Drink at least 3 cups of green tea every day to have health effects

The main functional ingredient in green tea is catechins. Catechin, also known as tea tannin and catechol, is the general term for flavanols in tea. Catechin has a variety of biological effects, such as antioxidant effects, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and reducing the risk of tumors.

Drinking green tea is wholesome. “Reference intake of dietary nutrients for Chinese residents (2013)” shows that the intake of catechins in green tea is different, and the health effects are also different:

1. The anti-oxidant effect of catechins can only be observed when 250 mg of catechins are taken from tea every day.

2. Daily intake of 400 mg of catechins can reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors such as weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood lipids, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. Ingesting 600 mg of catechins daily can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men. But studies have shown that drinking tea has no effect on stomach and bladder cancer.

Each cup of green tea contains about 100 mg of catechins, so drinking at least 3 cups of green tea every day will have a health effect on the body.

Recently, many people followed Jay Chou’s new song “Mojito” and visited the location of the MV-Havana, the capital of Cuba. Cuba used to be a colony of Spain, and retains European-style ancient buildings. Because of its unique geographical environment, Cuba has the best cigars and rum in the world. Havana also has many cultural attractions and historical imprints, is a paradise for photographers, painters and fashion artists. Strolling among them, classical and modern, the new city and the old city, the visual impact is great, and they are magically harmoniously unified, and then dance a salsa with the locals, then this is a worthwhile trip.

“Trouble to give my lover a cup of Mojito, I like to read her eyes with little eyes, and my coffee, sugar is not too much, this world has been too sweet because of her.” The song’s title “Mojito” is a familiar cocktail, made with rum and soda, followed by lime juice, mint leaves and syrup. Cuba, which is rich in sugar cane, can brew high-quality rum, and Mojito made from rum is almost a must-try for tourists. Every restaurant in Havana will sell, but the most well-known is the penny tavern, which is a must for tourists to come to Havana, because the famous writer Hemingway lives in Cuba every day and patronizes this tavern. “Old Man and the Sea” was created here. It is said that because Hemingway has diabetes, the bartender specially made sugar-free Mojito for him. I came to the penny tavern, and immediately felt the style of the net red punching ground. The walls outside the door were painted

Crow, customers packed the entire bistro, but it did not prevent everyone from holding a glass of fine wine and standing to drink, and twisted with Latin-American music.

Friends who don’t like drinking can order a cup of local coffee like Zhou Dong. The fertile land of Cuba, the humid climate, and abundant rain are the natural treasures for coffee cultivation. The hand-picked, naturally dried coffee beans have just been roasted and are fragrant. A freshly ground coffee is refreshed on the streets of Havana.

“The murals of the arcade, the graffiti of the old city, the iron-cast signboards are staggered like a love letter dedicated to the sky from the city, and the colorful classic cars sway with the palms, carrying the sea breeze and aimlessly.” Havana seems to be a treasure trove of architectural art. It retains Spanish-style ancient buildings in the old city, some of which are also listed as world cultural heritage. The new city of Havana faces the Caribbean Sea and is full of modernity and prosperity. The well-known Havana Cathedral is an aesthetic example of Baroque architecture. The building stone is made of coral and was built in 1748. The highlight is the asymmetrical tower on both sides. The Capitol was once the seat of the Cuban government, and all the floors were paved with marble inlaid with gold. It has now been converted into a museum, and the interior is magnificent. Both the walls and the chandelier are plated with gold. The old square where the internet celebrity took photos was built in the 16th century. It used to be an open-air market. There was a dark room in the northeast corner. It was first designed by Leonardo da Vinci and donated by the Spanish representative. The old square is surrounded by bright colors. The small building has a variety of architectural styles. In addition to the Baroque architectural style, you can also find Gaudí’s Art Nouveau style.

Another beautiful landscape in Havana is a colorful classic car (pictured). Going to Havana and taking a classic car ride is one of the necessary experiences. It is said that because Cuba has been blocked by the US economy, it has been unable to import new cars. Many of them are American cars produced half a century ago and are still in use today. In order to attract tourists, the locals will spray the color of the classic car very brightly, big red, bright pink, sea blue, bright green…

“When the street lights are on and Havana is walking, this is the most beautiful double dance in the world.” When you go to Havana, you will find how much the locals love to dance. The Havana people will tell you “If you can walk, then you will dance. “Elsa Dance”, Cuba is the birthplace of the popular music “Ode, Rumba, Mambo and Salsa”. In the 1930s, in Havana’s bars, there were many tourists and businessmen from Europe and the United States who danced after drinking rum. It is said that salsa dance came into being. Salsa dance incorporates Latin American enthusiasm and passion. The waist and crotch are twisted. The movements of feet and legs contain Indian indigenous culture, retaining the native style of the America and quickly sweeping the world. The Grand Theater of Havana is the oldest theater in the Americas. Here, it will be an unforgettable experience to appreciate the performance of a national ballet company. You will be surprised by such a high level of artistic performance. It turns out that the Cuban National Ballet Company is a world-renowned ballet group. If you have time, you can also register for a class in Havana and learn to dance with the salsa world champion.

As night falls, Binhai Avenue becomes a place for people to gather, walk, chat or dance, blowing the cool sea breeze, accompanied by the golden sunset glow, in front of the colorful old buildings, listening to Latin American music, you will naturally follow the passion The Havana danced with their hands.