Life is not an Olympic?

 The consciousness of progress and catching up confine us in a strange circle, which is a never-ending runway. I think that we are always “aligning with…”, the root cause is the psychological influence and distress of the “match”.
  If there is always the idea of ​​”catching up” in the heart, then it is destined to fall forever in the secondary position of the chaser; if there is always the idea of ​​”racing” in the heart, then it is destined to always be a slave to the opponent-and the so-called The opponent is just an imaginary enemy.
  I like clothing, and compare it with clothing: Any woman who knows how to decorate herself understands that if you catch up with fashion, you will fail. Unscrupulous and vulgar, only knowing the aesthetic taste that follows fashion; a woman who understands what charm is, only caring about her aesthetic taste; a charming woman, changing the aesthetic taste of everyone; an outstanding woman, leading the aesthetic taste of everyone . But how can we change the fun of leading everyone? First of all, don’t always think of “synchronizing with everyone and keeping up with everyone”.