That warm light

From small to large, my weight has always been heavier than my peers. When I was a child, I seemed to be chubby as cute. But as I grow older, especially in adolescence, I may be ignored or even squinted by others. Especially for girls, it is a heavy pressure. Over time, I became introverted and speechless, so that it would not attract the attention of others, nor would it cause unreasonable ridicule or humiliation.

I am used to being alone. Other girls went to the toilet after class, played in groups on the playground in groups of three or five, and played games freely with boys. I just sat silently in the corner and watched from a distance. Because I’m fat, I’m not good at sports, and the posture of running is ugly. “Like a clumsy penguin”-this is a physical education class, a boy said in front of his classmates. Maybe he was not malicious, but his words made the students laugh. I’m embarrassed, but I don’t know how to refute it… I actually think he said it very vividly. I really look like a penguin when I run up and down, or a stupid penguin who is overweight.

One summer vacation started, the school bought a large number of desks, all piled on the playground. The iron kind is very heavy. The teacher asked the students to move the desk upstairs, one for each person. Many girls will ask the boys for help. Some weak girls don’t even need to speak, and the boys will serve her like a gentleman.

Of course, not including me. In fact, I have long been accustomed to not treating myself as a girl, accustomed to taking care of myself, and doing what I can. Not to mention such a table, just a bed in front of me, I can also move it upstairs. So, without further ado, I moved up the table and walked forward.

However, my strength was not as good as that of a boy. After walking for ten meters, I was too tired to breathe. At this time, a boy came to me, I thought I was blocking his way, and quickly gave it aside. Unexpectedly, the boy stretched out his arm and said: “I will help you, you can’t move a girl.” This boy is not our class, I vaguely met him, it should be the third year. I busy refused: “No need, I can.” The boy took my desk indiscriminately and strode forward meteorically. When I followed to the classroom, the boy had already set the table and left.

That was the first time I enjoyed the treatment as a girl, and the first time I accepted the care of others. I didn’t know how I felt at that time, but I felt inexplicably warm. In the deepest part of my heart, there seems to be something awakened.

Since then, I have not seen the boy again, but I am like a different person. I am no longer afraid of shrinking, no longer being reticent, I try to socialize with my classmates, try to learn more actively, and even try to take part in physical exercise boldly, what about the ugly posture? Physical fitness is the purpose of exercise! At the beginning, some students would indeed be puzzled or even mocked, but after a long time, everyone is used to it. Later, more and more classmates are willing to play with me because I am not hypocritical and good at hacking. Everyone says that it is very easy and happy to be with me.

I found that not only did I change my personality, I became more confident and more optimistic, and my academic performance had also improved greatly. Even my parents were very surprised. They used to spend so much money to get me to cram school, but they didn’t have any results, but now their results have improved so much.

Now that I think about it, that should be the most important turning point in my life. If I didn’t meet the boy, and without his help out of respect and equality, I might still be the reticent inferiority girl, and I might still hide in a dark corner and refuse to come out. The boy was like a beam of light, which brought me warmth and light, let me re-know myself and re-plan my future life. If time could go back, I would love to return to that afternoon and say the most sincere thanks to the unknown boy. If I can, I am also willing to be a warm light to bring strength and courage to others.