Mara River, a million wildebeest suicide migration

This is a real observation of the great migration of rare animals in natural history. The galloping of millions of wildebeests formed a great migration. They broke through the ambush of the lion and leopard, crossed the trap of the crocodile, and leaped off the cliff of death. Wherever he passed, there were bones and blood flowing into the river. Completed a baptism of life, a racial optimization at the cost of a martyrdom of millions of horses, and also explained an iron law in nature.

Looking for life salvation
John, 34, is a professor of zoology at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. He has unique preferences and research on the wildebeest. In March 2018, he decided to travel to Kenya, East Africa, to track the migration of wildebeest throughout the journey. His friend Professor Maya also requested to go with him.

In August 2018, Professor John and Maya went to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. At this time, the Serengeti prairie had plenty of rain and grass, and the vast grassland was scattered with wildebeest foraging.

“Why move?” Doubts circled in Maya’s mind. John seems to have seen through his thoughts: “The wildebeests have super growth ability. They have wider incisors than other herbivores and can swarm the grass faster than other herbivores. In addition, wildebeests also have super powers. Strong reproductive ability, taking the wildebeest group on a long trek as an example, the number of newly born wildebeests can account for 1/4 of the total number. Because of this, it is far more than any other kind of nursing on the prairie. Animals. If the lion is at the top of the food chain in the savannah and is the king of the beasts, then the first wildebeest that has an absolute advantage in quantity and has a direct impact on the ups and downs of the savannah. According to statistics, in Tanzania, On the Prairie of Rengeti, there were only 190,000 wildebeests in 1957, which increased to 1.44 million in 1977. In 1989, the number reached 1.68 million. The number of lions was only 2,500.”

Maya exclaimed: “In East Africa, aren’t all wildebeests everywhere?” John laughed: “Nature has its own magic, it will arrange everything.”

Leaping over the cliff of death
One morning in October, Maya suddenly felt the prairie shake, “Look, it seems that they are about to move.” Wanbuy cried, “We are going to follow them.”

The wildebeests came from all over the place, as if there were only wildebeests in the world, and there were only wildebeests that came and went between the world.

John said that because there are no tender grasses here, wildebeests must go to the Mara River in a short time, only to cross the turbulent river to reach the opposite side of the fat and rich-the Masai Mara steppe. This is definitely not a warm-hearted journey. On the contrary, it is an elegy for the weak to survive. Wildebeests must travel to the Mara River in a short time, cross the turbulent river, and reach another piece of lush grass for redemption.

After a week of tracking, John said to Maya: “The map shows that there is a grand canyon in front, which is the only way for wildebeest migration.” After driving for about 2 hours, there was no road ahead, and a width of 10 appeared. The cliff is about 50 meters deep.

“Can these wildebeests pass by? I think they will definitely change their route.” Maya doubted.

After a while, the wildebeest army came galloping. The wildebeests also seemed to smell the icy air that filled the canyon. But their speed did not slow down at all, but they ran faster and faster, like an arrow off the string. At the mouth of the cliff, the wildebeest headed up and rushed towards the cliff. But how can this jump over a 10-meter-wide cliff? Only jumped 2 meters, and fell to the cliff.

However, it is such a suicide method that people see a miracle of life!

The wildebeest stepped on the front of the falling companion for a second bounce in an instant. Although it was still not possible to jump over the cliff, the wildebeests passed the first few waves of jumping and were already able to give back Companions take several jumps to win time and space. Finally, using the inertia, the wildebeest army rushed across this impassable cliff and reached the opposite side.

Break through the crocodile trap
Jeep won’t be able to cross the cliff, so they returned to the highway, John had calculated the wildebeest migration journey, came to Kenya’s Mara River, set up a camera on the roof, and waited patiently.

The Mara River is a must-see ferry for wildebeests, and the last stop of wildebeests. After crossing this river, wildebeests enter the “Eden” where the grass and plants are abundant; if they can’t cross it, they will lack grass and water And starved to death. There are two kinds of animals in the Mara River, the two killers that wildebe must meet in crossing the river, one is the world’s largest and most brutal Nile crocodile, and the other is the hippo known as the “African River King” .

Between heaven and earth, endless wildebeests rushed towards the Mara River. The sound of a million-corner horseshoe was rumbled and magnificent.

But weirdly, when the wildebeests of the millions of wildebeests rushed to the shore, they came to a “brake stop” and they all stopped.

Half an hour later, the wildebeest still did not act. Suddenly, the mud around the wildebeest moved, and a pair of brutal and greedy eyes came out and aimed at the wildebeest. Suddenly, the mud splashed, and a huge crocodile swooped out, biting the wildebeest’s neck.

The wildebeest on the shore quietly witnessed the Nile crocodile killing the middle-aged wildebeest. He did not respond at all, as if he was accustomed to such a scene.

At this time, the danger in the Mara River really appeared: more than a dozen Nile crocodiles ambushed in the mud, and the two teams left and right chased the wildebeest who had gone down the river. Soon, more and more Nile crocodiles emerged from the water, crawled out of the grass on the shore, and all descended into the river, forcing the wildebeests that were moving forward.

Faced with death, the wildebeests on the shore were not afraid. A wildebeest jumped high, jumped into the river, and took the lead to swim across the river. A steady stream of wildebeests jumped into the river tightly, rushing over like a storm. The instantaneous water splashes and rolling waves of the Mara River started, and the most spectacular wildebeest crossing in the world began.

A giant Nile crocodile first guarded the river where the wildebeests had to pass. It opened its large mouth, exposing two rows of long hacksaw-like teeth, waiting for the wildebeest to enter its attack range. Dozens of wildebeests were slaughtered back and forth, and more wildebeests died under the mouth of other Nile crocodiles.

However, fear and death were overwhelmed by the river water along with the wildebeest. More and more wildebeests converged into wildebeest wildness, moving forward bravely and covering them up. Seeing the situation of wildebeest, the Nile crocodiles were also terrified. They couldn’t fight the enemies who were going to succeed, and finally got into a mess. They all dived into the water to avoid the vortex formed by the body of life. After numerous wildebeest casualties, they finally broke through the Nile crocodile’s defense.

The wildebeests gradually swam into the middle of the river. The river in this area was turbulent, and some wildebeests were washed away due to lack of energy. And as long as the wildebeests are still alive, they still go all the way to swim to the other side, that is the Mara River, that is the happy land in their hearts.

Looking at the scene, John said meaningfully: “After a few months of living here, the wildebeests will set off again, cross from here to the Mara River, and then return to Seren, Tanzania, 3000 kilometers away. Getty prairie. At that time, they will once again be challenged by hippos and Nile crocodiles. Each time the wildebeests win time and space for their associates with their heroic death, so as to ensure the survival of the entire population. Maybe run, migrate, Going to death, fighting, is their whole life and life.”