Stray cat adoption

COCO was the first small animal I raised. I don’t want to call her a pet, and I’m not used to being called a COCO owner or COCO parent in an animal hospital. How to position my relationship with COCO, I seriously thought about it. I can see from her starry eyes like a starry sky, the soul in her tiny body may be like me, full of doubts and uneasiness in this world. So, at least we are equal in soul. Equal souls together, should be the relationship of companions!

COCO was born in the field. From a human point of view, adopting a stray cat may be a good thing, but from a cat’s point of view, it is probably equivalent to a brutal looting. When my friend and I took canned food to find her in the dark corridor, COCO was different from her brother who rushed out and ate canned food. COCO escaped retrograde and disappeared into the darkness.

When one of the various cats is about to contact you, you will think that she must be different. Stray cats who can’t be tempted by canned food are so proud. But my friend said that it is obvious that this relative’s male cat is more suitable for adoption. No, I am determined to have a female cat. A friend organized a three-cat group to catch cats, inspected all exits of the corridor, and formulated a strict capture plan. Finally, COCO wailed and was stuffed into the carton, forced to accept the change of fate.

COCO does not believe in humans, and is completely invisible a few days after arriving home. What makes me angry is that there are still corners in this family that I don’t know. COCO completely disappeared in the daytime, and she could hear her humming in the living room at night. Every morning after getting up, there will be less water and food in the bowl, and there will be more stool in the litter box. Obviously, she did share the room with me, but I was telling her that she was dark, and I was a little bit horrified at the thought of this. Therefore, to me, the life of a cat is like adding a mysterious roommate to night shift. I consume the day, she enjoys the night.

Five or six days later, she could occasionally see her white figure. COCO will shake away from a distance, and she doesn’t look at me. It seems that she can avoid my eye contact if I don’t exist. Fortunately, ruthless time always has its positive side. I can’t remember the day when COCO was able to lie in my arms safely… This is cross-species trust and makes people cry.

COCO gradually became unscrupulous at home. She started tearing books, especially hard hardcover, better grinding teeth; started to grab the sofa, more like the leather of the massage chair than the fabric sofa; started to bite the plants, I no longer buy flowers, reduce green plants; began to howl at night Call; starting to mess with urine everywhere… Spring is coming, the day of sterilization is not far away.

I always get nervous during the morning when I go to the hospital, because COCO will never crawl into the cat box. So every morning when I go to the hospital, there will be a drama of coercion and then temptation, which will eventually end in COCO’s desperate wail and people’s breathlessness.

Since experiencing the pain of going to the doctor, COCO’s feelings for me have become particularly complicated, and the vigilance against me is back, but there are still attachments. She wonders why, behind some food, there is always a cold hospital operating table. Humans are probably the best species for traps? If I were a cat, I hated humans.

COCO finally underwent sterilization, and the anesthesia was still there when he was pushed out of the operating room. Her slightly opened eyes exposed her eyelids like chameleon eyes, which looked a bit scary, her limbs twitching constantly. My tears burst into a sudden. This indifferent and mischievous COCO, but being my roommate for two or three months, why did I get my family-like emotions? What on earth did animals use to move people’s hearts?

Recalling a friend, she raised a citrus butterfly (named Xiaofeng) in late autumn last year. After weaving pupae and refrigerating it in the refrigerator, she successfully emerged in the spring. She sent a circle of friends and said, “It’s sunny and warm today. Let Xiaofeng fly to a plum tree in the garden. The flowers flow like moonlight. When Xiaofeng touched the delicate petals of Li Hua, he hugged it and opened the curled mouth. It’s crazy to enjoy the delicious meal in its short life.” The moment when life unfolds, it is really touching. I think this is also the inspiration that COCO brings to me.