What to do if stung by a wasp

Going out to play in summer, encountering wasps is a common occurrence. Many people have been stung by wasps. If the wasps are poisonous, people will be poisoned and infected. In severe cases, they may die. So what should I do if I sting?

Being stung by a wasp, there is currently no special medicine, so it is especially important to save yourself in time. The wounds stung by wasps are black because the wasps toxins are mainly alkaline toxins, and the treatment of alkaline toxins requires neutralization with weak acidic substances.

1. The stinger remaining in the wound can be picked up with a needle or tweezers, but do not squeeze to prevent the remaining toxins from entering the body; then pull out the cupping jar to suck out the poisonous juice to reduce the absorption of toxins. Apply ice to the sting to reduce pain and swelling.

2. Can be smeared with lemon juice, orange juice and other fruit juices. The single-flavor purslane is better for treating wasp stings, and smearing with onions can also play a certain effect.

3. In addition, you can also use bee milk, fengyoujing, cool oil, dermatitis to remove bee venom, remember not to use red syrup or iodine, not only can not be treated, but will increase swelling.

If related symptoms such as dyspnea or thickening of breathing sound occur, it should be considered as a poisoning infection, and you should go to the hospital for treatment in time. If the conditions are limited, you can also tighten the gauze at the proximal end of the wound, you need to relax once every 15 minutes, but you still need to go to the hospital in time.