Make a mistake

  In a restaurant in Shanghai, the young waitress who served us served the steamed fish. The plate tilted, and the fishy sauce drizzled down, spilling the leather bag on my chair. I jumped instinctively, the hazy face turned into a rainy day.
  However, before I had an attack, the daughter stood up and walked quickly to the waitress, showing a very gentle smile, patting her shoulder and saying, “It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter.” The
  waitress looked helpless Holding my purse, he said with a whisper: “I, I’ll take the cloth…”
  Unexpectedly, the daughter said: “It’s okay, go home and wash it. It’s clean. Go and do something, don’t worry about it.” The daughter’s tone was so soft, as if it was her who did the wrong thing.
  I stared at my daughter angrily. The daughter looked at me calmly. Under the bright lights of the restaurant, I clearly saw that she had a thin tear in her big eyes.
  That night, after returning to the hotel, the mother and daughter were lying on the bed together, and she showed the medicine sold in the gourd.
  My daughter has been studying in London for 3 years. In order to train her independence, my husband and I want her to try part-time job in the UK. Her daughter didn’t touch the spring water with her fingers at home, and her hard work and hard work could not reach her. However, she chose to be a waitress to experience life.
  The daughter went into trouble on the first day of work. She was assigned to the kitchen to clean the wine glasses, and the translucent and delicate tall glasses were as thin as cicada wings. The daughter finally cleaned the large pile of wine glasses. When she was relieved, she didn’t expect her body to be crooked, one stumbled, and knocked over the glass. The wine glasses were all shattered into shattered glass fragments on the ground.
  ”Mom, at that moment, I really felt like he had fallen into hell.” There was still a little consternation in her daughter’s voice. “But, do you know what the foreman’s reaction is? She came forward without hurry and hugged me.” Say: Honey, are you okay? Then, I turned my head and told the other employees: Hurry up and clean up the debris. To me, she didn’t even say a word of blame.”
  Another time, when the daughter was pouring wine, she accidentally poured the bright red wine on the customer’s milky dress. Originally thinking that the customer would be furious, she did not expect her to comfortably say, “It’s okay, wine stains, it’s not difficult to wash.” Then, standing up and patting her daughter’s shoulder gently, she walked quietly into the bathroom.
  The daughter’s voice was full of emotion: “Mom, since others can forgive me for your mistakes, you should regard other people who made mistakes as your daughter, forgive them.”
  At this moment, in this quiet night, my eyes were wet. It turns out that to forgive others is to let go of yourself.