Others’ children and our children

  When other children’s children are working hard to do review questions, sharpened their heads and thinking about how to get rid of their classmates, when they are alone, our children are squatting on the ground, guarding the basin of water, and going to his green corner The frog is dripping. While getting the water, he said: “The toad turns green when it gets wet. Can you know its male and female?”
  I was so anxious to grab my hair: “Can you do more curls?” The baby on the ground said: ” The teacher didn’t stay, why do I have to do it?” I said: “95 must be counted down in the class. The situation is urgent, classmates!” The baby said, “I will do it all.” I said, “You will do so many wrongly?” Our children on the ground gently grabbed the toad’s hind legs with two fingers: “Mom, you see the one with a wedding mat on your feet is public.”
  Such a conversation is desperate.
  When other children’s children were omnipotent in drawing, painting, and painting, our children recruited strange reptiles with hair, mucus, and scales. The South American Horned Frog was a little cute when he first came. This thing has bad eyesight. If you don’t take a pair of tweezers and eat it around its mouth, people can starve yourself to death.
  Probably because the green toad has a problem with his eyes, our children are very worried about it. You can forget your homework on the desk and get a penalty at school. You never forget to feed the horned frog. Thinking about how to improve the toad’s food and feed it to his mouth. Kung fu pays off, there are few months. A little green toad grows into a bloated fat man. The green bar is a squat. The face is very fierce. His eyes are glaring all day long, and his eyebrows are growing well.
  When someone else’s child is in a small class outside the classroom, our child lets the green fat man jump on the wooden floor and says that he will exercise his muscles.
  Just listen, a child’s voice in the study is shouting “Come on,” and a bloated green toad is struggling to jump. Papa—a spread, pap—another spread, like a pancake, a watermark on my belly, one circle after another, but I wiped the ground, and my toad was still stained with two hairs.
  I looked at the “taming animal show” in front of me with special melancholy, holding a few wrong questions I copied. “Why did you train it, and Toad didn’t take the exam. Hurry up and did these questions!” Our child looked up and said, “Then I’m done, can you buy some Japanese calcium powder online?” I haven’t made up yet Calcium, is the toad menopausal? But thinking in my heart, I was stunned, not daring to say with my teeth.
  As a parent, I am particularly earnestness said to him: “other people’s children are good, what are you doing?” Our family kids eyes lit up, relaxed and said: “! I Lizhiyaodang blacksmith”
  may Chousi me .