A good relationship between husband and wife must be “intimate”

If it were not for this time with the people all over the country, to be “sullied” at home to prevent the spread of the new crown virus, Li Gui might not be able to grasp it in another 20 years. What was the reason why her marriage with Wang Jian has stumbled over the past 20 years?

Before, Li Gui spent a lot of time transforming Wang Jian. She insisted that Wang Jian get up 15 minutes early and eat a beautiful Western breakfast; ask him to wear a suit and trench coat instead of the programmer’s standard-black down jacket to go out; ask him to wash his socks at night instead of five or six days He specially opened a washing machine for washing socks; he was also asked not to be outspoken at the departmental meetings but to hide his humiliation… Wang Jian had protested this many times. Especially after his son went abroad to study at the age of 18, Li Gui’s control over Wang Jian became more detailed and airtight. Wang Jian has been trying to communicate with him: “Clothing, housing, living, and getting along with others, you let me make my own decision, OK? You are a wife, why should motherhood be imposed on her husband?”

When Li Guigang was stunned, Wang Jian pursued with victory: “Look at you, and impose on me the set of rules of doing things in your workplace. You are a big state-owned enterprise doing administrative work, and balancing and fighting for performance may be the progress in your mind. The way. I am a private company doing technology in the Internet. In our business, it is an act of lacking emotional intelligence to expose ourselves to working overtime every day. In our business, even if you wear pajamas to work, as long as the projects you make are convincing, Everyone will forgive you for being lazy and arrogant.”

Wang Jian’s reasoning was that 70% to 80% of Li Gui was listening. However, it is difficult to change his habits. His son is already far away from the ocean. You call a Virgo housewife who doesn’t care about her husband. Who cares? Wang Jian couldn’t help it, and he almost reached a “site exchange agreement” with his wife-every weekend, Li Gui rested at home and Wang Jian went to the office to work overtime.

After the outbreak, both people have to stay at home, what can we do? Wang Jian proposed: “Since the sense of boundary between adults is our way of living in harmony, let’s be a university roommate during this epidemic prevention period. Before you take care of me, take a few seconds to think about it: If Wang Jian It’s a roommate. If I control him like this, will he think I’m troubled?

This method is really simple and easy to do. They moved their computers to the main bedroom and the second bedroom, and the main bedroom door with a warm decoration style was labeled “Six Girls”, and the hard-decorated decor bedroom was labeled with a label-“boy “Bashe”. In order to prevent two people from quarreling as soon as they cook, Li Gui took out his separate storage frame, and even the storage space in the refrigerator was divided into “male left female right”. The two shopped on Hema and RT-Mart respectively. In a short time, the courier brother delivered it to the door, and they could see that the “Taste style” and “Western style” in the refrigerator are distinct and unique. The left side of the refrigerator stores a variety of quick-frozen pasta, coriander leeks, apples and oranges, while the right side is full of coffee beans, toast bread, butter cheese, asparagus broccoli, and various extremely expensive and perishable rare berries.

Every time Wang Jian opened the refrigerator door, he also wanted to educate Li Gui—”Look at you, since the company was sent to the UK for half a year, it has become so low-key. For the Chinese stomach, cold bread How can there be a bowl of hot beef noodles with cheese to warm your stomach? If I take out an ice candy apple, I can defeat all of your strange-tasting fruits.” But, with a little thought, would he fuck this kind of college roommate? Strange heart? will not! So he quickly swallowed all the preaching.

It didn’t take long for the two to realize the benefits of “intimacy”, Li Gui no longer begged Wang Jian to sleep early and wake up as much as she did, and no longer criticized him for wearing video pajamas to participate in video conferences, nor would there be an outbreak of Wang Jian’s occupational disease. , Must write a remote control program for smart home appliances and smart curtains at home and ridicule. She thinks about the duty of a college roommate-as a girl, if your roommate is willing to write a program for you, you can remotely control your refrigerator and send all the refrigerator inventory to your mobile phone, allowing you to decisively remove certain It is not a thankful thing to move the shopping plan into the shopping cart to reduce waste.

In return, Wang Jian no longer ridicule Li Gui for taking photos of her breakfast every day, but also for a piece of bread and an orange with beautiful tableware, books and beautiful background. After all, it’s also a lifestyle interest for people to add toasts to paper toasts, not to mention, some popular coffee people have done research and think that the same toast is placed on a white porcelain plate. It is more than 20% lower than that placed on antique paper towels. This is the subtle effect of vision on the sense of smell and taste. Taking a step back to the sea and sky, Wang Jian let go of Li Gui’s retouching breakfast and a self-portrait work photo with full makeup, letting go of her harsh requirements of “no lunch” every weekend. Naturally, he later never used Li Gui The treadmill at home was relieved.

That’s right, when you believe in keeping your body healthy and full of inspiration, you need to eat hot Chinese food, drink hot tea, and exercise a sweat every day, can you give a step forward and realize that for another part of the world, health The source of this is precisely to eat cold western food, drink bitter coffee, and meditate on yoga videos every day? He also found that since the beginning of doing yoga at home and closing the door, Li Gui’s confusion and anxiety have been greatly relieved. Wang Jian carried her on her back and checked the psychological impact of yoga music. Sure enough, the experts said eloquently: Yoga soundtrack collects a lot of sounds from nature, the sound of wind blowing leaves, the dripping of caves, the sound of the waves patting, and the sound of seagulls. , Which contains a 1/f rhythm, consistent with the internal rhythm of the human body, will make us feel relaxed, soothed, and happy. Since running makes her wife miserable and yoga makes her happy, why can’t she come from her temper?

Since the essence of marriage is to make people get rid of most of the precautions and be themselves in front of another person, why do most of us want to arbitrarily demand that the other party’s actions must follow their own ideal patterns? If we all admit that the other party is a mature adult and do not need to care and worry about our own affairs, we will naturally respect each other’s choices and be vigilant about our impulse to manage across the border.

Li Gui also has such a basic awareness of Wang Jian today. Although she has always been full of resistance to non-fresh coffee, especially the smell of creamer unique to the three-in-one instant coffee, Wang Jian has a long video conference. When sending WeChat to let her “help me, send a cup of coffee in”, Li Gui still sent instant coffee in. Wang Jian quickly sat up and said to his brothers, “Come and say hello to your sister-in-law and wait for the epidemic to pass completely, you come to my house to have a good coffee. Your sister-in-law makes caramel macchiato, mocha and latte The craft is definitely better than any coffee shop.”

Li Gui quickly waved at the camera, his face mixed with pride, restraint and embarrassment of “listening to his bragging.” She took a closer look. Sure enough, in the existing 9 video shots, both men and women were wearing plaid pajamas, boys had hairstyles like birdhouses, and the only girl had no time to dress up, but actually put on a pink hair band, which was on display With a pair of rabbit ears. She endured a smile, quietly covered the door and went out, suddenly she felt: It turns out that Wang Jian has always emphasized that most of the people who work on creativity are like scientists who don’t trim their borders, and they will never replace slippers with leather shoes without their turn to release new products on stage. It’s true.