Good marriage has these three things in common

  The girlfriends came back from the grocery shopping and were thirsty and tired. When they saw a bottle of mineral water on the table, they twisted it and took a sip. I noticed something was wrong when I drank it, and my mouth was full of alcohol, so I swallowed it.
  It turned out that it was the alcohol that the husband poured in. It was said that it was too expensive to buy alcohol during the epidemic, so save it separately.
  Upon learning that his wife was drinking it by mistake, her husband even scolded her for being stupid, and could not even distinguish between water and alcohol.
  The girlfriends were very wronged: “Don’t you know that I have a cold and stuffy nose, can’t you smell it? Your throat hurts, do you want to go to the hospital?” The
  husband scolded: “Deserve it! Who makes you so anxious? I drink a few bottles of wine, this point What is alcohol?” In the
  end, the girlfriends had to take a taxi to the emergency department because they were worried that industrial alcohol was bad for their health.
  Fortunately, there was no big problem, but my girlfriend wanted to get a divorce for this reason: “I take the children at home, he always feels that I am enjoying happiness, and never helps. I am sick and hurt and he never sees it. The previous things can be ignored. But this thing is too chilling for me.” The
  American psychologist Rhein once mentioned that existence is equal to being perceived. It means that my feelings are seen and felt by you, and I found out that I could exist like this.
  The wife’s grievances can only be felt and cherished by her husband when she sees and responds; her husband’s deeds can be seen and responded by her wife in order to know the importance of his wife and family.
The ability to love two men can not just make money to support their families

  Huo Qigang had been on the news for accompanying his wife to the supermarket.
  He said: “I’m very surprised, you can go to the supermarket to get news, don’t you go to the supermarket? I can’t just be a dedication to the material, you can’t say you don’t have time to accompany, you just buy a gift, I think this kind of values ​​is wrong. ”
  Man busy business seems to be the requirement of the society to “husband”, as long as they can take the money home, not derailed, without bad habits, they will fulfill their family responsibilities, so how can Huo Qigang go to the supermarket?
  In fact, Huo Qigang, who has several jobs, has always put the family first. There is entertainment at night. Even if you have half an hour of free time, you must rush home to see your family first, so as not to come back late to affect your children’s sleep; take your wife and children to visit libraries and museums on weekends to do public welfare.
  However, many men really think that “making money” is enough. Recently the popular “An Jia”, Hai Qing played Gong Beibei, and her husband quarreled with the hot search. The husband feels that he works hard, makes money, and has no one outside. He does a good job!
  What about his wife? “Both children have grown up, and you won’t even use diapers; I’ll work overtime for 48 hours, and I’ll buy you breakfast sooner, and the fritters will have to heat up when I’m cold; I feel wronged and want to tell you, you Always wait. We don’t even have communication.”
  It’s true that my wife’s grievances are overwhelming; it’s true that her husband’s incomprehension spread everywhere. My husband doesn’t understand where he is not doing well, let alone understand that his wife’s grievances and anger are not sudden, but accumulated for a long time.
  Men’s contribution to home is not enough to make money. The happiness of marriage requires husband and wife to share housework and raise children. Carrying things together and having fun, home is home.
The ability to love three encourages lover to be a better self

  As we all know, Guo Jingjing won the 2008 Beijing Olympics diving championship with a perfect jump.
  What many people don’t know is that before the Olympics, Guo Jingjing’s eye disease recurred and the retina would fall off at any time. At that time, Huo Qigang took her to Hong Kong and asked the best doctor for a consultation.
  However, after careful consideration, Guo Jingjing chose to re-operate after the game. She did not want to miss the opportunity to play at the door.
  As a boyfriend, Huo Qigang did not recognize it, but still respected her opinion. At that Olympics, Guo Jingjing won the championship with 0.2 vision.
  Huo Qigang took his mother and younger brother to cheer for Guo Jingjing in the audience, and Huo Qigang’s father gave her awards on stage.
  After that, Guo Jingjing considered retiring, but hesitated, Huo Qigang said: “You have practiced for so many years, it is better to go out and have a look. This world is actually not just diving, not just the State Sports General Administration.”
  Someone always cares if you fly high or not , Can you get more honor. People who really love you will respect your dreams, and will care more about how tired you are.
  Many years later, Guo Jingjing, who entered university and studied abroad, has a qualitative leap in her talk and knowledge. When talking about Huo Qigang, she is full of admiration: “Few people understand his devotion to me, he gives me more spirit Support.”
  Of course, the marriage between Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing is not always smooth, and they will also encounter problems. But I think the reason why they can cross the feathers in the pots and pans in the marriage is because they have the ability to love in the marriage: seeing each other’s contributions, they always put the home first and work together to become a better self. .
  The world is big and life is long. There are love in marriage, but there must be suffering. The world we live in will occasionally set off huge waves.
  However, as long as we master the power of love, marriage can become a tough armor protecting you and me.
  Even if it is windy and rainy outside, you and I can all be forgiven and comforted in the place called home.