Happiness formula

One day, I met Yanmei, a junior high school student, in front of the supermarket. She said that she had accidentally sprained her foot and couldn’t step on the clutch some time ago, and her husband replaced her with an automatic Mercedes-Benz car.

When I got home, I saw her husband Zhao Gangwo holding the novel on the sofa and looked upright. He didn’t get angry immediately: “Don’t look at these useless things. Can two or two gold pop out of the novel? Yanmei’s husband developed his small clinic into a private hospital within a few years. Yanmei sprained her foot and exchanged it for a Mercedes-Benz car. You, besides having a brighter head than others, are incomparable!” “You every day Just like a mistress, can you stop!” Then, Zhao Gang got up and went to the bedroom.

It is said that when a woman marries someone, she jumps into the honeypot if she lives well, and jumps into the fire pit if she lives badly. After being married for more than ten years, the husbands of others who were on the same starting line have all become successful people. And her husband has always been at ease in the status quo, still standing still for more than ten years.

One night, Zhao Gang accidentally mentioned to me while cooking. Their department manager changed jobs, and the manager’s position was temporarily vacant. My heart suddenly ignited hope: “You have to play a twelve-point spirit to work during this time, perform well, and communicate with the leaders, maybe you can still…” I have not spoken in the second half of the sentence, just Was interrupted by Zhao Gang: “The salty eating radish is lightly worrying, the leaders have their own arrangements for such things.

Within a few days, Zhao Gang called and said that there was a dinner at night and would not go home to eat. I am puzzled, he generally seldom entertains, what could the company do? More than 11 o’clock in the evening, Zhao Gang came back with a scent of alcohol. I asked him: “Who did you drink with? It’s like this!” “Xiao Hao was promoted to be a manager, please invite everyone to dinner.” When I heard this, my heart was suddenly cold.

I no longer have any hope for Zhao Gang’s promotion and salary increase, and the two of us have also become respectful of each other. For the rest of the time, we did what we did and did not interfere with each other.

During the Spring Festival, when the family had dinner together, Zhao Gang and I were both cheering and unhappy. The younger sister noticed that she was getting tired, and pulled me to ask, “Are you and your brother-in-law having trouble?”

“Brother-in-law treats you and our family very well. I still envy you. Do you know? There is a happiness formula in economics: happiness = utility/expected value. For example, the husband will give you a bonus of 1,000 yuan, But you expect him to buy you an LV bag of 10,000 yuan. 1000 divided by 10,000, happiness is only 0.1; but if your expectation is for her husband to invite you to eat a meal of 200 yuan, the happiness is 5…”

Happiness formula? I looked up just to see myself in the mirror of the sideboard: full of resentment. I remember years ago, when I just brought Zhao Gang to my house for dinner, it was this mirror, and I saw a very satisfying and happy face. At that time, Zhao Gang even borrowed money from renting a house. Now that I have a house and a car, I complain all day.

My sister and I returned to the dinner table. I glanced at Zhao Gang. He just lost his smile and didn’t speak. “It doesn’t matter how much money you make. As long as you have a good life and a happy life, we will be very happy.” Father saw Zhao Gang’s embarrassment and immediately came out.

Perhaps a heart-warming remark from his father touched Zhao Gang. His eyes were red, he picked up a glass of wine and raised his neck to drink. Seeing Zhao Gang’s sour face, I had mixed feelings in my heart: Since I had a cold war with him for a month, I found that he could fall asleep when he fell down. For many nights, he hid in the study room to play with a computer and sighed from time to time.

Rather than being haunted by desire, it is better to live happily every day. I decided to try to make the denominator in the happiness formula smaller. I bought a tutorial book for my child that day, and I just saw the book “Silver Saddle and White Horse in the Spring Breeze”, and I bought a copy for Zhao Gang. After seeing it, Zhao Gang said happily: “Good book, good book! I used to only see the electronic version, the hard copy is hard to buy.” A book quietly broke the ice between me and Zhao Gang .

At this time, our school organized a medical examination, the report showed that I had gallstones, and the doctor suggested that I go to the hospital for a review. I didn’t take it too seriously, but Zhao Gang urged me to go back to review three times or five times, and had to accompany me. After the doctor’s examination, it was said to be granular gallstones, which is not easy to cure. It can only be reviewed once every six months. If the particles become larger, surgery is necessary.

After returning home, Zhao Gang was still not at ease, and he queried on the Internet again, telling me not to eat too greasy things, not to eat egg yolks, and to exercise more. I have developed the habit of watching TV every day after dinner, but Zhao Gang urges me to exercise and insists on walking with me for two kilometers every day.

I deeply realize that Zhao Gang loves me more than himself. In addition to not making a lot of money, he still works hard in taking care of the family and raising children.

The summer vacation is coming. Zhao Gang and I are planning to take our children to travel abroad. My mother suddenly called and said that my father was hospitalized with acute cerebral infarction. Zhao Gang and I hurried to the hospital to take care of our father. I am busy working during the day, and Zhao Gang has great flexibility in his working hours. In the evening, I want to change Zhao Gang and let him go home to sleep. He firmly refuses to insist on letting me go home and have a good rest.

I decisively canceled my overseas travel plan and took care of my father with Zhao Gang until my father recovered and was discharged. After that, our three-member newspaper group came to Qinghai. Zhao Gang looked at many people traveling by car and said to me and their children: “Next year we will change a buggy. I will drive you to Tibet.” The pressure is the motivation!” Zhao Gang is very confident. “Okay, we work hard for the numerator and denominator to create the greatest happiness.” Then, I opened my arms and hugged him tightly…