Meet the right person

The Bodhisattva is not in the temple or the temple. The real Bodhisattva in the world are those who ferry themselves.

It doesn’t matter who it is, what matters is who is right.

The preacher may have spoken a lot for you, but the more you are, the more entangled you may be. Sometimes, a simple self-deprecation of a small person will make people’s hearts suddenly open. If you feel that you are nothing, then everything is simple. Therefore, it makes more sense to meet the right person than to meet the superior. This may seem accidental, but it is everyone’s chance.

Some of the people who come to you in the midst are passers-by, and some are the ferries who take you to the other side. At the end of “Gone with the Wind”, Scarlett said, after all, tomorrow will be a new day. Yes, no matter how hard it is at the moment, we must wait for the person who will come for you tomorrow.

Perhaps, he is on your way to starry night.

There used to be a person who always felt that he didn’t live as well as others. One day, he suddenly opened his eyes and smiled, saying that although I did not live as well as he did, I survived him.

It turned out that the man he admired was busy making money, overworked, and died. How to evaluate this matter? There is certainly no standard for human success. On the vertical axis of time, whoever can laugh to the end will be the winner.

Physical health is the foundation of everything. Then, be bright.

No comparison, no jealousy, no resentment, the world of red dust, look simple. Always stare at others to live, never live well. People whose desires are not exhausted will stare at many people in their lifetime. There is no way for a person to find guilt by himself. This is the number of lives and the number of robbery.

The problem is that external robbery is easy, and self-torture is difficult.

So live to be bright. You are on the road, some people are walking in front of you, you know you don’t have to chase, this is transparent. Then, applaud for this person who panted in front, it is bright. Transparency is not to embarrass yourself, bright is to have someone in your heart. The former leads to wisdom, while the latter reaches the open, it is a person who is difficult to be bound by the world.

Taking out all for one person, the advantage is sincerity, the disadvantage is that once the other person gets used to it, the rest is all bad. From this perspective, trying everything is sometimes not a smooth road, but a dead end.

Because everything is done, it means nothing.

Still have to leave some space for yourself. Some words don’t have to be spoken, some things need to be hidden in my heart for a lifetime. In this world, the most reliable person is himself, and what is treasured can be brought into the grave. In grasping the size, you are enough to be real, too real, and some people may think you are stupid.

Yes, not everyone will see your loftiness and openness after seeing the truth. You must see sarcasm and sneer across from appreciation.

To keep the last mystery, this is the deepness you should have. Behind this deep, deep and deep agitated each other. Looking at the end, it is definitely difficult to overcome the winding path. You keep mystery, but actually keep the nod of others thinking about you.

Good people are the compassion of this world, but almost all people regard good people as a kind of charity. Accepting the goodness of good people seems to be justified; as long as they take out a little less than usual, they will immediately be infamous, and it seems that the curse is justified.

So, especially distressed good people. Just because they are too easy to be injured and too easily breathed.

There may not be many benefactors around a good person, but there must be a group of white-eyed wolves. Moreover, those white-eyed wolves who are not good at serving will later become enemies.

Good people can only continue to be good, at any time, in anything. Good people work hard to realize themselves and successfully kidnap themselves.

The advantage of a good person is compassion, the disadvantage is that it is too compassionate. This does not mean that good people become bad, but that they don’t want to be so good to anyone.

Of course, if you let a good person learn smoothly, he can’t learn it; he can’t learn it too. If you can learn it, you will not be a good person. Good people are at the soul level, and this is a label they cannot tear away.

The monument of a good person is with another good person. One person said: Well, he is a good person. Another said: Alas, he is a good person. All affirmations and praises are in these two words.

Why do you want to “sigh”?

It’s heavy here-a lot of good people come up with it, and sometimes it takes more.