The road is long, may you be fearless

It’s so fast, it’s almost eighteen years old, and past 24 o’clock tonight, the sun crosses the equator on March 21, the day is long and the night is short, and the bright days are beyond the night, it seems that there is no fear of the haze. are you ready? Isn’t it… I feel very confused and panic, why do I jump to 18 years old?

When I was young, I always wanted to grow up quickly, and I felt that there were many things I wanted to do. I want to sleep in bed for three days and three nights to make up for my serious lack of sleep, I want to travel by myself, I want to buy a lot of clothes, I slowly learn to make up and become beautiful, I want to eat a lot of delicious, and there is no Parents’ nagging, want to learn to drive, learn to swim, think a lot.

But now? Start to be afraid and start to doubt myself, have I really grown up? Is it so mediocre to be eighteen? Why is it not the same as when I was a child…

For eighteen years, it seems to have been plain and bland. There are no stories worth telling. I just grew up simply and encountered problems that all children will encounter. Quarrels with friends, disputes with parents, struggling in the study exam, fell in the mud and slowly climbed up. He has always been a mediocre person, growing mediocrely.

What has happened in the past 18 years? What did you gain? What is left? It doesn’t seem to be possible. Well, don’t think about the past, think about the future, think about the future you can grasp, such as the college entrance examination that is closest to the future.

The third year of high school, because of the epidemic, can only be reviewed at home. I thought that I didn’t get any books during the short holiday, so I had to review it at home with a computer and a printer. I was always lazy. I tweeted Weibo for a while, and then I stood up and wandered for food, without looking back at all. But later? How has it changed?

When I didn’t want to listen to the online class, I quietly slipped out of the class and found that “Thirteen Invitations”, which I have always liked to watch, had already appeared in the fourth season, so I chose two issues. Anthropologist Xiang Biao and historian Xu Zhuoyun, respectively, are usually accustomed to watching videos at twice the speed. After watching them for a few minutes, you choose to slow down the speed, fearing that you will not understand the content of the conversation. When you look at it, you start to marvel. The content of their conversation is extremely rich and profound. It is impossible for you at this stage to think of it with your own shallow knowledge.

You start to yearn to see the world from a higher angle like they do. When I saw the old gentleman talking about the Chinese nation, I was so weeping that I was crying. What expectations do the older generation have for the newer generation? I really feel in my heart that if I don’t study hard, I really feel sorry for these scholars.

Then one night, you lay on the bed and looked at the reading material sent by the teacher. It was a lot of letters from many colleges and universities to the third year students. They all mentioned the epidemic situation, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nankai City, Wu University… How did they fight on the front line? Behind the text is the power, the power of the reader, and the power of the person who rises to the top of the earth without saying anything when the country is in trouble. You read with tears in your eyes, you are moved by the responsibility of the Chinese backbone, and you start to reflect and start to change.

At five o’clock the next day, I started to recite English words, started to read the content of the liberal arts, started to do the college entrance examination questions, and began to take notes again. All three meals a day are solved on the desk, even if you are eating, you must order the net class outside the class to listen. I really don’t want to waste time anymore. I slept a little bit more every day, and got up more than five o’clock, pulling myself forward. It seems that for the first time in eighteen years, I have felt the power of learning, and I feel I have to do something for this world.

Of course, the enthusiasm will also subside. I force myself to fill the chicken soup every day, telling myself to learn again and again, not just to get a good college entrance exam, find a good job, and live a good life. I really want to do something. To repay this society.

It seemed that I began to feel the responsibility that I had at the age of eighteen, and I hope that I can really take on the responsibility of young people.

I wish you eighteen years old can no longer be mediocre, I wish you eighteen years old can go through all the human state is still sober and independent and brave love, I wish you eighteen years old, can always look at the starry sky, and strive to shine.

Standing eighteen, happy birthday!