Time is a depth

I don’t know when the word “time tunnel” appeared. People also said that through a time tunnel, you can travel to the past until ancient times, that is, to the depths of time. Can it be crossed? But the word tells us: time is a depth.

When I was a child, there were many things in my home, which always shone a deep and heavy light, such as the wooden handle of the hoe, the polished wooden handle, the armrest and backrest of the wooden chair or bamboo chair, and the appearance of the clay teapot. “How come they are so smooth and shiny?” One day, I stared at the soft, smooth luster of the chair and asked my grandma. The grandmother said, “This is a package.” I thought for a while, and pointed to the bamboo mat with a deep red and shiny luster on the grandmother’s bed, and said, “That shiny thing must also be a package. However, the one on the bamboo mat Compared with the hoe with the hoe handle and the armrest of the chair, why is the gloss more profound and more eye-catching?” Grandma told me, “This bamboo mat is my dowry and has been used for more than fifty years. Other things It has only been used for more than ten years, or more than twenty years.”

Grandma means that the longer the things are used, the deeper and smoother the gloss of the paste. I realized: time has depth.

For a while, I fell in love with antique collections, such as copper coins, copper plates, and silver dollars. Especially the old abacus of Huanghuali makes me adore it, not to mention the abacus frame, just each abacus is like storing sunlight, moonlight, starlight, water, dew and frost that have been cultivated for many years. The light… that clear and bright light seemed to pile up on the abacus. Although the gloss was only soft, but only one glance, it entered the human heart, and the light wave surrounded and rippled in the human heart. , Not going for a long time.

I often pick up the abacus to watch and play. One day, I pulled the abacus beads on a bridge in front of the small river, and accidentally, the abacus fell into the river with a gurgle. With the help of an uncle, I finally recovered the abacus, but I was worried that the river would wash away the luster on the abacus, and I went home in frustration. Grandma said: “Qing’er, it’s okay. Although the longer the time, the thicker the pulp, but the pulp that is spattered by time and accumulated on the matter can’t be washed.”

After listening to Grandma’s words, I looked closely at the abacus that the water droplets had scattered. Sure enough, not to mention the abacus frame and the abacus, even the looming texture was full of light, just like the beautiful glow of the sky shone into it. . Grandma said: “Time is not just spreading and accumulating gloss on the outside of the object, it also engraves the gloss, the longer the time, the deeper the engraving.”

Nowadays, when thinking of the antique market, some people use smoke, varnish, wax, and coconut oil to make the paste quick. For these fraudsters, as long as the grandma said what they said, it will be revealed. Because the so-called pudding is just some impetuous and superficial floating light, after washing with water, it does not show black smoke, and it exposes the original oily thief.

Experts say that objects such as wood, bamboo, porcelain, jade, bronze, tooth carving, wenwan, calligraphy and painting, etc. have gone through a long period of time. Dust, sweat, and oil deposits have deposited on the surface of the utensils, forming a layer of encapsulation. Shows a special gloss. I believe that sunlight, moonlight, starlight, water light, dew light, frost light, that is, “time” is carved into the artifact.

The enveloping paste bears the light of the years, the longer the age, the thicker the enveloping, no, the deeper. Time is a depth, it is quiet and gentle. This is like our life. If we don’t reject the light of time, our life will be restrained and deep. The longer the time, the brighter the time and space…