The number of cases is now the highest in a single day! Virus mutation infectivity is 9 times the original!

The World Health Organization stated that

Its member states reported on Saturday

More than 212,000 new cases of COVID-19,

This is the highest single-day total since the beginning of the pandemic .

The UN health agency said,

More than half of newly diagnosed infections

Reported in Brazil and the United States,

These two countries are also in the world

COVID-19 has the highest number of deaths.

U.S. Saturday nationwide

Reported more than 50,000 newly diagnosed cases,

And Brazil recorded

Nearly 38,000 new infections and 1,091 deaths.

India also set a record high in a single day,

22,771 newly diagnosed cases,

A total of more than 648,000 cases,

Infection cases in South Africa and Russia have also surged.

Total cases in Latin America and the Caribbean

Surpassed Europe,

There are more than 2.7 million cases of infection.

Even in certain parts of the world

In an effort to reopen the plan carefully,

This increase is still happening.

Although Canada, the United Kingdom and parts of Europe,

The number of new cases has been decreasing,

However, in some states of the United States, it is not reduced but increased.

The United States recently reported that

The daily number of COVID-19 cases hits a record high,

40 of its 50 states

The infection rate is on the rise.

Florida and Texas have

Become the latest hot spot in the United States,

A total of 20,000 new infections have been reported.

To make matters worse,

The latest CNN report said,

The new corona virus has mutated.

A global study found that

Strong evidence shows that

A new virus strain has spread from Europe to the United States.

An international research team reported on Thursday that

This new mutation

Makes this virus more likely to infect people,

But it does not seem to increase its lethality.

La Jolla Immunology Institute

With the Coronavirus Immunotherapy Association

Erica Orman Safir

(Erica Ollmann Saphire) said:

“Now, this new strain

It is the main form of infection of the new crown. ”

The research was published in the journal “Cell”,

The shared information about the genetic sequence shows that

Some mutant forms of the virus

The old version of the virus is being replaced.

just now,

The research team not only checked more gene sequences,

And also carried out involving human and animal cells

Experiments in laboratory petri dishes,

These experiments show the mutated version

More common and more infectious than other versions.

Mutation affects spike protein-

This is the structure that the virus uses to infect human cells.

just now,

Researchers are checking

Does this affect the effectiveness of the old vaccine.

The vaccine currently being tested

Mainly for spike protein,

But they are based on older virus strains.

Researchers call this new mutation G614,

They proved that it almost completely replaced

D614, the first version popular in Europe and the United States.

No effect on patient survival

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Theoretical biologist Bette Korber

And colleagues wrote in the report:

“Our global tracking data shows that

The G614 variant propagates faster than D614. ”

They added:

“We think this means,

The virus may be more contagious.


We did not find G614

Evidence of impact on disease severity. ”

University of Warwick

(University of Warwick)

Lawrence Young

(Lawrence Young) said,

This may be good news.

He said in a statement:

“Current research shows that

Although the G614 variant may be more contagious,

But it is not more pathogenic.

People hope that as the SARS-CoV-2 infection spreads,

The pathogenicity of the virus will be reduced. ”

The researchers say,

The new version seems to be in the upper respiratory tract-

The nose, sinuses and throat reproduce faster,

This can explain why

It is easier to spread through people.

But in the UK, 1,000 patients were hospitalized

The tests conducted showed that

Conditions of patients infected with new viruses

Nothing is worse than patients infected with the original virus.

Spokesperson for AIDS Vaccine Research and Development Laboratory


“All results show that

Form G is 3 to 9 times more infectious than Form D. ”

“We now have experimental evidence,

Partially supported Dr. White

What I saw when analyzing the global sequence-

Form G has adaptive advantages in terms of infectivity. ”

According to the beginning,

The G614 strain has only appeared 7 times.

But after March,

Amazing growth in the world.

To the present,

The strong virus overwhelms the weak virus,

Became mainstream.

I believe everyone knows what is “group immunity”.

The British Chief Scientific Adviser once said,

Infected tens of millions of British people with the new crown,

You can get group immunity.

According to CNN’s report on March 25,

A group of teenagers in Kentucky, USA

Held a “New Crown Pneumonia Party”,

Provoking and mocking the epidemic prevention methods of isolated people,

As a result, someone was diagnosed with the infection.

American young people feel that they are not easily infected,

But the US authorities cite data warnings,

Young adults between 20 and 54 years old,

After being infected with new coronary pneumonia,

Up to nearly 40% are hospitalized for treatment.

However, many young people are still partying,

Regardless of the risk of infection,

Let the epidemic worse.


Queen’s University of Canada already has a student union officer

Resigned for holding a new crown party.

Some experts say,

The reopening of European and American bars and restaurants,

Customers give up the rules of physical alienation after drinking,

It is also the culprit of the surge in cases.

Viral variation,

It is most likely that humans have despised it.

And the recent COVID-19 virus diagnosis in Ontario,

Began to gradually decrease.

Ontario health officials reported that

112 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed,

Compared with 154 new infections reported on Monday,

There is a significant reduction.

Ontario also recorded two new COVID-19 deaths,

This is a slight increase from the zero deaths reported on Monday.

Since late March,

There are many daily records in Ontario

Deaths associated with new coronaviruses.

At peak times,

Dozens of people die every day in Ontario.

Recent infection

The total number of diseases confirmed by Ontario in the laboratory

Reaching 36060,

Among them, 2691 died and 31 603 recovered.

In the past 24 hours,

Ontario has made more than

15000 COVID-19 tests.

Since the epidemic raged,

Ontario health officials have

Conducted more than 1.5 million tests.

More than 12,000 case tests are still under investigation.

Living bacteria remind everyone here,

Must pay attention to protection,

Often the danger comes when you take it lightly!