Take a look

  Qiu Tang, 33, is doing administrative work in a large group company. Not long ago, he said in a small group of some of our friends that he would resign, because the current salary is not high, and he has no hope of promotion after 3 years of work.
  Qiu Tang rode a Mobike from Dalang Street to work on Guanlan Street for more than half a year. One day, he suddenly said in the group: “Today Mobike said that I would be fined 20 yuan for riding out of the specified area. What can I do?” After he finished, he sent a screenshot of the Mobike information to the group. I took a look and reminded him: “It is written below that as long as you ride any Mobike back to the permitted riding area within 24 hours, you will be exempt from punishment.”
  Qiu Tang glanced at the message again: “Ah , I didn’t read the following.”
  I think the reason why Qiu Tang didn’t get promoted should also be related to his impatience.
  A few days later, I received a high-speed rail booking message sent to me by the salesman of the film company and invited me to go to Guangzhou to watch the premiere of a movie.
  On the day of the ride, I pinched a good time and took the subway to Shenzhen North Station. When passing the security check, it was already 9:42, and my train departed at 9:50. When I saw the ticket gate, I rushed to it. When I swiped my ID card, I was prompted by the system that there was no such ID card information. I took a closer look. This train went to Hong Kong. It was already 9:46, and I hurried to the comprehensive information desk for consultation. At this time, another two minutes passed, and I was at least 200 meters from the ticket gate. I ran away and ran.
  Sitting in the car, I was glad that I didn’t miss the train, and I complained that I was too careless.
  I watched a small video about a father’s promise to his son who didn’t like to study. If he was admitted to Harvard, he would be given a Ferrari sports car. His son dreamed of a Ferrari sports car and began to study hard in order to get a gift.
  A few years later, his son got his wish to enter Harvard University. After he happily told his father, the father said, “Great, you come home!” The son returned home and saw a large family sitting in the hall. He was so happy that he couldn’t wait. Asked his father for a gift. Father solemnly handed him a box. He took it and opened it, and it turned out to be a Bible! Feeling fooled, the son threw the Bible angrily on the ground and ran out of the house.
  Later, by chance, he opened the Bible again, only to find that the pages of the Bible were hollowed out and there was a key to a Ferrari sports car…
  I shared this video with that small group, together with myself because The panic plot caused by a glance at the ticket information together, with a postscript: “Look at it more” is becoming more and more luxurious among many people.