5 strokes immune to negative energy

People come and go, and sometimes they will inevitably encounter people with negative energy: they always complain, like to quarrel, compare with others, do nothing, and easily fall into pessimism. In order to maintain a positive attitude, we should try our best to avoid dealing with such people, but in some “have to” situations, how should we “sludge without contamination”? Recently, the American “Psychology Today” website published an article to give 5 tips for avoiding negative energy-

1. Don’t think about yourself. Maybe you happen to hear someone say bad things about you, maybe a colleague secretly plays a small abacus, or the lady in front of you is very rude and rude to the cashier… At these times, are you more or less angry? But remember, this is their problem, it has nothing to do with yourself, and don’t think it’s because you came here to get angry. Some people are very immature in dealing with the difficulties in life, and the people around them (including yourself) may become the targets of their unhealthy coping strategies. Their negative energy is the manifestation of inner insecurity, fear, and anger. Don’t blame yourself.

2. Express gratitude with practical actions. There is negative energy around you, you have to create positive energy yourself to resist. Expressing gratitude is a very effective way. Make a list of thanksgiving, let others know your gratitude to them by words, letters, behaviors, etc., and be grateful for the small favors of others. Expressing gratitude with practical actions has been shown to increase personal well-being, regardless of the size of gratitude. Gratefulness is not necessarily a specific matter. You can often count the “benefits you have”, such as being grateful for your parents’ being alive and feeling lucky to do the work you love.

3. Understand others from another angle. Rather than falling into the disgust of “why is he so negative”, it is better to think about what happened to this person in his free time and let him talk and act in such a negative way. After dismantling and analysis, you may be able to understand him slowly, thus changing your negative attitude towards him. On the other hand, you can also sum up the truth for your own from the analysis, reminding yourself not to face the same attitude when encountering problems.

4. Dispel negative energy with humor. Generally speaking, when dealing with negative situations or dealing with people with negative energy, it is best to treat them in a friendly and humorous manner. Laughing by self-deprecating and giving smiles to others generally alleviates the atmosphere and mood.

5. Be alone. Studies have shown that being alone can enhance self-awareness, self-confidence and increase happiness. People who know how to enjoy solitude will find it to be comfortable and comfortable, and will realize that time alone can help them understand the truth. When someone’s words and deeds are full of negative energy, you may wish to walk away and stay for a while. Reflect on their behavior, sort out their feelings, and earnestly understand their own hearts.