Aristocratic Formulae

The red lanterns swayed in the night breeze, lined up in a row. A smell of herbal medicine was scattered in the air from afar. At eight or nine o’clock, the night in the old streets of the town is dark. Some small shops are still open, and three or five fellows sit on small wooden benches to chat and cool off. The flavour of medicine blends the breath of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

I was limping with the help of my wife, walking sweat-strickenly in this old street in my hometown. The herbal flavor is getting stronger and stronger. Finally, we stopped at the door of “Jishi Hall” at the end of the old street.

Two months ago, my knees had bone hyperplasia, so painful that I could not walk.

My wife said that most of the patients who come to you for treatment have bad knees, and the herbal medicine applied to them is too limited. I think it has something to do with the lack of two of our 36 herbs. Now it’s your turn to get a bone spur on the knee of the great physician. Let’s go back home again.

We live in an old street in Jakarta, Indonesia, and open a small clinic, Jian An Tang.

Back home? I said, it is imperative! The great-grandfather was the founder of Jian’an Church in his hometown. He was adjacent to “Ji Shi Tang”. The earliest version of the herbal remedy for bone spurs…just, I wonder if their old shop is still there?

How do we know if we don’t try Xunmi? His wife said.

Finally, we crossed the mountains and the sea, crossed the provinces and cities, asked east and west, and came to the strange home for the first time.

We stand under the door plaque of “Jishitang”. The lanterns on both sides swayed in the wind.

The master in Ji Shitang heard the knock on the door and came out, about sixty years old. As soon as he saw the clothes and accent of my wife and me, he also pulled a small suitcase and looked at it quietly. We sit down.

I said, are you Dr. Li, the head of the fourth generation of Ji Shitang?

Yes, just call me Xiao Li.

We sat on two wicker chairs. Dr. Li said, stretch out his legs. He lifted my leg up, resting it on his thigh, observing and stroking it, and suddenly violently tapped it, and I suddenly broke into the bone marrow, yelling, and tapping!

Dr. Li asked, is Jian’an Church in Jakarta, Indonesia okay? You want to prepare 36 herbal medicine synthesis herbal medicine prescription, I will take it out later.

I was taken aback. Dr. Li, the fourth-generation head of Ji Shitang, did not ask us, how do I know who I am, where I come from, and how we came from?

Just when I was very puzzled, an assistant of Dr. Li took out a large glass jar, walked out of the back room, opened the lid of the jar, and I smelled a strong herbal odor directly at the nose. Dr. Li suddenly asked me, how many days will he stay in his hometown this time? I said for three days, he said, it was just right, the herbs will be applied from now on, and the morning after tomorrow, the gauze can be taken apart.

Before talking about the follow-up, Dr. Li started applying herbal medicine on my knee with the help of an assistant, and then wrapped it with gauze, which was quickly wrapped.

Dr. Li said that walking will be a little inconvenient, but it will be a bit effective. Bone spurs are difficult to cure completely, and you can only strengthen yourself, but most people lack the patience to do it. We all have bone spurs at this age, just different in severity. Look at me!

Dr. Li stooped and sat down on the ground suddenly, lying down for a while, then kicked, turned, squat, jump, turn, roll over and over… He did a lot of movements for about half an hour. Finally, I said that with exercise and medication, I had a bone spur attack the year before, and now it’s fine.

My wife and I were dumbfounded, and I asked, why did you know that I was a descendant of Jian’an Church in Indonesia at first glance? Dr. Li said that when my father was still alive, he told you the story of Jian An Tang. The whole family went out to Jakarta, Indonesia, where he continued to open a traditional Chinese medicine shop, focusing on the treatment of bone spurs. When your grandfather left his hometown, he entrusted us to save the original version of the herbal medicine prepared by 36 kinds of herbs, and took a copy with me. Unexpectedly, two decades ago, during a heavy rain, two of the prescriptions in the pocket were soaked by the rain and blurred. My father had calculated at the end of his life that in the past two years, the fourth generation of the head of Jian’an Church will definitely come back to find a complete prescription, because the head of the person must also have bone spurs and feel the same pain and extreme pain. Am I right?

This magical trick is too powerful! I was greatly surprised and admired, said, Jakarta seeks to cure patients with bone spurs, the herbs applied are always only 34 synthetics, the effect is greatly reduced, it is great to have the original prescription.

At this time, Dr. Li’s assistant handed a long brocade box. Dr. Li said that the complete prescription was hidden in it. Thank you Jian An Tang for his selflessness that benefited us over the past 100 years and cured countless patients. After Dr. Li finished, put the Jin Box Zheng on my palm and said that good medicines must be passed down from generation to generation, so that our ancestral Chinese herbal medicines can be passed on forever, but we must bear in mind that it is impossible to apply Chinese herbal medicines alone. To coordinate with exercise, the pain of bone spurs will be reduced to the minimum!

My eyes are hot and my hands are tightly gripped by Dr. Li, thank you.

In a century, this was the first meeting of the fourth generation heads (or heirs) of Ji Shitang and Jian’an Church, one night in their hometown.

(From the 73rd issue of Taipei’s “Wen Chuang Da Ren Zhi” monthly magazine)

Xiaozheng City

Lin Xiaozheng lived in the small town for many years and felt very tired.

The city, which had lived for more than ten years, was quiet and clean, with a mountain forest under the hills; buildings, no more than five stories high; the road, unstained with fine dust; and no noise. But since three years ago, under the banner of “development”, the developer has completely transformed the Taocheng city where he lives into a lingering nightmare.

The mountains are no longer high, the water is no longer clear, the clouds are no longer white, the terrible thing is that it takes only three years, high-rise buildings have sprung up, and the fire is spreading all over the town, which has made the town unrecognizable. The original and authentic old streets are now intertwined with commercial signs and are tightly packed.

The town is no longer quiet.

go! Lin Xiaozheng feels that in recent years there have been more popular thoughts and violent emotions all over his body, which are all related to the unclear environment. He was determined to move to a small village a hundred kilometers away. About ten years ago, he built a bungalow in a small village surrounded by mountains, and there was a small fenced courtyard outside the house.

Lin Xiaozheng just spent a week checking out, sorting luggage, and discarding a lot of things, carrying a large suitcase in one hand, carrying a small bag in one hand, and taking a car to a bungalow in a small village.

At night in the country, the quietness is quiet, but the chanting sounds begin at midnight and continue until the dawn. When he got up all night, he just lay down to make up for sleep. It lasted one morning. He had a headache and rolled over, and decided to go to the country. I just walked out of the yard and walked less than a hundred meters. I saw that the old countryside had changed. The fields were densely packed with people. About a hundred pairs of brides and grooms were posing for pictures. After inquiring, I realized that the village is rich in peach blossoms. When the season is over, the whole field looks like a pink cloud floating in the field. Many men and women choose to take wedding photos here and now. Walking, I was suddenly shot on the shoulder, looking back, and I was very surprised. It turned out to be the old classmate and old Liu who had been away from the university for ten years after graduation.

Let’s go to the cafe to chat. Old Liu said.


Cafes are everywhere, just a few steps away, the two went into a small cafe on the roadside.

This rural tourism industry has developed greatly, and there are fixed key programs every month. The most prosperous year round is Baiguanyin Temple. It is said to be responsive and very spiritual! Tourists from home and abroad are rushing.

Old Liu finished and shook his head. I originally wanted to close my door in this quiet place for half a year, to reflect on why I have failed for most of my life and failed to achieve anything. I just stayed for less than a month and could not stay any longer. I decided to leave today. !

Old Liu pointed to the car outside.

Where is your brother? What are you doing here? Old Liu asked again.

Xiao Zheng said, I live in Taocheng. It was a nice quiet small city. It was very nice to live in. It is also developed now. Every day, there are rumblings, rumblings, rumblings outside the window, people on the street, people in the park, all Scenic spots, densely packed, are all people, and it is very difficult to take a photo of a person with no background! I also decided to go to the country to cultivate and cultivate myself. I did not expect everyone to run here, thinking that the countryside was quiet.

Lao Liu said that the settled population here was originally 50,000, which tripled in three to five years, and there are about 100,000 to 150,000 floating population, not including those who “take a day trip” every day.

Wow! Xiao Zheng heard a look of frustration.

Want to see how many tourists are in this small town? You can see more clearly from the top.

it is good.

Then let’s see if the Jingjing Master is present.

Xiaozheng followed Old Liu and took an elevator to walk to a 15-story building.

They went up to Block A on the 15th floor. Ring the bell. An old man with a bald head, long eyebrows, good eyes, and a cheek covered with beautiful beards, wearing a beige robe opened the door for them.

Know who he is? Old Liu smiled mysteriously. Xiao Zheng felt familiar and looked carefully at the old man for a long time before he recognized him as Wu Qiu, his classmate in the university. Suddenly surprised.

Old Liu asked Xiaozheng to go to the balcony to see the countryside. Xiao Zheng looked down and was shocked. The Guanyin Temple was surrounded by dense crowds, and the head was surging, a large black and black area, as if the ants were motionless.

The heart that moved to this country lived once again was deeply hit, the hot hope, the heat quickly cooled down.

Come and come, if you don’t dislike, a few hot vegetarian dishes, just settle the lunch with me! Wu Qiu said.

Old Liu said to Xiao Zheng: Wu Qiu’s current name is Xinjing, and everyone calls him Jingxin Master.

The Master inquired about the current situation of Xiao Zheng and Lao Liu, and asked how he met so coincidentally here. They said one by one.

Xiao Zheng sighed and asked, where is my city?

Old Liu is also very frustrated, saying, where is my hometown?

Master Xinjing meditated for a while and smiled slightly. There was no one in the city. If his heart was uncertain, he would be noisy day and night. Your urban and rural areas are based on your own mind. Why bother to find a quiet place?

After laughing.

Old Liu and Xiaozheng asked him, is Master Xinjing going home today?

I bring a few books, and I plan to go to a big city with the most people as a temple host.

(From Hong Kong’s Ta Kung Pao Literature Weekly on March 31, 2019)

Wind edge

The cold war takes place every day on the eighth floor of Tanglou:

Someone left the trash on the stairs, and I saw big mice running around!

Throw the trash casually, don’t cram it into the designated slot, the mice will run out!

The topic of the mouse Lao Zhang in Room A repeatedly talked about three or five times. Lao Huang who lived in Room B was really close to him. Every day after dinner, the scene was about eight o’clock. They met in the corridor when they littered. Old Huang thought to himself, isn’t it just a project of the sand, pointing me to throw garbage at random? He began to fight back:

All the rubbish in my house is thrown into the designated slot. Yes, we have a lot of things in this building. I don’t know which one. I turn on the vacuum cleaner every night. The sound is so loud that we can’t sleep.

This family is so weird that they vacuum at night.

Lao Huang scolded happily, and Lao Zhang was upset. When throwing rubbish, they were glaring at each other, almost fighting each other. Fortunately, Mr. Zhong, who was in the room C of the tenant on the first floor, also came out to throw rubbish.

However, the relationship between the two is similar. It has been around for more than a year.

Until one day

A storm named “Mangosteen” formed in the Northwest Pacific Ocean has long been predicted by experts.

The storm came faster than expected. Many residents are caught off guard. On that day, the residents of the eight-story Tanglou felt the terrible shaking of the Tanglou. There were loud clatters of claps, claps, and bangs from the residents on several floors. It was the sound of wind breaking the window glass. Rainwater flows from the crack of the door and snakes down the stairs like a snake. Crying, screaming, life-saving, and crying babies are all connected, as if the end of the world is coming.

I don’t know who screamed horror in the stairwell of the Tanglou. The Lou collapsed! Lou is about to collapse!

In an instant, residents of various households rushed out of the house and ran down, some wearing only underwear vests, some shirtless, some carrying suitcases, some hugging children…

Tanglou was crumbling in the call of a violent storm.

The old Huang of the room B opened the door and the probe came out. When the stairwell guest was in a panic, he was shocked and asked, is there an earthquake?

The floor is shaking, almost collapsed! Someone answered him loudly. what!

Lao Huang saw that there was no movement in Block A next door. He vigorously knocked on the door, shouted, and collapsed! Collapse the building! Run!

Mr. Zhang opened the door and was shocked, ah! How to do how to do? My wife and wife are still shopping at the supermarket opposite! Two little grandchildren stay in our house!

At this time, the wife of Lao Huang and her daughter in their twenties were already at the staircase with their small and soft size, ready to escape.

Quickly, I’ll help you! Lao Huangbian said that he had rushed into Lao Zhang’s house, picked up his one-year-old boy and two-year-old granddaughter, and rushed downstairs; Lao Zhang’s 12-year-old daughter was Lao Huang’s 20-year-old daughter Holding hands, quickly rushed downstairs. Lao Zhang saw that the three small ones had all been assisted by Mr. Huang’s family next door. When he rushed to the sixth floor, he looked back. Mrs. Huang was still staggering on the seventh floor before saving Mrs. Huang. Foot disease is not good for walking, so I made two steps in three steps, climbed a dozen steps, and asked with concern, OK?

Mrs. Huang hadn’t answered yet, hula hula, the mangosteen gust of wind was blowing again fiercely and madly, the Tanglou shook again and again, and the narrow staircase suddenly gave a scream of exclamation, and the chaos became a mess.

Mr. Zhang is burly and has great strength. He helped Mrs. Huang walk the five or six steps, and it felt too slow. So he said to Mrs. Huang that it was too late, let me carry you! After she finished speaking, regardless of whether she agreed or disagreed, she went to the next step of Mrs. Huang’s ladder and said: Hurry, hold my neck with both hands, don’t let go! Clamp my waist with your feet and tighten it!

The situation was tense, and Mrs. Huang had no room for opposition, so she had to follow suit and ride on his back. Although Mr. Zhang was going downstairs quickly, he was cautious and careful in the process of speed, for fear that the two of them would bear heavy weight and fall down as soon as they stepped into the air.

The Huang family’s father and daughter who had gone downstairs saw that Mrs. Huang had not come down yet. They were shocked again. Lao Huang put down the two Zhangjia Xiaosuns in his arms and turned to go upstairs again to find his wife. Just on the third floor, I met Mr. Zhang and carried Mrs. Huang down, finally relieved.

Downstairs, with the ups and downs, Zhang and Huang helped the old and the young, followed a turbulent flow of people in a panic, and ran to the typhoon shelter more than 300 meters away. Just a few steps away, there was a trembling behind The loud noise of the eight-story tenement building has been razed to the ground.

At the asylum center, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Huang looked at the rubble pile, sorrow and joy, and embraced tightly.

The storm disintegrated the Tanglou and the walls of Mr. Huang and Mr. Zhang.

(From the Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao Literature Weekly)


The wallets of both Mr. Wu and his wife were stolen by pickpockets in Venice.

Losing money is small, and two small books with passwords are hidden in it, and losing big things together.

Fortunately, at the end of the trip, I flew back to Hong Kong soon. Fortunately, during the journey, the two suitcases forgot to lock, otherwise the documents could not be taken out. Fortunately, credit cards and a lot of banknotes were stuffed in the back pockets of the pants. Emergency. But as soon as I got home, I encountered the first difficulty: unable to enter the door. Both large iron doors and small wooden doors require a password to open.

In the middle of the night, unable to find the locksmith to open the door, they were like ants on the hot pot, standing at the door of the house scratching their heads and scratching their heads, sweating, and finally decided to stay in the hotel overnight.

Mr. Wu had fallen down when he was young. He had a severe concussion, and his memory was already bad. The worst thing was that his wife was not very literate. His memory was worse than him, and he could not help him much.

There are many passwords that they must use: mobile phone password, camera password, passwords of several different e-mail boxes, QQ passwords, passwords of different networks and different blogs, passwords of online banking accounts, luggage passwords, safe passwords, downstairs mailboxes at home Password, home door password, wooden door password, acquaintance’s password, and even the password of several important parts of his wife… The most troublesome thing is that with a password, sometimes a verification code is required. Ugh!

Forgetting the password, Mr. Wu has a tasteless diet and has trouble sleeping at night. He finds it difficult to walk around. He stays in the hotel all day, as if the whole person has lost his soul and has been abandoned outside the society. He can’t do anything. All electronic machines must use a password to start and enter.

Forgetting the password, Mr. Wu also feels as if he has entered the end of the world or has been expelled. He couldn’t entertain anymore, and when he went out in the afternoon, a familiar friend saw him as if he had seen him in a ghost, just because he didn’t have a password to start it, and the other party was afraid that he might be impersonated. He understands that the times have entered a period of recognizing passwords but not people. He missed the Mingxin Kingdom created by Fengshi very much. It was an era of simple hearts. The good and evil of the people, the emotions of emotions and sorrows and emotions… can be seen from the chest. Just look at the different colors of the heart. Where is it now?

At night, the hotel environment is comfortable and quiet, evoking his kind of desire. Although his wife’s appearance was average and her figure was mediocre, he regarded her as a forbidden one, afraid of being caught by others, and locked up with a password. That night, except for the iron bra and iron pants, she was lying on the bed naked all over the body. He decoded slowly with memory, but until the night was white and sweating, she failed. He lamented: It’s hard to love you once, it seems that we need to call a welder to burn chest locks and trouser locks!

The next morning, Mr. Wu and his wife negotiated how to overcome the difficulty of losing dozens of passwords.

The password can be reset, Mr. Wu said.

The wife said, okay, you can reset it all!

Mr. Wu said, I am not a panacea. I also have a lot of blind spots. All the passwords are set by others for me.

The wife said, okay, let others be quiet! Isn’t there an expert who has a great phone and computer?

Mr. Wu said that his name was Lao Yang, and I called him.

After talking, Mr. Wu called, and the other party asked him to say the password, and he was willing to answer aloud. Mr. Wu said wrongly several times. He feels that the situation is serious and understands that nowadays, passwords are common in the world. Unless there are alternative industries and characters, most people walking around in the city now need passwords to enter his heart and talk to him. What should I do? He vaguely remembered the wedding banquet of a friend and son today, and a computer expert will also be present. How about asking him to deal with it? Unexpectedly, when he arrived at the meeting, when he met an acquaintance, he wanted to talk to others, and the other party had to click the password on his body to talk to him. He pointed at the figure on the naked waist of the opponent’s waist (some people set it on the chest, back of the head, buttocks, etc.) and clicked eight times. The opponent glared at him and walked away. Seven or eight were wrong. One of the pseudo ladies was very bold and set the password on the breasts above the breasts and below the neck. When Mr. Wu accidentally touched the raised part next to her, she suddenly exclaimed:

Catch the big pervert!

Soon, eight burly and burly hotel guards lifted him to the door by force, shouted in one, two, three, and threw him onto the road.

His head was injured again and he was taken to the hospital.

He and the friend who came to visit him on the last day entered the topic at first glance. Mr. Wu wondered why he didn’t need a password. The other party said that I didn’t set a password. Mr. Wu suddenly realized that it was so convenient to enter without a password! The same is true if people are not fortified.

It’s been a month since Mr. Wu returned home and returned to his previous life procedures. The absurd experience, which is nothing but laughter, is really not alien to others. That is the content of another novel.