Artificial intelligence will not “end” rote

Will new technologies represented by artificial intelligence subvert the advantages of Chinese education based on knowledge and memory?

Indeed, Chinese students are far above the world average in terms of both study time and homework. In terms of mastering the amount of basic knowledge, Chinese students also have certain advantages over most countries. But in terms of innovation ability, Chinese students still have a certain gap compared with students from developed countries.

This is because the amount of knowledge storage is only a basic dimension of innovation, and innovation is also related to curiosity, imagination, thinking logic and other dimensions. If a person spends too much time on the basic knowledge memory reserve, suppresses curiosity, sacrifices the time of imagination and thinking, squeezes the space of interest, and lacks independent thinking and imagination verification, the innovation ability will be greatly reduced.

The development of artificial intelligence technology has brought about a new revolution in machine intelligence. Machines will acquire knowledge learning, memory and reasoning capabilities through repeated learning, which will bring a new perspective to the current development of education in China. A person can remember a lot of basic knowledge is a very meaningful thing, but considering the limited time and energy of the person, how to allocate time better, maintain curiosity and imagination, think deeply, create more Big value becomes an optimization problem under constraints. Now artificial intelligence technology will bring variables to one of the constraints, that is, the time to learn basic knowledge. Some knowledge that needs to be memorized can be plugged into the artificial intelligence knowledge system, leaving more time for creative thinking. Suppose we need to use the cosmic velocity value when thinking about an astrophysics problem. It may take a lot of time to remember the basic knowledge points of the first cosmic velocity and the second cosmic velocity before. The artificial intelligence technology can externalize people’s memories to a certain extent. A professional knowledge system can accurately answer this knowledge. When we use this value, we can use it from the artificial intelligence knowledge system.

Which necessary basic knowledge is the basic element of innovation and requires us to learn and remember; which knowledge is suitable for current use and is available for external use, which is external to the artificial intelligence knowledge system. This is a complex and comprehensive problem involving education, neurobiology and psychology , Artificial intelligence and other comprehensive disciplines, there is currently no mature research and conclusions in this regard, and continuous hypothesis verification is needed. But I believe that under the cross-validation of theory and practice, we will definitely find the most superiority. Even in the path of finding the most superiority, it will bring new thinking to the current education model.

As for how much knowledge can be stored in artificial intelligence knowledge systems in what form, and in which way effective human-computer interaction, so as to achieve the function of machine assistance or human-computer collaboration, this is a technical problem to a greater extent, based on the flourishing of artificial intelligence Development, in the case of well-defined and standardized tasks, in the foreseeable future, artificial intelligence electronic assistants and even electronic experts can realize the memory of some basic knowledge, and even multi-step reasoning based on basic knowledge, thereby returning people to themselves. Take more time to observe the tiny parts of the world, imagine the vastness of the universe, explore ways to change the world, and pursue the meaning of life.

Since ancient times, China has a fine tradition of emphasizing education. Now it has a deep understanding and far-sightedness of artificial intelligence technology. It has administrative system advantages and a large population base. In such a golden age of development, artificial intelligence technology combines education and learning paradigms. Exploration, China is very promising to walk in the forefront of the world.