In many activities I participate in, there is usually a link for everyone to introduce themselves. In just a few words, it actually tests a person’s ability to perform. Some people say it is very impressive, and some say nothing. I have summarized 7 commonly used methods, you can choose different moves on different occasions.
Orthodox introduction

  The applicable occasion is an official event. The format of this method is: who I am, where I come from, what job I am currently responsible for, and what job I am responsible for; if possible, describe in a sentence the interesting part of your profession, and then say “I am very happy to know Everyone”, end.
  When introducing yourself in this way, don’t drag the mud, keep it clean, the simpler the words, the better. However, describing the interesting part of this profession in one sentence will leave a deep impression on the leaders. For example, “I am Mr. Zhuo Mo, from Beijing, currently mainly responsible for talk show planning, which is to let others say what I want to say.”
Humorous introduction

  Suitable for some business activities. To adopt this method, you need to have a proverb. For example, “My name is Guo Mingcheng, it is not as rich as Guo Fucheng, so my English name is Richard.” Then ridicule my career, for example, “I have a poor grade since I was a child, so I have now become a teacher.”
  This makes it easy for the scene to relax. After this resonance is established, the interactions behind it will be It’s easier. The point of this method is humor, not vulgarity. Humor is more through logic to satisfy the listener’s IQ-“I can actually understand his laughter”, and then I will smile instead of embarrassingly embarrassing the seat.
Scene linkage

  Suitable for any activity. This method is to connect the participating activities with yourself. The normal practice is to connect the theme of the activity with your identity. For example, I participated in the round table discussion of the Boao Forum: “This year the theme of the Boao Forum is globalization. I have been devoted to the practice of this theme. I have been shopping for products from 20 countries. I am a senior shopping expert, Mr. Zhuo. In Beijing, I can’t go out, but I can buy the world.”
  The main point of this method is to find the keywords of the activity, and then find the keywords of your occupation, and connect the two together. The way to practice is to try to analyze the common ground behind any two unrelated things. For example, if you see a bus stop on the way to get off work and think of your career, the angle that connects the two together can be that everyone works like riding a bus. This method requires more attention and practice.
First restrain first

  It is suitable for occasions with great academic performance. This method is to depreciate yourself first, so that everyone has no defense, and then slowly show their strengths. For example, “It’s really embarrassing to come to this event today. I think that my achievements are far from being reached. Many people see me and they may feel that it is better to see them than see them. It is better to see them at first sight. Research on the escape system of Shenzhou 20…”
  But in reverse, the effect is completely opposite. You raise everyone’s psychological expectations from the very beginning. As long as you have a flaw, everyone will think you are not true.
Platform setting method

  Applicable to events attended on behalf of the company. In this case, your introduction should weaken yourself and highlight the company. For example, “I am from the most famous handsome platform in China. We have achieved the globalization of the younger sister. I am the chief experience officer of our platform. My name is Mr. Zhuo Mo.”
Question introduction

  It is suitable for the situation where you need to get closer to the audience. Using this method of introduction, you can transfer your pressure to the audience, and at the same time increase the audience’s participation. For example, “I want to ask how many Aquarius people are here? Let’s raise our hands to see. Great, we are all of the same kind, there are only two kinds of people in this world-people in Aquarius and people who are not Aquarius, We are narcissistic that we have only ourselves in our eyes, so how many of you are from Beijing? You are not too late. I am so happy. A friend of mine said that he would come to participate in this activity. He went out three days ago. In the second ring…” What
  needs to be noted is: first of all, in this way of asking questions, you must not talk about yourself, but really want to extract the audience’s response to respond; second, you must think carefully if no one answers What about yourself. How to do it? Very simple, you need to ask yourself questions and answers at this time. For example: “I want to ask how many Aquarius people are here. Let’s raise your hands and see. There aren’t any, which is great. Then I will talk to you on behalf of Aquarius today.”
Code of Quotations

  Suitable for any situation. To find a classic that is closely related to your background (name, personality, occupation, etc.) as an opening statement. For example, “”The Book of Songs” says’There are bandits and gentlemen, like cutting, like Zhuo, like grinding.’ I took two of them to make a screen name. My name is Mr. Zhuo Mo. Today, I will discuss with you gentlemen.”
  As another example, “The British philosopher Locke said that “health is necessary for our cause and our welfare. Without health, there can be no welfare and happiness.” My career is to help everyone get this welfare and achieve happiness. I am a nurse.”
  Everyone is a special existence. All you have to do is make yourself shine.