Live like a grass

For the first time, I felt like a grass in the wall. No one asked Ai Guli, who was living quietly, and there was an inexplicable lament in my heart. She didn’t know why she lived like this, doing what she should do every day, and repeating what she did yesterday or for a long time every day. Shopping is perhaps her most special thing, however, there is nothing to buy, shopping has become a leisure in her life. Take a look at the people traveling from south to north, and look at the dazzling display window and ask the shopping guide of Huazhizhang. When I walked by, I forgot, and I had to wait for my husband who was paralyzed in bed when I got home.

Her husband was hit by a large truck. Although her life was saved, she was paraplegic in high position and could not take care of herself. She quit her job and went home to take care of her husband. This care is for five or six years. She seldom goes out. It is not that she does not want to go out, but that her husband cannot leave. At that time, the payment is too limited. She must count the flowers. The husband in bed must take medicine, and the two children have to go to school. She has to arrange for the family to eat, drink, and sleep. Otherwise, this family will have to arrange it. Facing the reality of starvation.

The little sisters who used to come and go often have their own homes, and they have become alienated even if they haven’t walked for a long time. Now they haven’t seen each other for almost a year. Ai Guli does not complain that these little sisters have forgotten her. Everyone has their own business and work. How can they come to see her. She also doesn’t want to disturb other people’s orderly life. Sometimes she felt lonely herself and wanted to find someone to talk to and dialed the little sister’s phone, but she hung up again. She would like to ask the current situation of the little sister, and then talk about her loneliness. At the moment the bell rang, she hung up. She didn’t want to disturb their lives, nor did she want to tell anyone about the pain in her heart. She believes that there is no difficulty that can’t be past, and there is no suffering that can’t be eaten, as long as you bite your teeth, everything will pass.

On that day, Ai Guli was fine, so he went shopping around and returned without buying anything. On the way back, she had no intention of seeing a small grass under the root of the wall in the community yard, squeezing her head from the gap in the root of the wall. She stood there and watched for a while. Suddenly, she felt that the grass was just like herself. No one wanted to live in her little world. There were no splendid flowers, red and green, and no eye-catching bright and beautiful; some were life. Stubbornness is an indomitable spirit. In this corner, the grass is alive and comfortably, without any interruption and harm, and no one waters or fertilizes it. It silently watches everyone passing by. It does not need the care of others, as long as there is sufficient Moisture and sunlight, it grows there silently, without even a footstep. What a comfortable environment, what a lucky little grass. She thought that if there was a sheep in the courtyard of the community, Xiao Cao would not have been so quiet.

Since then, every time she came back from outside, she had to stand there and watch for a while. Looking at it, she remembered a sentence that she used to say when she went to work. It gives you a little sunshine and it gives you a colorful color. This sentence has been popular for many years. It used to be a satire to those who put their noses on the nose, but she doesn’t think so now. She thinks this is the most wonderful portrayal of life. Whether it is a person or a grass, there should be In such an upward spirit, people do not live to live, but do something they can do. It does not matter whether such a thing is big or small, as long as they have a meaningful life. Life does not need to be spectacular, but it must have its own goal of survival. Thinking of the status quo of her life, she feels that she has too much time to waste. She wants to create her own miracle and cannot always live in the shadow of life.

Ai Guli thought she liked painting when she was in school. She bought pens and paints and finished her family’s work. She began to trace the beautiful world in her heart. She did not have professional training and learning, and she painted on her own. One day, when his son saw his mother painting, he said: Mom, why are your sheep green, but the grass is blue? This does not seem to be realistic. The sheep we have seen have many colors, but there is no green sheep.

Green is hope, green is life. Do you understand? son. Ai Guli touched his son’s head and said.

Although Ai Guli was busy, she often took a moment to look at the little grass under the wall in the courtyard of the community. Every time she saw that the grass was still green, she was very moved, and she also had a very powerful force in her heart. Looking at it, the weather cooled down, and the blades of grass outside gradually turned yellow, and the blades in the middle seemed greener. She knows that people live a lifetime, and plants and autumn fall; people don’t have thousands of days, and flowers have no days of red. This is something that must be experienced in life.

When a heavy snow covered the courtyard of the community, she stripped off the thick snow in the corner, and saw the green grass heart, as if radiating the light of life, as if there was a silent power, rushing into her blood. She couldn’t restrain the excitement in her heart, and she really wanted to shout loudly and call back the spring in her heart.

Finally looking forward to it. When she was holding the award certificate for the painting “Life”, she also finally shed tears of mixed flavors. When she was in the house of Luoque, she would hope that she would always live like a little grass, quietly, and do what she likes freely like the grass.