preparing, and anxiously asked: “Do you want to talk about anything?”

  At the daughter’s wedding, Fan Dexiang said: “From now on, I hope you will do your best and make the best use of your work; work hard and be down-to-earth; work civilizedly, don’t overstep the pond; see the wise and follow the good, choose the good and follow; People!” A few short and powerful words made people praise. After the wedding, he specifically told his daughter: “Boy, the words I said are all from our family style and family training. I hope you will pass it on in the future.” Fan Rong nodded vigorously while pulling his side. Li’s newly married husband Li Jianjie: “You must also inherit the family style with me!” Li Jianjie repeatedly said yes.
  After marriage, both couples choose to travel by bus or subway, and bring their own environmental protection bags for shopping. When she returned to her mother’s house, she not only brought gifts to her parents, but also brought some “scrap”.
  ”What are you doing bringing these things back to your mother’s house?” Li Jianjie felt that these “gifts” could not be taken. But Fan Rong said: “I bet with you, my father is happy to see these waste products than gifts!” Li Jianjie had to carry big bags for her. Sure enough, after arriving home, Fan Dexiang saw the gifts from his son-in-law and complained that they spent money. Fan Rong quickly handed over a cloth bag and said mischievously, “You like this guarantee!” Fan Dexiang opened it, and there were large and small express paper boxes and colorful gift silk. “Yes, everything works, my daughter did it!” He gave his daughter a thumbs up. Fan Rong turned his head and smiled at her husband: “How? I won!” Li Jianjie nodded again and again: “In the future, I will also learn from my dad how to turn waste into treasure!” “Good!” Fan Dexiang agreed happily.
  Subsequently, he gave his card holder and monthly pass holder to his daughter-in-law in return. The two rectangular card sets are engraved with golden dragons and phoenixes respectively, and there is a cute little rabbit on the monthly ticket holder. “It’s so beautiful, dad bothered!” The simple two gifts made Fan Rong feel very warm, because her sign is rabbit. “Nothing, it’s all made of discarded carton straw and fabric.” Fan Dexiang said with a smile.
  ”Look, this is the mop your dad made for me. It’s easier to use than the one you bought in the supermarket! You can also take one back.” Liu Jun greeted his daughter and son-in-law to the bathroom. It turned out that the remaining cloth head of Liu Jun’s clothes was also used by Fan Dexiang. He straightened the iron wire on the old calendar and bound the cloth strips to make the mop strong and easy to use.
  The master framers in the arts and crafts world have become masters of “turning waste into treasure”, and Fan Dexiang has made thousands of life crafts with various waste materials. Liu Jun gave them to friends and relatives, classmates, neighbors, and everyone loved it. In December 2015, his family was named “Science Civilized Family” by Tianjin Science and Technology Association.
  Fan Dexiang is obsessed with mounting art and low-carbon environmental protection, but indifferent to fame and fortune. Many people think he is “too silly”. The cousin and painter of the last emperor Pu Yi, Pu Zuo, was moved by his “stupidity” and gladly wrote him “Pretend to be an idiot”. Fan Dexiang was as treasured as possible, framed and placed in a conspicuous place in the room, proud of self-improvement and proud.
  Walked into the school, make the best use of its forces learned
  from years of dealing with the art of painting, Fande Xiang read, very fond of reading. Under his leadership, every weekend, the whole family spent amidst the sound of Langlang reading, and the family reading club lasted for 30 years. In April 2016, Fan Dexiang’s home was rated as “National Home of Books and Fragrances” by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.
  In addition to reading, Fan Dexiang also has a profound knowledge in calligraphy and painting. In his spare time, he teaches two grandsons to write and paint. “I want to write!” “I want to draw!” As soon as I entered the house, the two children consciously sat at the desk. Fan Dexiang always took out waste newspapers and let them dip in water to write and write on them. “Practice writing does not necessarily have to prepare paper and ink, there is a piece of waste paper, a medicine box, you can practice anytime, anywhere. We should be good at using objects, not being used by objects.” The paper written by the two grandsons, he still I was reluctant to throw it, and I practiced brush writing on it until I could not use this piece of paper before selling it.
  Fan Dexiang not only influenced his family with his words and deeds, but also went to the lecture hall of the folk craft class to promote traditional Chinese culture. After retiring, he gave lectures all over the country and also taught distance to the Ministry of Education to let more children learn about traditional art.
  In order to show the charm of traditional Chinese culture and make it easy for people to accept, Fan Dexiang decided to start with the simplest Chinese characters. “It’s a matter of analogy, expand thinking, it’s not difficult to do things, it’s difficult not to do things.” He first wrote these words on the blackboard, telling everyone to broaden their thinking, don’t be afraid of trouble, anyone can learn well. Next, he taught students in detail how to use multiple materials and colors to cut out various styles of happy words around the three words “image, quasi, and change”. “You don’t have to buy paper-cutting specifically, you can also cut out happy words with waste paper.”
  In order to encourage students, he invited them to visit at home. On the wall of the entrance hall of Fan Dexiang’s house is a “Hundred Hundred Hundred Figures”: the green rectangular bottom paper reflects the red Fang Shuangxi, and the words “Two One One” are faintly visible in the double happiness, there is a cute little under the word “Xinmao” Rabbit; under the yellow strips of different lengths, peony flowers cover it… These happy words made of materials such as flower heads, tapestry, and the remaining flowers and damasks are colorful, and the shapes are different, so the students can’t help but wonder. .
  ”Ms. Fan deserves to be a master, and scraps can also be made into crafts!” “After retirement, I feel that I am useless. There are so many things I can do!” The students saw many works of Fan Dexiang, and even retired comrades even Rekindled the passion of life.
  Some students took their children to study at Fan Dexiang’s home, and the changes of children were seen by parents. In the past, the book was thrown away before it was used up, but now it is reluctant to throw it when it is full of words on both sides. My mother asked her why, she said: “Grandpa Fan said, to make the best use of it, I still have to practice paper-cutting with it!”
  The essence of education is that one tree shakes another tree, and one cloud pushes another. Cloud, one soul summons another soul.
  In May 2019, the Fan Dexiang family became “the most beautiful family in the country”. Today, in addition to reading, writing, painting, and handicrafts, he is going to give lectures every week. He hopes to use his actions to influence more people. Make the best use of things, make the best of people, follow the family style and family motto, he and his family have made life the most beautiful appearance.